Sleep In His Embrace

Emmi has no choice but to stay at Zhen Sihao’s apartment because of the snowstorm. Exhausted, she puts on the black silk pajama top Zhen Sihao gave her to wear then gets into bed. She pulls the covers up to her neck, ahh… his bed really is very warm and comfortable. Within minutes Emmi drifts off to sleep.

   Zhen Sihao sits at his desk but is unable to concentrate on work thinking about Emmi. He lights a cigarette, how will the little girl react when she finds out I am not Wang Hao but Zhen Sihao? He calls Han Qing, who is at a business dinner with Henri Armand, an internationally renowned designer. She wants to feature his designs in next month’s issue so at the moment she is fawning on him.

   Han Qing has been drinking and when she sees who is calling she turns off the phone. Hmmph! Stinky Sihao! She recalls the last time she saw him at the Harborview Hotel he forced her to delay the release of the upcoming issue of Beautiful Lifestyles. Feeling satisfied because she ignored Zhen Sihao’s call she smiles beautifully at the handsome Frenchman sitting next to her at the table, “What were you saying Mr. Armand?”

   Zhen Sihao frowns, I can’t have Han Qing release the magazine with my picture plastered on the cover.

   He finishes his cigarette then crushes it out in the ashtray. Looking at his watch he thinks Emmi should be asleep by now and he walks down the hallway to his bedroom. When he opens the door his lips curl up, the little girl is wrapped up like an eggroll. Haha.

   Taking off his shirt as he enters the bathroom he tosses it into the hamper then takes off his pants. He turns on the shower, I have to find a way to keep Chen Emmi by my side and make her forget about Jiang Weiming. Dark lines form on his forehead wondering if he has kissed Emmi. He steps into the shower and his eyes are filled with extreme possessiveness. I need to get rid of him…I wonder if I can force Old Man Jiang to send the brat abroad to study.

   After his shower he dries his hair then walks to the bedroom wrapped only in a black towel. Emmi is thirsty and wakes up, but when she sees Zhen Sihao half naked sexy appearance she widens her eyes and gulps down her saliva watching glistening water droplets sliding down his strong chest to his mermaid line.

She ducks under the covers, Oh my God! She touches her nose..Emmi! Control yourself! Don’t have a nosebleed please! That would be so embarrassing. She can’t help but continue to watch him as he opens a drawer and takes out a pair of dark blue pajamas. He notices her peeking and decides to tease Emmi; he walks over to the bed and sits down then leans over, “Seen enough?”

   Emmi pops her fluffy head out from under the covers, “I..I was going to get a drink of water..I wasn’t looking at you!”

   He reaches over and picks the bottle of water, “Thirsty?”

   Emmi’s face turns red and she grabs the water bottle from him. “Wang Hao…go put on clothes!”

   He chuckles, “What haven’t you seen?”

  “Ahh..that was when I was treating you! Now it is different.”

   He has a devilish grin, “How is it different now?”

   “It just is..go!”

   Zhen Sihao stands up and laughs, “Whose body is better? Mine or Jiang Weiming?”

   Emmi stares at his perfect body and seriously considers the question. Thinking about the two handsome men who are completely different in temperament she bites her bottom lip. Wang Hao has a cold and flawless face, he is extremely handsome with a domineering and wild aura. He has broad shoulders… a thin waist and long muscular legs…very manly…Jiang Weiming’s face is somewhat delicate…beautiful…like an Imperial scholar from a Xianxia novel giving him a gentle appearance…he is slender with a boyish physique.She shakes her head, what am I thinking! She throws a pillow at Zhen Sihao. I have never met such a narcissistic…annoying man!

   He catches the pillow and walks to the door, “From your infatuated expression I guess you think I am more handsome.”

   “Shameless! Go away!”

  “Don’t forget to take two of the fever reducing pills and the pink pill.”

