School Forum Part 2

    Emmi sets her phone down on the table and takes a bite of the spicy pork bun. Thank goodness the Vice President took care of the forum. She smiles, Jiang Weiming didn’t want to take credit but I bet he ordered him.

   A handsome man in his late twenties wearing a trendy designer suit orders a cup of black coffee at the counter. Bai Chenzi is going to the University to find the girl in the picture his sister showed him last night and stopped for coffee on the way.  

    While he is waiting for the coffee he absentmindedly looks up from his phone as Emmi walks up to the counter to get a fork. He notices her, “My name is Bai Chenxi. Have you ever considered working in the Entertainment Industry?”

   The girl behind the counter hands him the cup of coffee. She smirks, he needs a new pickup line. 

   Emmi takes a fork from a basket on the counter then calmly replies, “No.” She walks towards her table and he follows.

   Bai Chenxi lifts an eyebrow, most girls would jump at the chance, maybe she thinks this is a scam. He takes out his business card, “I am a well known Gold agent, you don’t need to worry about being deceived.” 

   She pushes back his card, “It isn’t that I don’t believe you…you look like an honest man, but I am really not interested. I am busy with school.”

   He puts the card in her palm and closes her hand around it, “Please don’t reject me without hearing me out.”

   Emmi frowns as she sits down, “I need to go to class soon.”

   “Give me ten minutes.”

   Emmi’s phone rings, she sees it is Wang Hao. She takes a big bite of her meat bun and chews it with vigor as she blocks his number. Emmi looks up at Bai Chenxi, “I will be honest, my family definitely doesn’t want me to enter the Entertainment  Business.”

   She doesn’t look like she is lying but… “My sister told me your cousin is Chen Chloe? She is  an actress.”

   Emmi has a surprised expression then laughs, “This wasn’t an accidental meeting was it Mr. Bai?”

   “Well sister  showed me your picture on the University’s school forum. I was impressed by your natural beauty…even though the quality and angle of the photograph wasn’t excellent, you were shining. The camera captured your inner beauty as you tenderly gazed at your boyfriend.”

    Emmi blushes and protests, “He is my friend! My friend! Not my boyfriend! The posts were wrong and have been taken down from the forum!”

   He laughs at her cute aggrieved expression, “Sorry..haha..I didn’t mean to laugh..when I was in University the same thing used to happen. Students love to pair the School Prince with the School Goddess…some people push them together and other people become jealous and malicious. You shouldn’t let it bother you. “

   Emmi smiles, “I’m glad you understand the situation.” She sips her coffee, “ It is frustrating because I only want to study and graduate, not get involved in campus drama.”

   “I definitely do…my sister told me she admires you very much. You are a good student and have won several Young Designer awards. That is exactly what we are looking for at my company. A fresh face yes… but someone who works hard towards a goal.The show I want you to audition for I think you would be interested in joining. It is a variety show and you are matched with a celebrity as a personal assistant for a week. 

  He looks at his watch then continues, “The show wouldn’t interfere with your classes because you have Winter Break, and the pay is very good. If afterwards you decide you want to sign a contract we will use all of our resources to help you develop. I think you would enjoy participating, you would come into contact with famous designers, celebrities and possibly be able to use this experience to forge beneficial relationships.”

   Emmi finishes her spicy pork bun then takes a sip of water. “I have to admit the way you describe the experience sounds tempting but I need to think about it. When does the show hold  auditions?”

   “ Friday at Lin Entertainment, ten o’clock. I can pick you up at school and drive you to the audition.”

   She taps his business card on the table, “I will call you tomorrow. I need to get to class.”

   He stands up, “I will be looking forward to hearing from you Miss Chen.”

   After he leaves she puts his card in her wallet and her phone in the front pocket of her backpack. She leaves the Cafe and walks down the sidewalk thinking about taking a chance and participating in this show. Uncle Yihong and Cousin Chloe might be upset but it is only a variety show. 

   Bai Chenxi gets into a white Bentley then calls Han Chao. He was telling Emmi the truth that his sister describing Emmi piqued his interest.  What he didn’t mention was he was out to dinner with Han Chao and his manager last night and showed him the picture of Emmi and Jiang Weiming. Han Chao said he would participate if she was invited to join the show and accepted.

   Han Chao is having breakfast with his manager, he puts down his chopsticks and answers the phone, “What did the little girl say?”

   “She was reluctant at first to talk to me but I persuaded her to listen. Afterwards she appeared interested but said she would let me know tomorrow. Han Chao, I did my best, you need to come to the show regardless of if she agrees or not.”

   Han Chao rubs his chin, Chen Emmi is coming to my studio tonight to sing the duet.I could use my charm to convince her to join the show. “Bai Chenxi, I am not going to commit until you get the little beauty on board. I want her to be my personal assistant, Manager Huo showed me the other women who are auditioning and they are all clingy and whiny. I can’t have one of them stuck to me like glue for a week! I would go insane and my temper would flare up…ruining my image as a perfect gentleman!”

  “Dammit! Well…I will do my best.”


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