Give Him Song Sara

    Outside of the hospital room Li Tian gives instructions to Kang Mingshun. “I want you to bring Song Sara to my villa when she awakens.”

   “Boss, what if she doesn’t want to go?”

   “Bring her anyway.”


   Li Tian languidly walks away then abruptly turns around, “Tell the woman that it concerns Zhou Jason and the Mega Mall Project.”

   Kang Mingshun nods. That sounds reasonable. Miss Song works for Zhou Group.

  Li Tian walks down the hallway to the elevator and presses the button. He looks at his watch, this shouldn’t take more than two hours.

   Sara takes a quick shower then dries her hair. Taking a hair band out of her purse she puts her long black hair up in a high ponytail. Looking at the stylish outfit on the couch she thinks she can go directly to the new restaurant. When she sees the tags hanging off the clothes Sara gasps at the price.  Chloe Design..So expensive! She  consoles herself, well…Li Tian can afford it and he ripped my clothes.

   She slips on the high waisted black wide legged pants and puts on the beige and black striped silk blouse. Sara’s phone rings, “Mr. Fu, I will be right down.” She puts on her coat and scarf then walks out of the hospital room

   Kang Mingshun stops Sara.  “Miss Song, CEO Li wants me to take you to his villa. He needs to discuss the Mega Mall Project with you.”

  “Kang Mingshun, I don’t work for the Zhou Group presently. I need to meet my partner Wang Xiaoming at our new restaurant. My driver is waiting in the hospital lobby for me.”

  He is at a loss for words, “Well, I can only follow CEO Li’s orders.”

   Sara laughs and pats him on the shoulder, “Wang Mingshun, you may have to follow Li Tian’s orders but I certainly do not.” 

  Suddenly he reaches over, using two fingers he strikes an acupuncture point by her ear. Sara immediately falls unconscious into his arms. Kang Mingshun has a guilty expression as he mutters, “Sorry Miss Song. I need to do what the Boss tells me.”

   He lifts her slender body into his arms and hurries down the hallway towards the stairs.

   Fu Chian waits in the lobby for Sara. After a few minutes he calls and she doesn’t answer. Kang Mingshun is putting Sara in the backseat of the car when Sara’s  phone rings. He takes the phone out of her purse assuming the call is from her driver. He presses her finger to unlock the phone then texts the number. [I changed my mind. I will go to the restaurant later. I won’t need you.]

   Song Sara usually calls, this is strange. The text doesn’t sound like Miss Song wrote it. He nervously calls Song Sara and she doesn’t answer. He texts [Who is this? Where is Song Sara!]

   Fu Chian rushes out the door to the hospital and recognizes Kang Mingshun as he gets into the driver’s seat of a Rolls Royce Phantom. Dammit! I bet Song Sara is in that car! He sprints over towards the car as it pulls out of the parking lot. Kang Mingshun smiles looking in the rear view mirror, he also recognizes Fu Chian. 

  Fu Chian rushes to a black Bentley then speeds out of the parking lot to follow them. If Mr. Wong finds out about this… I am in big trouble. He told me to protect Song Sara. Li Tian you fucking bastard! If she was going willingly Miss Song would have called me!

  Li Tian walks into his office and sits at an imposing wooden desk. He picks up the report that Yang James compiled containing the information about Jade Pagoda Real Estate’s plans. He slams his hand on the desk after he reads the report. You think I will let you fuck me! You are dreaming Cadieux!

  He calls Yang James, “Come to my office.”

  Yang James enters the office and Li Tian throws the report at him. “How did this happen?”

  “Leo Cadieux is a clever man. He invested in Jade Pagoda Real Estate through his assistant Wong Duan ,who is a Chinese citizen. He then bribed officials on the zoning board to push through the necessary paperwork to expedite the demolition of the area.”

  “Is there any proof of the payouts?”

   Yang James sits down and crosses his long legs, “He was very thorough…None.”

   Li Tian leans back in his chair, “Wong Duan, can he be bought?”

