The Bodyguard

   Qiqi wakes up when Mr. Lu knocks on the door. She sniffles and slowly gets out from under  three blankets. Oh my God it is freezing in here! Even colder than last night! She wraps a blanket around her thin body then walks to the front door. When she opens it a short middle aged man carrying a tool box comes into the living room. He frowns, “Miss Shen,you should have told me last night! The heater isn’t working at all!”

  She rubs her eyes, “It’s okay. I just put extra blankets on the bed.” 

  He doesn’t take off his coat and heads towards the hallway. “I will get the heater fixed immediately.”

  “Hmm.” She lazily walks to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator.  I am so hungry but I don’t have the energy to make breakfast. I think I will get takeout.

  She hears someone knocking, who could that be? When she looks through the cat’s eye and sees her Cousin Feng Chao.

  She opens the door, “What are you doing here so early?”

  “Last night you said you were sneezing because of the cat but I wanted to check on you. I brought you breakfast.”

    She opens the bag then smiles,“Cousin Chao you are the best! Yum. Smells so good.” 

   “Go sit. Why is it so cold in here?”

  “The heater broke. Mr. Lu is fixing it now.”

  “You need to get dressed and come to my apartment. You will definitely get sick if you stay here.”

    A sudden burst of warm air comes out of the vents then Mr. Lu enters the living room, “It was the thermostat. Next time, Miss Shen, don’t wait. I don’t mind coming at night for an emergency.”

   “Thank you Mr. Lu.”

   Feng Chao puts the food on the table then sits down, “Qiqi, I think you should give up on the idea of locating the Golden Dragon Statue.”

  Qiqi puts down her chopsticks, “Why?”

  “There is no way to get any information which is why no one has found it yet. First, I found the date of the auction, then I hacked into the security system of the Black Lotus Club. Apparently there was a fire and the security footage was destroyed.”

She stares at him with admiration. “You are the most awesome when it comes to computers. I know you can find a way. You are a genius!”

 Qiqi won’t be discouraged. “Maybe we could talk to witnesses that were at the auction.”

  “Eat the porridge while it’s hot.” She is too naive, like the participants will talk. It was an Underground auction. The people who attended were notorious gangsters and powerful businessmen.

  When she finishes breakfast she leans back in the chair and sighs, “Thanks Chao, the food was so good.”

  “Go get dressed, we can go to my office.”

  “So you will help me?”

  “Have I ever said no to you? But don’t get your hopes up too much.”

   She stands up and hurries around the table then hugs him, “I know you love me the most.”


   Qiqi runs down the hallway to her room and flops onto her bed, “YES! YOU WILL BE MINE SUN ZHI! I WILL FIND THE GOLDEN DRAGON!” She rolls over and picks up her phone and dials Bo Yi Qin’s phone number.

   He leans across the beautiful naked woman laying next to him to grab his phone.He got drunk at the Club last night and didn’t return to the base. He has a faint smile when he sees the number, “Miss Shen.”

   Qiqi excitedly says, “Mr. Bo. I will do my best. I will contact you in three days.”

   The woman wakes up and purrs, “Baby, who is that?”

   He kisses the woman who is pressing her ample breasts on his chest then whispers, “Be good.” as he pushes her body off of him. 

   He lifts his eyebrow and responds to Qiqi, “Three days? Aren’t you overestimating your abilities?” Bo Yi Qin’s lips curl up, the little fairy thinks she can do in three days what countless professionals haven’t accomplished in two months..haha..

  “Mr. Bo, I am motivated, I want the Red Lotus Bracelet. I must have that bracelet. I will do whatever I need to accomplish that goal.”

  “Little Fairy, I look forward to hearing from you then in three days.”

  “Be sure and tell your friend I will get the Golden Dragon Statue for him.”


   Qiqi jumps off the bed and happily walks into the bathroom to take a bath.

  Bo Yi Qin bursts out laughing, the little fairy is confident I will give her that.

  The beautiful woman pouts, “ Yi Qin, who were you calling Little Fairy?”

  He presses her underneath him then kisses her deeply. After she is breathless he whispers in her ear in a low and magnetic voice, “Jealous?”

  After Qiqi gets dressed she packs a small suitcase and walks out into the living room, “Ready.”

  Feng Chao notices the bag, “Qiqi I have to work today, we can leave tomorrow.”

  “I will go ahead. You can meet me in Pushong City.”

   “No way! You can’t go by yourself!”

   “Feng Chao, I am not a child. I just want to check out the Black Lotus Club. I won’t do anything rash. As a matter of fact if it will make you feel better I will have my old bodyguard, Big Boy Tang go with me. He can be my driver.”

