Emmi puts away the last bowl and wipes off the counters in the kitchen then washes her hands. I should make Wang Hao a cup of tea. He didn’t eat much at dinner… maybe he would like some sliced fruit.

   Zhen Sihao is still in his study working. He frowns while looking at his computer, Dammit I told Yan Jing to meet their time sensitive demands.. Why is the shipment delayed?

   Yan Jing is on a blind date his mother set up for him. He was pleasantly surprised when he met Lu Qingqing. She is beautiful, charming and more importantly made it clear she is not looking for a husband.  He puts down his chopsticks and looks at his phone. 

   Lu Qingqing only arrived back in China a week ago and could barely contain her excitement when her mother told her about Yan Jing. He also graduated from Harvard with honors and is now the Director of Zhen Group. He is incredibly handsome and wealthy… a Golden Bachelor. Knowing he isn’t in a hurry to marry she decided to take it slowly and pretend she also was more concerned about her career. She researched him and found a few of his preferences. He has contradictory tastes. He likes a soft looking girl who is smart but not aggressive. So she is wearing a delicate peach colored dress that highlights her jadelike skin. She made sure to show her intelligence but in a very benign manner, defering to his opinions.

   Reading the email Zhen Sihao is furious that the buyer wants to cancel the contract. He calls Yan Jing to find out why he wasn’t informed.

   Yan Jing puts down his chopsticks and looks at his phone. He smiles at Lu Qingqing, “I’m sorry this is business, I need to take this call.”

     She sips her wine and flutters her eyelashes as she smiles, “Don’t worry about me, please answer.”

   “Sihao before you blow up, let me explain.”

   “I’m listening.”

   “Brother Mo went to inspect the merchandise at the warehouse and found that someone had tampered with the seals on the containers. They replaced the original seals with almost identical seals, the only reason Brother Mo was able to detect the fact they were counterfeit is because they didn’t have the reflective microstrip. You know once the seal is compromised there will be problems with the buyer if even one microchip is faulty.

I investigated the situation and found out that your father had a hand in it. One of his men infiltrated the Blue team and tampered with the microchips. If we sold damaged or inferior products the repercussions would be worse than Binghe cancelling the contract. The reputation of the Zhen Group would be compromised. It will be a week before all the microchips can be tested.”

  “Why wasn’t I told about this?”

  “I was dealing with the Head of their Production Team and waiting for his response. I also wanted to interrogate the mole. I didn’t think Binghe would want to cancel the contract, we are the only people that have the patented technology needed for the production of their new industrial robotic arm.”

   Emmi knocks on the door, “Wang Hao, I brought you tea and fruit.”

   Yan Jing raises an eyebrow, “Wang Hao? Are you still playing house with the little school girl?”

   “Shut up! Contact me after Mo interrogates the prick.” He hangs up then exits the screen with his emails, “Come in.”

   Emmi walks in with a rosewood tray and sets it on a small table. She pours the tea then walks over to Zhen Sihao handing him the cup and a small plate of fruit. “You didn’t eat very much for dinner.”

   He drinks the tea, “Did you finish your homework?”

   “No. I will have to hand it in late and have points deducted. I need to ask Jiang Weiming to meet me at the library tomorrow to finish it.”

   “I can help you if you want.” You don’t need to ask that brat when I am here. I taught that class last year when Old Man Wilson broke his hip.

   “Well..it is very difficult.”


    “Try the strawberries, they are very sweet.”

     Zhen Sihao tightens his jaw, “Bring your homework to me.”

    Emmi scrunches up her nose, “I don’t want to bother you.” It would be embarrassing for Wang Hao when he can’t do the problems.


    Emmi notices he is angry, “Okay but if when you look at the problems if you change your mind that is fine. I have Jiang Weiming.”

   He narrows his eyes, Chen Emmi, you really want to die!  You think I am not as capable as that little brat! He taps his fingers on his desk,“Do you think I am not capable?” 

   Emmi answers honestly, not realizing Zhen Sihao is about to explode in anger. “I just think it has probably been a very long time since you did strategic problem homework. I mean with your face you can rely on the beauty card… you don’t need to use your brains.”

   He twirls his pen in his hand, Now she is calling me old. “Let’s make a bet, if I can successfully help you complete your homework you will be my maid and cook for a week.”

    Thinking about it Emmi bites her lower lip, “Well..what if you can’t.”

   “You don’t have to give me massages for a week and I will cook for you.”

   Emmi licks her lips thinking about the delicious meal he prepared, “Deal. I will go get my homework.” She scurries out of the study and he raises his lips in a smile then takes a bite of a strawberry. 

    When she returns she pulls a chair up to his desk and sits next to him. She takes out a piece of paper and points to the textbook, “These are ten questions I haven’t completed.”

   He wants to laugh looking at her perplexed expression. “You should start thinking about what to cook for me.” He explains the first question in simple terms. Emmi bites the end of her pencil thinking his explanation is more clear and easier to understand than when Jiang Weiming was helping her with the problems. After the first two questions she sneaks a peek at Zhen Sihao, he is smarter than I thought.

   Zhen Sihao notices her peeking and rubs her head, “Yes, I am handsome and smart.”

   Emmi blushes, “The questions get harder…you haven’t won yet.”

   He chuckles then eats a piece of melon while pointing out a mistake she made. He leans over and Emmi inhales his unique fragrance and is in a trance listening to the sound of his deep melodic voice.

He continues, ”The inferential statistical analysis you would use if the independent variable was police force size  for example you take the number of police per 1,000 residents… and the dependent variable was crime rates…“ Are you listening?”


   “I can’t be blamed if you aren’t paying attention.”

  “I AM!” She gulps down her saliva and picks up a strawberry quickly shoving it in her mouth, Damn, I never noticed how sexy he looks when he is being serious. No wonder his female clients buy whatever he is selling…he hypnotizes them with his bewitching beauty and his voice.

   Zhen Sihao takes his handkerchief and wipes the corner of Emmi’s mouth. “Don’t drool on my desk.”

   “I’m not drooling! These are very juicy strawberries!”

  He laughs, “Can you do number eight? Use the same data from number seven.”

   When they finish the questions Emmi sighs, “Wang Hao you surprised me, your explanations were better than Jiang Weiming. You won.”

   He has a satisfied smile, it is good you know I am better than him. “I can help you with your homework anytime. It is better to ask me.”

    Emmi stands up and yawns, “Did you want me to give you a massage? I am going to leave soon. I am really tired.”

   “No. You can sleep in my bed. I will sleep on the couch.”

   “I think I will go to the dormitory, I have an hour before it closes. I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

   “Look out the window at the snowstorm. Do you think you should go out in this weather?”

    Emmi walks over to the floor to ceiling window, “Wow! Wang Hao come look. It is so beautiful!”

   He stands up and walks over staring at Emmi’s sparkling green eyes and brilliant smile. Mesmerized by her delicate and innocent face, he remarks, “Very beautiful.”

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