  He opens the folder in his hand then shows him several pictures of Wong Duan and Leo. “Definitely not. He is extremely loyal to Leo Cadieux.” 

  “Any weaknesses? He stares at the beautiful man in the candid picture with his arm draped over Leo’s shoulder.” Is he gay?”

  Yang James laughs, “I had the same thought when I saw his picture. Fuck! I don’t think beautiful is enough to describe the man’s flawless face.  “No, he is not. Actually, the only person he was close to other than Cadieux, his sister…is dead. From the information I gathered he has no weaknesses…no women.” He chuckles, “No men… He runs the Clubs owned by Leo Cadieux efficiently. Lives like a fucking monk.”

  Li Tian takes a cigarette from a pack in his drawer, “Dammit! Do you have any ideas?”

   Yang James raises an eyebrow, “Let Leo Cadieux have Song Sara. This is what his targeting you is all about, he wants the woman.”

   Li Tian glares at Yang James then lights the cigarette, “You think I would give up my woman? Never!”

  “Tian, you can have any fucking woman you want. I don’t get it, she is moving into Cadieux’s villa and they have a close relationship.” 

   Li Tian’s face darkens and his voice is tinged with jealousy and extreme possessiveness as he declares,“She is moving into my villa not that bastard’s. I won’t let him have Song Sara. She is mine!” The thought of Sara naked lying in another man’s bed infuriates him.  He stands up then walks over to pour a drink.

Li Tian takes a gulp of the fiery liquid then sneers, “How long have you known me James? Have I ever let someone take what is mine? I will figure out a way to destroy the insolent prick and his plans.”

    Yang James’ face remains indifferent but he plans on removing Song Sara from Li Tian’s life. This is the first time he has doubted Li Tian’s judgment…he has never had a weakness before Song Sara. Why let a  mere ordinary woman disrupt a project worth billions. “Well, I think we need to counterattack. Right now there is no way to stop the demolition. Instead of concentrating on what we can’t change, I think Zhou Jason had a good idea when he suggested adding an Amusement Park  adjacent to the Mega Mall. They are popular and also produce good revenue. I checked into other options, a concert stage could be built to draw people to the area. Zhou Jason mentioned we could increase the number of restaurants in the Mall also.” He notices Li Tian staring out the window, “Are you listening?”

  “You said Wong Duan runs the Clubs under Leo Cadieux?”


   “What Clubs?”

  “Two in Shanghai. Here…  Ecstasy Club and Rapture.”


  “He changed the name, it was  Sung Ren’s Private Club.”

  “Sung Ren? He would never willingly sell that Club. Find out the details, there might be something we can use.”

  “Will do.”

  “Set up a meeting with Zhou Jason. We need to finalize our plans and expedite the construction. Tell him that I agree to adding the Amusement Park and Concert Stage.” He has a devious  smile as he crushes the cigarette in a crystal ashtray. Cadieux expects me to retaliate, I’m sure but for now I am going to use his provocation to disrupt his relationship with Song Sara. He might not know but Song Sara is very protective of that bastard Zhou Jason. If the Mega Mall Project fails Zhou Group will be forced into bankruptcy.

  Yang James stands up, “Anything else?”

  “I want Long Jinxi’s agent to be informed if she doesn’t return to the set immediately, Long Jinxi will be fined and fired.”

  Yang James laughs, “I heard a rumor that Kang Lanfen wants to change your fiancee to Long Jinxi. Must be true.”

  Li Tian swirls the whisky in his glass, “I need to get rid of those troublesome women. I just haven’t figured out how yet. I don’t want to upset Grandfather, unfortunately he can’t see their scheming nature. Mother even has a good impression of the little actress because when she visited him Long Jinxi was peeling an orange and very amiable. Since his condition has stabilized I don’t want him to have a relapse. The best answer for the moment is to remove Long Jinxi from Catang City.”

   “I will take care of it. The Winter Charity Auction to be held at the Black Jade Club is scheduled for next Saturday as you requested.”

  “Very good.” Li Tian puts on his coat, “Contact me when you find out about the relationship between Wong Duan and Sung Ren.”

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