White Rabbit Cafe

    Zhen Sihao has an ugly expression as he looks across the table at Fang Hua. I can smell her heavy perfume and it looks like she had plastic surgery recently and shaved too much off her chin. What was Grandfather thinking? Did he believe I would accept this unsightly woman because she is heiress to the Fang Group. She is hideous in every aspect. He thinks about Emmi’s natural beauty and intoxicating light fragrance and wants to hurriedly end this lunch.

   “Miss Fang, I will get straight to the point, I want you to break the marriage contract.”

   Fang Hua tosses her head back and laughs, “Zhen Sihao, you must be joking, I can’t influence my parents. It was the elder’s decision, not mine.”

  The waiter comes over to the table, “Would you like anything to drink?”

  Zhen Sihao’s face is devoid of emotion and doesn’t reflect his inner rage. He calmly says, “No. I won’t be staying.” 

   He stands up and Fang Hua panics, “Wait. We can discuss strategies to dissolve the marriage contract anyway. I am open to discussion.” Like hell I will give you up! I have worked too hard to force this marriage contract. 

   Zhen Sihao raises an eyebrow, “You are willing?”

 “I don’t want to force you.”

  He sits back down and tells the waiter, “Bring a bottle of Chateau Noir 88.” I want to end this farce now and hurry back to the apartment to see Chen Emmi.

   Emmi is stuck while trying to complete her Statistics homework. I shouldn’t have missed class the other day. I have no idea…She bites on the end of her pencil, hmmm..this homework is due tomorrow. I wonder if Jiang Weiming can help me? She looks at her watch, he should be out of class now.

  Jiang Weiming is walking down the steps of the Business Building when his phone rings. He sees the caller is ‘My Beautiful Partner’ and excitedly answers the call.

  Emmi asks, “Jiang Weiming are you busy?”

  “No. Why?” 

  “I missed class and I am having trouble with my Statistics homework. I was wondering if you could help me?”

  “Of course. Do you want to meet at the library?”

 “No. I wouldn’t want my Cousin Chloe to see us. Can you meet me at  The Whilte Rabbit Cafe  down the street from the University?”

  He tightens his grip on the phone, why does she worry about that stupid bitch! “I can meet you at the Cafe but I made it clear to Chloe not to bully you anymore. Who my friends are is none of her business.”

  “Thanks, but she is relentless haha..I don’t want to provoke my cousin. I am hungry anyway and their Strawberry Cream Cake is delicious.”

 “I will see you at The White Rabbit Cafe then.” Dammit! I want to kill Chen Emmi’s cousin. How can I make her my girlfriend if she is afraid of retribution from that stupid woman!

  Chen Chloe happens to walk by the Business Building with Jiang Weiming’s sister FeiFei, hoping to see Jiang Weiming after class. She knows his schedule and will take the long way to the parking lot in order to see him. 

  He notices them and reaches out roughly grabbing her by the arm. Chen Chloe is startled, “Oww..Jiang Weiming that hurts!”

 Jiang FeiFei also looks shocked.Weiming let go of Chen Chloe!” What is wrong with Weiming? He looks furious!

He dangerously narrows his Peach Blossom eyes behind his glasses.“FeiFei, you’d better stay out of this unless you want me to tell our parents where you went last weekend..and with whom!”

  She stutters, “Wei..Weiming..you wouldn’t!”

 “I would. Leave.”

 Jiang FeiFei helplessly shrugs her shoulders and gazes at Chen Chloe, “I’m late for class.” She speeds away without looking back.

  Chen Chloe’s eyes are watering, “Jiang Weiming! What do you want!”

   He pulls her away from the front of the building.“I warned you. I don’t like you. If you continue to harass Chen Emmi don’t blame me for being rude. The forum will have pictures of  you and my sister stealing the answers to the English exam.”

  Chen Chloe’s eyes widen and her face pales, “You..you wouldn’t! Jiang Weiming, would be exposing your own sister!”

  Jiang Weiming’s handsome face is cold and indifferent as he sneers,“I am the Student Council President, it is my duty to expose cheaters.”

  She trembles, he doesn’t look like he is bluffing by his terrifying expression. At the time she was desperate after being warned by her father if her grades fell he would take away her new Lamborghini. It was a coincidence that the door of the classroom was open. She and FeiFei heard the English Professor telling his Teaching Assistant about grading the exam. After the professor left, FeiFei lured the Teaching Assistant out of the room and Chloe quickly took a picture of the exam answers.

