Crush Young Master Jiang

    Emmi says goodbye to Jiang Weiming and rushes through the gate. The guard smiles at Emmi, “Wait! Your thermos.” Earlier when she left she gave him a thermos of Chrysanthemum tea and sliced fruit. She stops and he hands her the empty thermos and plate, “Thank you Miss Chen.”

   “Your welcome Mr. Dong.”

   She pushes the button for the elevator and anxiously looks at her watch, Five thirty.. I hope Wang Hao hasn’t returned yet. He told me not to go out.

   Zhen Sihao is pacing back and forth in the living room like a cheetah waiting for its prey. When he hears the door open, he sits on the couch, languidly crossing his legs to hide his impatience.

   Emmi stutters when she sees him, “Wan..Wang Hao you are home early.”

   He stands up and walks towards Emmi, when he gets closer she senses that his mood is not good. She waves the thermos and plate. “I..I gave the guard some tea and fruit.” 

   “Chen Emmi, didn’t I tell you the doctor said for you to rest?”

   Zhen Sihao reaches out his hand, Emmi unconsciously flinches, holding her small hands in front of her face in a defensive manner. He unbuttons her coat and takes off the cashmere scarf around her neck, he has a faint smile, “Now you know to be afraid?”

  “I’m not afraid.”

  Zhen Sihao touches her forehead then frowns, “You little idiot. Now, you have a slight fever again. Was seeing that brat Jiang Weiming so important?”

  “Huh? You saw us.”

  He doesn’t answer as he takes off his suit coat and rolls up his sleeves. He walks into the kitchen and fills the teapot with water.

  Emmi feels guilty and timidly follows him into the kitchen, “I needed Jiang Weiming’s help to do my homework. I missed class when the Professor explained the concepts needed to do the strategic practice problems.”

  “You could have waited until I got home and asked me, instead of going out in below freezing weather. Do you want Dr. Huo to have to come back? There is a severe storm warning tonight.”

   He puts his large hands on her shoulders and turns her around,“ I will start dinner. Take the medicine on the nightstand in my bedroom then take a hot bath. There is a packet of medicinal herbs on the counter, put it in the bath water.”

   Emmi is rendered speechless by his gentle tone. Is he caring for me? No it is my imagination. I can smell a woman’s perfume on his clothes. He just feels indebted to me for saving his life.

   She opens the refrigerator, “No. I insist… I will make dinner.” She grabs the bowl of vegetables she chopped earlier. He takes two long strides over and takes the bowl from her hands. She feels a rush of heat as his large hand brushes against hers and her heartbeat quickens. He looks down at Emmi and growls, “Be obedient. Go take the medicine and a bath.”

   Emmi opens her mouth and nothing comes out. She turns around and walks through the living room to the bedroom, now Wang Hao seems angry…is it because the doctor might need to come back? She touches her forehead and it feels hot to the touch. Emmi twists her delicate eyebrows together. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone out. Opening the bag with the medicine, she takes out two pills and swallows them with a sip of water then walks into the bathroom.

  Zhen Sihao is agitated, the scene of Emmi hugging Jiang Weiming plays over in his mind. She was looking up at him smiling and laughing. He furiously chops the chicken on the cutting board, I need to find a way to get rid of that eyesore! 

   Emmi lays in the bathtub playing with the bubbles, she swirls around the water as she thinks about the Springwinds Medicinal Farm. Once we are firmly established I will have the money I need to buy more material then I can expand my online clothing store. I could design the clothes and hire a few seamstresses…She leans back and closes her eyes.

   When dinner is ready and Emmi hasn’t come out of the bedroom, Zhen Sihao walks down the hallway. He knocks on the door and she doesn’t answer. Maybe she fell asleep after taking the medicinal bath that contained soothing herbs. He opens the door and sees Emmi sitting on the bed blow drying her hair.

   Standing at the door he stares at her beautiful face with a scorching hot gaze. Emmi’s wet black hair is hanging down to her waist and against her snow white flawless skin it forms an alluring contrast. Zhen Sihao’s ink black eyes are filled with desire as his sight roams from her cherry red lips down her swan like neck to her delicate clavicle.

She feels his intense gaze and thinks he is impatient, “I will be finished soon.”

