You Need To Stay

  After Huo Ming takes out the IV needle he presses a piece of cotton on the injection site. “I put a sedative in the infusion bag so Miss Chen will sleep through the night. The little girl is too thin, here is a prescription for nutritional supplements.”

He hands the paper to Zhen Sihao, “Also, from the dark circles under her eyes I assume she is suffering from exhaustion. She needs to replenish her blood after ingesting the poison. Make sure to tell Chen Emmi she needs to eat nourishing food and not skip meals.

  “I will..”

  “Listen to me Sihao, in the morning give Chen Emmi this information and send her on her way.” Huo Ming narrows his eyes behind his gold rimmed glasses, “Do it for the girl’s sake. Looking at the little girl’s fragile condition she doesn’t need the added stress of being entangled with you. Whether you like it or not come this weekend you will have a fiancee. I don’t see how you can avoid it.”

  After Huo Ming leaves, Zhen Sihao sits on the edge of the bed, flinching while looking at the purple bruises and drops of red blood on her arm from the IV needle. He tenderly gazes at Emmi, his eyes filled with complex emotions. He holds her small porcelain white hand in his large palm. Little girl, that is the second time you saved my life. He impulsively leans over and kisses her forehead, I know it has been hard for you but you have me now. I won’t let any of those bastards hurt you again.

  Emmi rolls towards him and hugs his waist. Rubbing her face on his warm chest she mutters, “YaoYao…I’m so cold.”

  “…” He takes her arms from around his waist, “Be good. I will get you another blanket.”

   Emmi’s eyes are closed as she snuggles into his embrace and pouts, “No. You are so warm.. don’t go..sleep with me.”

  Zhen Sihao looks at the delicate petite girl clinging onto him. “Well..for a while.”

   She has a faint smile and pats his chest, “My YaoYao is the best.”

   He sighs, “Little fool.” After he adjusts the pillow under her head he brushes her soft long black hair back. Unable to resist the temptation he kisses Emmi gently on the lips. Huo Ming is right. Not that I will get engaged to that bitch but I have a complicated life. It would be nice if I was Wang Hao…not Zhen Sihao.

Propping his elbow on the bed he rests his head on his hand watching Emmi sleep. He lightly traces his finger down her beautiful face then across her half parted pink lips. I want you Chen Emmi…I want you to be mine… but the time isn’t right. I need to stabilize my position and remove the obstacles in the way first.

   Emmi wakes up in the morning hugging a pillow. She smacks her dry lips then rubs her eyes. My head really is throbbing. She instinctively reaches for the bottle of water she always keeps on the small table next to the daybed. Her hand knocks something over,”Owww.” She sits up, “Why am I in Wang Hao’s apartment!” She quickly picks up the lamp on the floor and places it back on the nightstand. Flustered, Emmi examines the bed, “Wheww… it doesn’t look like he slept in the bed, but why am I here.”

   Emmi notices the bruise and spots of dried blood on her wrist, what is going on! She clutches the covers, the last thing I remember is eating fish on the patio of my Art Studio.

   There is a knock on the bedroom door, “Are you awake?”

  “ can come in.”

  Zhen Sihao has a tray of food in his hand, “How do you feel?”

  Emmi has a puzzled expression, “Wang Hao, why am I in your apartment?” 

  He sets the tray of food on a small rosewood table and says, “Sit back so I can put the tray on the bed.”

  “I’m not hungry. I need to go.” 

  She starts to get out of bed and he holds her shoulder.“Don’t be stupid. The doctor said you need to rest today.”

  Emmi has a perplexed expression, “I am fine. I have things to do today.”

  “You are not. Last night you collapsed and had trouble breathing. I couldn’t have the doctor come to your Studio and I didn’t know if you wanted to go to the hospital. I brought you here and had a doctor I know come to treat you.”

  “What? I don’t remember.”

 “I thought you drank too much wine. But, when I told Dr.Hou you  sucked the venom from my hand he said most likely you ingested some of the poison. He gave you an infusion last night and said you need to stay in bed for twenty four hours.” He puts the tray on the bed, “Eat the food while it is hot.”