  She can’t hold in her frustration because she has liked Jiang Weiming for so long. Tears roll down her cheeks facing the reality she has no chance with him. Clenching her fists at her side she exclaims,“Jiang Weiming! What do you see in that waste! I am a thousand times better than Chen Emmi!”

  “Remember what I said or you will regret it.” He walks away without answering her question. Chen Emmi…she is exceptionally beautiful..smart..kind and talented. 

  Chen Chloe watches his back as he walks away, Chen Emmi you will pay for bewitching Jiang Weiming with your fox face!

  Emmi puts on her coat and scarf then writes a short note for Zhen Sihao. After she places it on the kitchen counter she picks it up and crumples the paper stuffing it into her pocket. I better get back before he does. He said don’t go anywhere. She grabs the laptop off the couch then leaves. She shivers while walking down the sidewalk to The White Rabbit Cafe. Pulling her coat tighter around her body she quickens her pace and doesn’t notice Han Weisheng standing nearby . He recognizes Emmi from Ming’s Restaurant. Sihao’s little songbird is in a hurry.

  When she arrives at the small cafe she sees Ruan YaoYao and Lu Ying Yue. She walks over to their table, “Were you practicing for the Competition?”

  Ruan YaoYao smiles, “Sit with us.”

   Emmi looks around and doesn’t see Jiang Weiming. “Okay, I am meeting Jiang Weiming but he isn’t here yet.” She notices the cup with whipped cream topping in front of Ruan YaoYao. “What are you drinking? It looks good.”

  “It is their new specialty drink called White Rabbit Mocha. Do you want one?”

  “I will wait.”

  Emmi takes off her coat and Lu Ying Yue comments, “Emmi, is that outfit from YRan’s latest collection? I saw it in a magazine, it is so cute.”

   Emmi awkwardly smiles, “No. It is a knock off.” How would I explain this to YaoYao? She knows I don’t have that kind of money and I would never buy such expensive clothes. Why did Wang Hao buy such an expensive outfit! He doesn’t even have food in his refrigerator!

   She changes the subject, “ How is Jun Jie? I can give him a swimming lesson on Saturday.”

  “He would love that! He is at his friend Fatty’s house. Since I was free I asked YaoYao to meet me.” She has a sip of green tea,” I want to thank you Emmi.  Business has really improved since you did the livestream from my cafe. I was able to hire a manager so I don’t have to be there all the time.”

  “That is great!” She is happy to see that Lu Ying Yue doesn’t look as tired as the last time she saw her at the Harborview Hotel. “Will you be able to prepare for a concert then?”

  “Well, I am thinking about it but it has been so long, it will take time to get back to where I was.”

  YaoYao asks Emmi, “Are you going back to the dorm? If you are… avoid your Cousin. I was walking over here and I passed her by the Business Building. She was breathing fire and cursing you.”

  Emmi wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together, “I avoid her every chance I get, what is she angry about now!?!”

  “I didn’t want her to see me so I cut through the bushes on the left of the building. I couldn’t hear clearly..just fox face..seductress…” She chuckles, ” The usual stuff… haha.”

  “Well, I guess I will go to my Art Studio. I have work to do there.” I don’t want to say I am staying at Wang Hao’s apartment.

   Jiang Weiming enters the cafe and looks around then sees Emmi sitting with YaoYao and a woman he doesn’t recognize. He walks over to the table, “Were you waiting long?” Unfortunately, I had to deal with your stupid cousin.

  “No. Oh.. Jiang Weiming, this is our friend Lu Ying Yue.”

  “My pleasure to meet you Miss Lu.”

  “Likewise Mr. Jiang.”

  YaoYao says, “Pull up a chair.”

  He looks at Emmi then says, “Thank you but we are going to study.”

  Emmi stands up, “Ying Yue call me and I will meet you and Little Jun Jie at the Harborview Hotel on Saturday.”


  When Jiang Weiming hears the name Jun Jie he has a puzzled expression. The woman’s last name is Lu..Lu Si’s son is named Jun Jie… She is Lu Si’s ex wife? If so Chen Emmi should stay far away from the woman and her son. Lu Si is a lunaticand he hates his ex wife according to my brother.

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