I Will Make Lunch


Emmi spends the morning working on homework then decides to make lunch for Wang Hao. She opens the refrigerator and frowns, does he eat out all the time? There is nothing in here but bottles of mineral water. She grabs a bottle of mineral water then walks into the living room. Sitting on the couch she takes her phone out of her pocket and calls for a grocery delivery. 

   She notices several messages from Jiang Weiming. Oh I forgot we are supposed to go to the medicinal farm this afternoon.  Emmi texts, [ Jiang Weiming can we go to the medicinal farm tomorrow? I am a little sick and resting today.]

   Jiang Weiming is sitting with his friends at lunch when he sees her message. [You aren’t feeling well? Do you need me to bring you anything?]

[No, thanks. I am staying at a friend’s apartment. It won’t ruin our chance of getting the farm will it?]

  [I will contact them. I can give them a deposit if needed.]

  [I can send you my half of the money. I trust your judgment if you think this is the best property.]

    Jiang Weiming frowns. I was looking forward to seeing Chen Emmi today. [I would rather we go look at the farm together when you are feeling better.] 

   [ I want to close the deal as soon as possible so Feng Chao can make our website and we can begin selling the medicinal herbs and plants.]

   Zhen Sihao is standing in the hallway watching Emmi’s changing expressions. She is sitting cross legged on the couch holding her phone. Who is she texting? He walks out into the living room, Emmi looks up from the phone and stares at him. He is dressed in a dark gray suit holding a striped tie in his hand. The suit coat is open revealing a form fitting black silk shirt. The top two buttons are unbuttoned giving him a wild and unruly look. Wow! Wang Hao really is an incredibly handsome man. Broad chest..tight waist..long legs.. His face is flawless…no wonder women fall all over him.

   Zhen Sihao notices her eyes filled with infatuated and has a smug expression. He teases, “Am I that good looking?”He points to her lips. “Wipe the drool from your mouth.”

Emmi rolls her eyes, “So narcissistic! Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes. I have a business meeting.”

   The doorbell rings and he has a puzzled expression. Emmi jumps up from the couch, “I ordered groceries, I am going to make you lunch.”

  He sounds surprised,“Lunch..for me?”

  She walks to the door, “Well yes, to thank you. If you are going out I can make dinner instead.”

  The delivery man hands Emmi a bag and Zhen Sihao takes two bags from him.

   Emmi smiles brightly at the chubby young man, “Thank you.” She adds a big tip then signs the charge slip.

   The delivery man takes the slip and his eyes light up, “Thank you Miss! My name is Du Si. Please request me next time.”


    Emmi follows Zhen Sihao into the kitchen and puts the bag on the counter. “Ahh… that was heavy.”

   He lifts an eyebrow and laughs, “You got a lot of food for lunch, are you that hungry?”

  “Well I noticed you don’t have anything in your refrigerator. It isn’t good to eat out all the time, so I got you a few things that would be easy for you to prepare.”

  She starts putting the groceries in the refrigerator.  “Ahh! I forgot Jiang Weiming is waiting for my answer!” She hurries back to the couch and sits down then picks up her phone. [Sorry the delivery man was at the door. Can you call me after you decide?]

   [Sure. I will call you at about three o’clock.]

   [Sounds good. Happy emoji] She smiles and sets the phone on the coffee table and walks back to the kitchen. 

   Zhen Sihao is leaning on the counter and has a gloomy expression on his face. Emmi notices and grins , “Wang Hao you look like someone owes you money. Do you not want to go to the business meeting?”

   He absentmindedly looks down at Emmi, she isn’t wearing makeup and her beautiful face looks pure and innocent. Her hair is up in a fluffy little ball on top of her head, a few strands of her long black hair are hanging down her swan-like neck.

Emmi is dressed in a short red plaid skirt and a black cashmere scooped neck sweater that reveals her delicate creamy white clavicle. Wearing slippers she barely comes up to his chest, the little girl is so tiny that one hand could wrap around her thin waist. Zhen Sihao’s eyes darken and he clenches the hand in his trouser pocket thinking about Emmi and Jiang Weiming.

  Emmi waves her slender hand in front of his face, “Wang Haoooooo!”

  He snaps out of his daze, “Remember you aren’t to go anywhere. Dr. Hou said you should rest.”

  “I know, I do feel a little weak.” She giggles and her green eyes are sparkling, “Even after that horrible pig liver you made me eat.” She scrunches up her nose and sticks out her tongue, “Blahhh…So gross..hahaha. I am just going to do some homework. It was very thoughtful of you to lend me a laptop. I will clear out all my work before I return it to you.”

  “No need. You can keep it.” He lies, “That is my old laptop. The company gave me a new one.” Actually he had Yan Ran buy it on her way over with the clothes from her Boutique.

  She gazes up at him, “Really? Awesome! My laptop really kinda sucks.”

  “I know I used it when I was at your Studio.” 


   “I will be back at about six o’clock.”

   “I will plan on dinner at seven then, how does that sound?” Emmi washes an apple then takes a bite. She swallows then happily sighs, “Really sweet.”

   Zhen Sihao rubs the top of her head “Sounds good.” He picks up the tie from the counter, “The pharmacy will deliver your medicine, make sure you take it.” Dammit! I can’t believe I have to go meet Fang Hua! I would rather spend the day here working! I could spend time with Chen Emmi…

   Zhen Sihao drives out of the Underground parking lot, How stupid is that insufferable bitch! Does she actually think she can coerce me into marriage! I am going to set her straight..no one manipulates me!

  Fang Hua’s stylist brushes her hair then uses a curling iron on the ends, “Miss Fang is it true? You are going to marry Zhen Sihao?”

   “Our engagement banquet is Saturday.”

  “I only saw him once at a premiere, he is incredibly handsome! You are so lucky!”

Fang Hua holds the mirror and smiles at her reflection. “Hmm..Yes..We are a perfect match.” 

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