The Golden Dragon Statue

   Qiqi walks into her apartment and takes off her coat and scarf then looks around for Fat Cat. Hmm.. he isn’t asleep on the couch. After she changes into slippers she goes into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. He must be in the spare bedroom.  

   When she opens the door she laughs, it looks like he is reading a gossip magazine Peng Mai left when she moved out. He has his paw on the page and Fat Cat is… sneering? His furry cheeks are puffed out… lips are curled up and his whiskers are twitching?!..haha. Qiqi picks up the magazine, “Oh… he is the popular new Celebrity Chef Girard.”

   Fat Cat angrily swats his claws at the pretty man’s face tearing the picture and Qiqi laughs, “You don’t like him?” She turns the page, “Yum..his dishes look amazing!” She points to a picture of a grilled salmon, “I bet you would like to eat this one, haha.”

   He hisses, “SSSSSS…Meow..Meow..” The bastard stole my recipe book and my life! I hate him! If I could wipe that smug look off his face I would but I am a fucking cat!

  Qiqi picks the fat orange cat up onto her lap and pets him, “You have been doing so good on your diet I will make you fish tomorrow for dinner. Don’t be jealous.”

   The cat looks up and glares at Qiqi and struggles  to get out of her grip..”Meowwww..SSSSSS..Meowww.”

    Qiqi stares at his furious expression and lifts his furry chin, “Didn’t you hear me? I said I would make you fish..why are you still upset?”

    Fat Cat narrows his eyes, Woman that should be me being interviewed not the prick who killed me! Do you think a piece of fish will make my anger and frustration disappear!

   She yawns and closes the magazine then notices the smiling man on the cover and the caption: Sun Publishing’s Handsome Young CEO Named Best Boss. Qiqi slaps his face then tears the cover. After ripping it into pieces she throws it into the trash. SUN ZERONG! Hmmph! That evil man! Best Boss!?!?! He is a scheming… insufferable bully! After she leaves the bedroom Fat Cat looks at the cover, isn’t that the little idiot’s boss?

   Qiqi shivers as she walks down the hallway then turns up the thermostat. I love the snow but it is so cold at night in the apartment. Maybe the heater is not working properly, I need to call maintenance in the morning.

  Once she is in her bedroom she takes off her dress and carefully hangs it in her closet. She touches the butterfly necklace and smiles, Brother Si is so good to me. I think I will invite him to dinner. Oh yeah..I will invite Xue, maybe they will hit it off, that would be so great! My best friend and Brother Si… perfect!

  She carefully puts the necklace into the velvet box and places it into her drawer. She shivers, It is too cold  to take a bath, I will in the morning. She puts on a flannel nightgown and then a sweatshirt.”Brrr..” I think I should call Mr. Lu now so he can come early in the morning.

 After climbing into the bed and wrapping herself in the blanket she calls  “Hi Mr. Lu this is Shen Qiqi, my heater isn’t working properly. Could you come in the morning to fix it?”

  “Did you want me to come now to look, it might just be the thermostat.”

  “No. I will be fine but if you could come early that would be good.”

   He looks out the window at the snow falling, “Well thank you. I will be there at six then.” That little girl is the most considerate of all the tenants. Anyone else would demand I come now. 

  “Sounds good.”

   She reaches to put the phone on the nightstand when it rings. She sees it is an unfamiliar number and hesitates then answers, “Who is this?”

  “Bo Yi Qin, we met earlier tonight at the auction.”

  She sits up, “Mr. Bo, did you talk to your friend?”

  He glances over at Sun Zhi and Han Weisheng, “Yes. He said he will exchange the Red Lotus Bracelet for the Golden Dragon Statue that was stolen from an auction in Pushong City.”

  Qiqi bites her lower lip while thinking. “Stolen? So..hmm..I would need to locate the statue… return to the original owner then negotiate with him.”

  “That won’t work. You  need to deliver the statue to my friend. He would deal with the man who put it up for auction. It was a private auction and the police were not involved.”

  “Mr. Bo, although I want the Red Lotus Bracelet, if I did find the statue I would be obligated to return it to the original owner even if it wasn’t reported stolen.

   “Forget it then.”

  “No wait! Don’t hang up! Give me a day to think about it.”

 “One day.”

  “Okay.” After she hangs up she calls her cousin Chao. He is still in his office working on a bug that popped up in his new game. “Qiqi, did you get the bracelet?”

  “No. But I might have a way to buy it from the person who did.”

  “Do you need money?”

  “No. I need your help to locate an item the buyer wants.”

 “What is it?”

  “Well..I will come to your office in the morning to discuss the situation.”

    Feng Chao unwraps a piece of candy, “I am staying at the company tonight to work out a problem. Is there anything I can start on… a distraction might help me focus better.”

    She is afraid he will say no since the Golden Dragon Statue is stolen property. I will tell a half truth..“A statue was stolen from an auction in Pushong City. He wants me to find it for the owner.” 

   Fang Chao leans back in his seat, “Do you have any information about it..when it was stolen? Where was the auction held?”

  “No, I could get the information. I didn’t accept because I wanted to talk to you first. He did mention the item is a Golden Dragon Statue.”

  Feng Chao chokes on the piece of caramel he is eating and coughs, “KaKa.. A Golden Dragon Statue? From an auction at the Black Lotus Club two months ago? I don’t think you should accept.”

  “Why not? You know about the theft?”

  “Well, there are alot of people looking for that statue. It is not a good thing. Say no. See how much he wants for the bracelet. I will give you the money.”

  Qiqi clutches the quilt, “FENG CHAO! If it was a matter of money I went to the Jade Auction with Brother Si, he could have bought it for me. I need to acquire the Red Lotus bracelet on my own.”

  “Stupid Girl! Do you really believe the ridiculous superstition attached to the Red Lotus Bracelet?”

  “Yes I do! If I have that bracelet my true love will fall in love with me.”

   Fang Chao starts laughing, “Too naive. People don’t fall in love because of some magical bracelet.”

  “I want the bracelet! Are you going to help me or do I go to Pushong City by myself?”

  “If you are determined, of course I will go with you. You have no idea how ruthless the people are that are looking for that statue. I can’t let anything happen to my baby cousin.” He takes a cigarette out of a drawer, Dammit!  Who is the person that has the Red Lotus Bracelet! The Golden Dragon Statue supposedly holds the key to becoming the new Master of all the Underworld Organizations. 

  She sweetly says, “Feng Chao, do not smoke the cigarette in your hand. I heard LiLi thinks smoking is disgusting.”

   He puts the cigarette down, “What? Where did you hear that?” Wait, how does she know I am holding a cigarette?

   Qiqi sneezes, “ LiLi told me herself, one of her band members smokes and she says he stinks.” Haha..using his crush is a good way to get him to stop smoking. 

  “Are you sick?”

  “No..probably from the cat hair.” She touches her forehead, I am a little hot. I better take some medicine and make Ginger Lemon Tea. She inwardly chuckles, this is the only time I miss living at my parent’s mansion. I could call down and have a maid bring me the tea. “Okay, I will come by in the morning so we can get started.”

  “I will see what I can find out about the theft. It will be a good break from working on fixing the bug in the game.” He hangs up and smacks his forehead. Fuck! I forgot to ask who has the Red Lotus Bracelet! They can’t be simple if they want the Golden Dragon Statue.

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