  Emmi picks up the chopsticks then takes a bite, “Eww..what is this?”

  “He said you should eat blood nourishing food, that is Claypot Pig Liver with Ginger.”

    She takes a big sip of cranberry juice and complains, “ Yuck! I can’t eat that. It is disgusting.”

  “Do I need to feed you? The doctor said you are malnourished and suffering from exhaustion also.”

  “Wang Hao, I appreciate your care but I can not eat that gross meat or stay here.”

 He takes the chopsticks from her hand and picks up a piece of pig liver then he puts it to her lips, “Eat.”

 Keeping her mouth tightly closed she shakes her head no. Zhen Sihao pinches her chin to open her mouth., “Don’t be such a baby. Eat and rest or I will take you to the hospital.”

  Emmi reluctantly snatches the chopsticks from his hand. “I can eat by myself.” She gags down the meat. Oh my God I want to vomit!

   Wang Hao lips curl up into a slight arc and he wipes her mouth with a napkin. “Now, you can eat the Chicken with Red Dates and Seafood Congee.” He stands up from the chair next to the bed. “I have work to do in my study. After you eat there are clothes for you in the living room and a computer.”

  Fluttering her eyelashes she stares at the handsome man standing by the bed.“Wang Hao..thank you.”

  “Well, you are sick because of me. If you need anything, my study is at the end of the hallway.”

   After he leaves the bedroom Emmi bites on the end of the chopstick. Why does it seem as though Wang Hao is being unusually gentle and considerate? It isn’t like him at all. 

  Zhen Sihao chuckles as he goes into his study picturing Emmi refusing to eat the pig liver. He sits at his desk and turns on his computer. Opening the desk drawer he takes out a folder and studies the detailed content, afterwards he sends two emails.

   Yan Jing calls him immediately after reading the email, “Sihao, you are sending Marra Gaines alone to deal with Drake Designs? Do you think she is capable of dealing with Old Man Drake and his daughter without you?”

  “Daphne Drake should be a non factor. If she isn’t capable, why do we pay an exorbitant salary to the woman? I recruited her specifically because she is British and familiar with the fashion industry there.”

  Yan Jing taps his pen on the desk, “Maybe I should go.”

  “No. I have something I need you to deal with here. I sent Miss Gaines all the information she needs to smoothly handle the situation.  I forwarded the email to you that I sent, if you feel you need to add anything. If necessary I can join a video conference but I would prefer not.”

  “Should I alert the Transition Team in England?”

 “ I don’t think it is necessary. Anything else?”


 “I will contact you later today then.” He hangs up and leans back in his chair, Let’s see if Marra Gaines can live up to her reputation.

  Yan Jing walks to the floor to ceiling window and gazes at Zhen Sihao’s father,Zhou Gao’s  building across the street. He has a thoughtful expression, I don’t understand Sihao lately. He doesn’t come to the office and he is sending Marra Gaines by herself after we made all the preparations for him to go to England. I thought since Old Man Drake was colluding with his father behind the scenes he would want to bring him down personally.

  Suddenly the door to his office flies open. A beautiful blonde haired woman wearing a tight dark blue designer dress brazenly storms into the room. A middle aged man behind the woman apologizes, “Director, I tried to stop Miss Gaines from entering your office unannounced!”

  Yan Jing says, “It is fine. You can go back to your desk.”

   He looks at his watch and smirks, “You came faster than expected.”

 “Director Yan, I am not equipped to handle the transition by myself.” She was planning on seducing Zhen Sihao when they were in England. Marra Gaines has had a crush on him since she entered the company a year ago.

“Miss Gaines, you have a choice, go to England or quit. CEO Zhen didn’t ask, he ordered you to go.”

  Her fingernails are digging into the palms of her hands as she tries to maintain her composure. “But..but Director Yan, I thought CEO Zhen was going to handle Mr. Drake.”

 “I read the email CEO Zhen sent you. He clearly spelled out how you should proceed. He told me if you had any difficulties you could hold a videoconference and he would join the meeting. I think that was very benevolent of him. But, with your experience and qualifications I believe you can successfully lead the team. Go prepare, your flight leaves in two hours.”

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