Where Is The Little Liar?

   Ye Yunxian flicked the ash on his cigarette as he sauntered over to an older model white car in the garage’s parking lot. He pinched the cigarette tightly, Shao Zu Tang you bastard, if you think you are going to dissuade me from getting to the truth about that lying little sister of yours dream on!

He took out a thin piece of metal from his wallet then fiddled with the  door lock.  I overlooked this car during my investigation because I was too focused on the murder scene. I should inform the station so they can tow it in and  see if there are any clues. When the door clicked he opened it and searched the backseat for any blonde hairs. He grinned when he saw a few strands on the rim of the door, won’t be long before I prove that you were in the garage!

    He imagined them pushing Skye into the back seat and her long blonde hair being caught as she bumped her head. For some reason the image disturbed him, stupid woman, why wouldn’t you want the person behind your kidnapping caught and punished? Why be so unreasonable and not cooperate with the investigation. It is true I misjudged you and thought you lured the kidnap victim to the garage but why not explain?  He didn’t have a plastic bag so he removed the cellophane from his pack of cigarettes and placed the blonde hairs inside.

    Curious if there was any other evidence connecting these men to Kang Jimmy he opened the front door to check the glove compartment. The contents didn’t seem unusual: car registration, insurance card, a pack of cigarettes. A case for a pair of glasses caught his eye, none of the dead men were wearing glasses. He took his handkerchief and opened the case, inside were five small plastic bags containing white powder. Putting the tip of his finger into one of the bags, he  smelled the fine powder on his fingertip, cocaine.  He shook his head then made a call to the police station.

    Senior Officer Chu answered, “Ye, where the fuck are you? The Chief is red faced and hopping mad. He suspended you ya know.”

   “I heard. I will talk to him after I have the evidence I need. There is a car in the parking lot of Dong’s Garage. I’m sure it belongs to the kidnappers. Older model sedan, License number G GL 994.”

   “You are off this case..hell you can’t even investigate any case including the one you have been working on, he gave that hot potato to Detective Wong.”

   “What the hell! That idiot will screw the shit up! I am close to a breakthrough!”

   “Then you should have thought of that before you fucked with Shao Zu Tang. What were you thinking! Right… Fatty told me you thought his sister was a prostitute. Hahaha. “

   “Shut up. Just send someone down to get this car. Tell Wong Tu I will be reinstated within a couple days so don’t do anything stupid to alert those assholes.”

   Ye Yunxian was infuriated that because of Skye he might be unable to continue pursuing the corruption case. He had personal reasons for wanting to topple the Black Dragon Organization and bring to light the illegal activities of the Henshi Group. He slammed the door of the car and quickened his pace towards his car. SKYE BENNING!

   Once he pulled out of the parking lot he called to prevent Wong Tu from screwing up his investigation of the Black Dragon Organization. Wong Tu was eating breakfast at a small restaurant with his girlfriend. He put down his chopsticks and answered, assuming Ye Yunxian just got the news he was suspended. “First, don’t bitch me out. I tried to refuse but the Chief was spittin fire. You think I want to take over that fucked up case? Hell no.”

  “I will be reinstated within a couple days. I need you to stay out of it, or the whole thing could blow up. I am going to tell you the depth of the corruption goes very deep far beyond the involvement of the Black Dragon Organization, those gangsters are merely tools.”

   Wong Tu walks away from the table,“Listen, do you think I want to get killed?” He glances at his pretty girlfriend who is sipping a cup of coffee. “I’m getting married next month and Xiong Qing wants me to work for her father’s company as head of security. I would quit now but he hasn’t officially offered me the job. At the very least I would ask to be transferred to a desk job in the department. I want to start a family and after I was shot last year she won’t agree until I change jobs.”

  “ I have an idea. Sit tight. I will get back to you later. You can look like you are making headway and it won’t disrupt my investigation.”

   “As long as the Chief will get off my ass I’m okay with that. Are you sure you will be reinstated soon?”


   Wong Tu walked back to the table and his girlfriend noticed he wasn’t as stressed out. “Honey, who was that?”

  “You know I can’t discuss police business.But we can go to your sister’s birthday party tonight I don’t need to work.”

   Xiong Qing smiled, “That is great, I haven’t met her new boyfriend yet and he will be there.”

  Ye Yunxian was relieved Wong Tu agreed to wait and he called one of his men. “Where is Skye Benning now?”

   “Fuck Boss, I have been following her for an hour and I don’t know where the hell the chick is going. She left Shanghai and is in the countryside.”

  “Didn’t you say you bribed a maid at Tang’s villa.”

  “I did but the woman didn’t know. She only overheard them say something about a Temple. What Temple is in this area?”

  “What road are you on?”

 “ Highway 45 headed towards the mountains.”

  “I am going to drive that direction, when she stops, give me her exact location.” I need to get that hair sample as soon as possible. Could she be going to the Immortal Mountain Temple? Why the fuck would she go to that dilapidated Temple when there are so many Temples by Shanghai? Could she be meeting someone there?

  Skye arrived at the Immortal Mountain Temple and had a look of shock on her face. The area surrounding the Temple was unkempt, puddles of water and windblown leaves covered the yard and walkway. No one had cleared away a fallen tree that blocked the steps leading to the Temple. Is the place deserted? The red roof was missing some tiles and the sign above the door was hanging by a thread. There is a bamboo forest behind the Temple so this must be the right one. She dialed Chen Nuying’s phone number but there was no signal. Well, I will go see if there is anyone here. They might know the Old Man and how to get to his home.

   She stepped out of the car and the two bodyguards followed her to the door. The one bodyguard who didn’t want to come has a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, “Miss Benning, the Temple appears to be deserted, we should go back.”

  Skye glanced back at the tall muscular man and giggled when she noticed his panicked expression. Skye teased, “Are you afraid?”

 He coughed, “No..no..but this run down Temple looks like it could collapse at any time. How could I explain it to CEO Tang if something happened to you.”

  “I think the structure looks sturdy enough. If it was going to collapse it would have already from the thunderstorm a couple of days ago. If you don’t want to go inside, I can go by myself.” 

   The two bodyguards reluctantly followed as Skye trudged through the tangled vegetation. When she stepped in a muddy puddle covered by leaves she frowned, Ahh, my tennis shoes are soaked! I wish I had worn boots.  She kept walking towards the Temple, it does look deserted but since we are here I can’t just turn around and leave.

   They climbed over the tree and up the three wooden steps. The heavy red door of the Temple creaked as the hesitant bodyguard opened it. There were rumors this Temple was haunted. It was the scene of a horrific killing five years ago. He ducked when several black birds flew towards him. He immediately shielded Skye with his coat as the startled birds were furiously flapping their wings dangerously close to her delicate face.

    After the birds flew out a large hole in the roof, the nervous bodyguard took his coat away, “No one seems to be here. We should go.” I don’t want to see any ghosts!

   When the several men in the back room of the Temple heard the sound of the birds they stopped what they were doing. A dangerous looking man put down the stack of cash in his hand and pulled a gun from his pocket. He aimed the gun at a man wearing monk’s robes. “Who the fuck is that?”

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  1. Hi sorry I haven’t left a message in a while I was really sick but I’m back love your stories you are amazing writer i really like this story who is the ML

    1. Kelly, I’m sorry to hear you have been sick..I hope you have a very healthy 2022! Thanks for liking my stories! Ye Yunxian is the ML. I will update this story this week. I have been sooo busy..

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