  “Big Boy Tang works for Uncle Lu now do you want Uncle to know you aren’t in school.”

  “It is the weekend. I will say I am meeting friends in Pushong City.”

  Fat Cat looks up from the couch when he hears their conversation, hey what about me! Who will feed me and take care of me for the weekend! He meows to make his presence known.

   Qiqi and Feng Chao both look in his direction and Feng Chao says, “Who will look after the cat?”

  “I can take Fat Cat with me.”

  “Call Uncle Lu and see if Big Boy Tang is available.”

  Qiqi takes out her phone and calls him, “Uncle Lu, my friends invited me to meet them in Pushong City, can I borrow Big Boy Tang to drive me and be my bodyguard?”

   “He went to Shanghai because his mother is ill. I can send another driver.”

  Qiqi scrunches up her nose, “Hmm..well I might be uncomfortable with someone I don’t know. I can take the bus.”

  “Little girl, you would rather be crowded on a bus with a number of strangers? No. I will make arrangements and send a bodyguard over to you.”

  “Well okay.”

  “Are you at your apartment or at your parent’s estate?”

  “My apartment.”

  “I will send a bodyguard in an hour.”

  “Thanks Uncle Lu.”

  When Qiqi’s Uncle Lu hangs up he turns to the man he was discussing cooperation with for a new project. He has an idea, who better to entrust my precious niece with than him. “I will agree to your terms and add an additional ten per cent investment if you do me a favor.”

  Sun Zhi pushes up his gold rimmed glasses, “Depends on the favor.” 

  “I need a bodyguard I can trust to accompany my niece on a short trip to Pushong City. She can be a handful..a bit willful and unruly so I need someone who can control her behavior. Someone cold and immovable.” Like won’t let that little sweet talker manipulate you.

   “That is it? You will sign the contract and add an additional ten per cent investment?”

  “Yes. I can have the legal department change the contract right now.”

  “I agree.”  I would be a fool to pass up this opportunity to close the deal. I thought negotiations would go back and forth for another week at least.  What is a weekend being a bodyguard for a little brat? I put up with that bitch Long An while I was working undercover. 

  CEO Lu calls his assistant, “Take this and have legal revise the terms add a ten per cent investment.”

  Sun Zhi sits on the couch and crosses his legs and a secretary brings him a cup of tea.  When the assistant returns with the contract he reads it then signs. “CEO Lu, what are the details of this trip.”

  “My little niece, Shen Qiqi wants to go to Pushong City to play with her friends. You will drive and be her bodyguard for the weekend.”

  Sun Zhi almost sprays out the tea he is drinking, Shen Qiqi? What the hell! “I thought your niece’s name was Lu Bingbing.”

  “Shen Qiqi is my sister Dandan’s daughter. She is so cute.. Qiqi looks exactly like my sister… but don’t let her innocent and sweet looks fool you. She is a little troublemaker…  The little girl is getting her Master’s in Finance at H University…she is probably meeting school friends in Pushong City.”

  Sun Zhi watches Lu Tao sign the contract. Meeting school friends? She is going to Pushong City to try and find the Golden Dragon Statue!  He suddenly smiles, I’m sure Feng Chao is going also. I will get a chance to see his abilities and convince him to come to my company. Maybe this won’t be too bad.  

  After the contract is signed Lu Tao gives Sun Zhi directions to Qiqi’s apartment. “Remember what I said, don’t let the naughty little girl slip away and get into trouble.”

  “You can count on me.” He shakes Lu Tao’s hand, “Happy Cooperation.”

   Sun Zhi leaves the office then shakes his head,the formidable General Wei is her Uncle, The biggest man in Bashu City, Lu Tao is her Uncle…Her mother is the famous actress Lu Dandan and her father is the head of Shen Entertainment. The arrogant bastard Zheng Si brought her to the Jade Auction. The little Webtoon artist is studying Finance? Interesting girl.

   He stops by his apartment in town and packs a bag then drives to Qiqi’s apartment.

   Feng Chao wanted to stay until the bodyguard arrived but his assistant called and said LiLi was in his office waiting for him. After he left Qiqi called Kang Xue, “I have to cancel going skiing this weekend. I need to go to Pushong City.”

  “Why are you going there?”

  “It is a long story. I wasn’t able to win the Red Lotus Bracelet but if I can find a statue the buyer wants I can trade for the bracelet.”

  “What statue?”

  There is a knock at the door. When she answers she gasps and drops the phone.

  Kang Xue can be heard saying, “Qiqi? Qiqi? What happened?”

  Sun Zhi bends down and picks up the phone then hands it to Qiqi. “Miss Shen, your Uncle Lu asked me to be your bodyguard.”


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