He gulps down his saliva as he impulsively walks over and takes the blow dryer from her hand. “The food will be cold. I will dry your hair for you.” He doesn’t realize it himself but his deep voice is tinged with indulgence and a hint of pampering.

    Emmi looks up at him in a daze as he sits next to her on the bed. What is with Wang Hao? 

    Running his fingers through her soft long black hair he has a serious expression as he dries her hair. He lifts a strand and smells the light orange fragrance from the shampoo.When he told Yan Ran to bring the clothes he told her to bring toiletries. Hmm.. smells good. I will need to reward Yan Ran.

    Emmi is sitting with her back straight trying not to have wild thoughts as he gently dries her hair. When his cold slender fingers touch her neck she quivers, unnerved she suddenly turns to grab the bowdryer, “I can finish myself.”

    Intoxicated by the light fragrance and the silky texture of her hair he tightens his grip on the blowdryer, “I am almost done. Be good.” 

    “Wang Hao, do you dry your girlfriend’s hair?”

   “No.” I don’t have a girlfriend and I have never dried a woman’s hair before. I just had the urge to touch your hair.

   Emmi’s face is flushed and her heart is racing.  “Well… you are taking too long… hurry up…” She feels uncomfortable because her body is heating up from his warm breath on her neck and his touch. She can smell his distinct masculine scent mixed with a woodsy fragrance that is clouding her mind with strange thoughts.

   He turns off the blowdryer, “Hand me the brush.”

   “ I can brush my hair, go check on the food. I…I smell something burning.”

   Zhen Sihao inwardly chuckles at her cute expression. “I have the food in warmers not on the stove.”

   Emmi blushes then jumps off the bed, “I’m starving let’s go eat.” She runs out of the bedroom like a frightened little rabbit, Zhen Sihao smiles, the little girl is shy…did she think I was going to eat her? 

   Flustered by the strange feeling she experienced when Zhen Sihao was drying her hair Emmi picks up the covered dishes. Emmi places the plates and chopsticks down as Zhen Sihao lazily walks to the table and sits down.  

   Emmi hides her nervousness, “Smells delicious. I didn’t think you could cook since you didn’t have any food in your refrigerator.”

  “I don’t often cook but when I was in University, a friend was a chef and taught me some dishes.”

  “Oh.” Emmi picks up a piece of the Honey Garlic Chicken with her chopsticks. After she swallows she sighs in satisfaction and has a bright smile, “Wang Hao! This chicken is so good!” She greedily eats a few more pieces then realizes he isn’t eating. She puts some chicken on his plate, “Eat while the food is hot.”

 He watches her licking her lips and laughs, “Chen Emmi, you will get a stomachache if you eat too fast.”

  Emmi waves her chopsticks, “I am so hungry! I only had half piece of Strawberry Cream Cake at the Cafe. I shared with Jiang Weiming. I wanted to order another cake but I didn’t want him to think I am a little piggie..haha..”

  He has a mischievous smile,“So you don’t care if I think you are a piglet?”

  Emmi’s choptsticks stop midair, “It is different…. Jiang Weiming is special…well… nevermind.” I can’t say that he is a noble Young Master so I need to act like a well mannered girl around him. I don’t want my partner to be disgusted with me. 

  Zhen Sihao’s heart tightens and his mood sinks, so the brat holds a special place in the little girl’s heart.

   Unaware a storm is brewing inside the man sitting across the table Emmi sits back in her chair and pats her stomach, “So full!” She sweetly smiles, “Wang Hao, I could eat the food you make everyday!”

   “ Clean up.” 

    Emmi watches him abruptly stand up and leave the dining room. He sounded angry…I never know what he is thinking…The man is extremely moody. 

      He enters his study and takes a pack of cigarettes from the drawer. Thinking about Emmi’s attitude he narrows his eyes, the girl has no conscience… freely confessing her love for another man… slapping me in the face!

    Zhen Sihao lights the cigarette then makes a call. “Have ZSH Enterprises purchase the Springwinds Medicinal Farm.” 


   “You heard me.” Zhen Sihao has a malicious smile as he hangs up. He mutters under his breath, “Young Master Jiang, I will let Chen Emmi see you are merely a pathetic ant I can crush under my shoe.”

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