   Emmi pounds the other pillow with her small fists when the door shuts behind Zhen Sihao,  Errr..why is Wang Hao so annoying! She opens the medicine bottle and takes two blue pills then the pink pill from another bottle.  Emmi feels extremely sleepy after she takes the medicine and her eyelids get heavy.The pink pill contains a sedative so she falls into a deep sleep. 

   Zhen Sihao leisurely enters the study and can’t help but smile. Chen Emmi’s angry expression always makes me laugh…she looks like a little pufferfish. After he looks at a few documents that need his signature he stretches out his long legs and puts his hands behind his head. He closes his eyes and pictures Emmi the night she was drunk and provocatively shedding her clothes. I wonder what it would be like to taste her luscious soft body? I have never felt this strong desire to possess a woman but everything about the girl attracts me like a magnet.  Suddenly his phone rings and he picks it up off the desk, “Speak.”

   After he listens to the manager of his Club, Mo Yimo, he rubs his throbbing temples. “He can fuck off. If the bastard wants to cause a problem, tell him I don’t mind fucking up his business and breaking his legs.”

   Mo Yimo breaks out into a sweat, “Boss… Peng Yi controls the Eastern District and has the backing of the Zangwa family.”

  “He does for now. If his fat wife finds out he has been screwing her best friend and she is pregnant do you think Old Man Zangwa will still support him? Give him a wake up call and have KD send him the video.”

  “What video?”

  “KD can fill you in. I guarantee the loud mouth bastard will quietly leave the Club as soon as he receives the video. Anything else?”


   Zhen Sihao hangs up and looks at his watch, he has a devilish gleam in his dark eyes, the little girl should be fast asleep. He turns off his computer and puts the signed documents into his desk drawer then leaves the study to go to his bedroom.

   Emmi is curled up into a ball under the covers and doesn’t notice the bed sink as Zhen Sihao lays down. He pulls her soft body into his embrace and wraps his arms around her thin waist. Emmi feels the heat from his body and snuggles deeper into his chest.

   Captivated by her sweet fragrance he buries his head in Emmi’s neck inhaling deeply.  He knows she is under the influence of the strong sedative and won’t awaken so he shamelessly kisses her lips. Not satisfied with only kissing, he sucks and bites on her tempting cherry red lips then pries her small mouth open and entangles their tongues. When he is breathless he whispers in her ear in a raspy voice full of heat and obsession “ Little girl,you can only be mine in this life.” I need to get rid of any man who dares to covet my woman.

  The pajama top slips down exposing Emmi’s perfect snow white chest that is rising and falling as she breathes. Gazing at her beautiful body, Zhen Sihao’s throat moves uncontrollably and his eyes filled with scorching flames as dark desire engulfs his mind. He can barely suppress the hungry beast inside of him… fortunately, he hasn’t lost all reason and reluctantly pulls up the black silk pajama top. 

   He smooths her messy long black hair then kisses her forehead,I will be patient until you fall in love with me. He runs his finger over her eyebrows and then down her cheek. He gently touches her half parted lips then kisses her lips, no more dormitory…no more Art need to sleep in my bed every night. Gazing tenderly at Emmi nestled in his embrace he smiles, You fit perfectly in my arms and this feels too good to give up. I am a selfish man and whether this is right or wrong I don’t care…what I want… I must get. 

  In the morning Emmi wakes up feeling refreshed. She lazily stretches her arms, it was so warm in the bed last night I slept great! She rolls over and grabs her phone on the nightstand to check the time then picks up a bottle of water. After she drinks half she gets out of bed to go to the bathroom. After she washes her face and brushes her teeth she walks back into the bedroom and looks out the window. The snow has stopped falling but the ground is covered with a layer of snow. A truck is clearing the road and several bundled up pedestrians are walking on the sidewalk. Emmi watches the scene and sighs, I wonder how my herbs and plants are doing… I covered them a few days ago but the snowstorm last night was accompanied by heavy winds. I should check on them today. 

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