I Do What I Want

    Emmi lazily walks to the snow covered patio listening to Jiang Weiming, “That is great!”

   When Jiang Weiming got home his mother and father were watching television. He brewed the special calming tea then gave it to his parents. Shortly after his mother drank the Frost Flower Tea she yawned and commented how sleepy she was. “It was so amazing! My mother could barely keep her eyes open and fell asleep resting on my father’s shoulder.”

   Emmi walks back inside the studio to get a fishing pole, “Did you put the sachet by your mother’s bed?”

  “I did.”

   “She should be able to sleep well and have pleasant dreams.”

  “I don’t know how to repay you Chen Emmi, my mother has suffered for a long time.”

  Emmi takes out the fishing pole from the cupboard, “I told you, we are friends and partners.” She glances over at Wang Hao lying on the bed. “Can you schedule an appointment to see the medicinal plant farm tomorrow until after two o’clock? I need to work on my design project in the morning.”

  “Of course. I have a Finance class I shouldn’t miss at ten so that is perfect. Did you want me to pick you up at your dormitory or your Art Studio?”

  “If you could pick me up at the Art Studio that would be good. I rather not have anyone see us together.” She doesn’t notice the irritated look from the man who is unable to speak while helplessly lying on the bed. Emmi walks towards the door, “I have a friend who said he would set up our website as soon as we are ready.”

  Jiang Weiming enters the kitchen and opens the refrigerator, “What is his name?”

  “Fang Chao. Do you know him? Emmi leaves the studio. “He helped me when I started live streaming and my online store.”

  “Know. He and my brother are friends.” I am surprised Fang Chao would do that for Chen Emmi. He is the CEO of FCG and very busy. “How do you know him?”

  “I met him at a gaming competition I went to with Ruan YaoYao and her brother. They are friends so he introduced me. Fang Chao liked my embroidered jacket and wanted me to make one for his cousin so we did a trade.”

   Emmi walks through the snow to a small channel. The water isn’t frozen because of the small natural hot spring not far away. The Ordovician carbonate rocks underneath the surface keep the water warm year round. She looks at the tempting hot spring not far away and sighs, not tonight I need to get back and feed that annoying man. 

   She sits on a boulder and puts her special bait on the hook. It doesn’t take long before she catches a fat fish,  she tosses the line into the water again.One more should do it. She looks up at the stars in the sky and sighs,Mom, I am very happy tonight. I think with Jiang Weiming as my partner, if I work hard I will be able to realize my dreams. I was able to save Grandfather’s cabin from being sold by Uncle and they are building an access road so I can come and go as I want.”

   After she catches another decently sized fish she puts it into the bucket she brought and walks back to the patio.

Inside the studio Wang Hao used his internal energy to overcome the lingering effects of the poison. He slowly stands up and walks to the kitchen, I am so fucking thirsty. The little fool was talking to the pretty boy and didn’t even notice I was trying to get her attention by blinking my eyes. He gulps down a glass of water then peers out the large window. Emmi is lighting a fire, he smiles at her serious expression while poking the wood.

  He is leaning on the counter when Emmi comes in the door with the fish. When she sees him standing she is surprised “I’m going to barbeque some fish for dinner.” She sets the bucket with the fish on the counter then washes her hands in the sink.  “How do you feel?” 

  “Weak, but not bad.”

   She touches his forehead with the back of her hand, “You still have a slight fever. I will get some medicine. Let me see your hand.” 

   Wang Hao holds out his hand and as she unwraps the gauze she remarks, “The medicine I used is very expensive…but effective.” She lightly runs her slender finger over his palm, “The area around the bite is still red but the swelling has gone down. “Does it hurt?”

    When he doesn’t answer she notices his strange expression. “Wang Hao?  Are you in pain?”

   He can feel his body heating up and his heart beating rapidly as she brushes her finger across his palm. Emmi is standing very close to him and he can smell the light jasmine fragrance coming from her body. Zhen Sihao quickly takes his hand away, “No pain.”

  “Well, I am going to change your bandage then make dinner. I am starving.”

  He takes a deep breath when she turns to go get the medicine chest. Ever since I saw her body I can barely control my desire. I want to touch Chen Emmi. I want to kiss those tempting lips and.. Fuck! 

   Emmi walks over to Zhen Sihao, “Sit.”

   He obediently sits down at her work table and she disinfects his hand then applies more medicine. He notices Emmi frowning as she sprinkles the expensive white powder on his hand. The little miser wants to ask me to pay. I can see it in her eyes. He chuckles, “Chen Emmi, I will pay you for the medicine so you don’t have to look so gloomy.”

   She wraps his hand in white gauze, “Wang Hao, don’t worry about it. You did ask CEO Zhen to give me permission to use the access road and I really appreciate it. At first, yes.. I was angry you stuck your hand in the flowers like an idiot but there was no way you would know about the snakes.”

   “I’m glad you realize that.” I will ignore you calling me an idiot. “I heard you on the phone, you are buying a farm?”

    Emmi’s eyes sparkle, “YES! That is why I am in such a good mood. If it works out I can distance myself from my Uncle and not depend on him at all!” 

  He furrows his eyebrows, “Does he treat you badly?”

   She closes the medicine box and her voice reveals a hint of loneliness, “I don’t want to talk about my family.” Emmi takes the medicine box and puts it away in a cupboard then washes her hands in the bathroom.

   He picks up one of her sketches on the worktable, the little girl is very talented. Why does she want to grow medicinal herbs? I need to squash her plan to partner with Jiang Weiming. I will offer her an internship with a clothing company under the Zhen Group…rather Yang Jing will.

   Emmi goes into the small kitchen area and cleans the fish. “Wang Hao, you should lay down until dinner is ready.”

    He stands up, “I feel fine. I am going to check on the fire.” He grabs his coat and walks out the door then lights a cigarette. He takes out his phone and calls Yang Jing. “I want you to offer Chen Emmi a paid internship at Daphne Designs.”

  Yang Jing sets down the glass of wine in his hand, “There is going to be quite a bit of turmoil in that company because you got rid of Daphne Drake. Are you sure you want the little girl caught up in the inevitable drama?”

  “I hadn’t thought about that. What about your sister, her company YRan might be a good fit.”

  “I could ask Ran… of course you know she will wonder why you want to help a University student. She already asked me about your relationship with Chen Emmi when she brought the clothes to your apartment.”

  Zhen Sihao pinches the cigarette between his fingers, “Forget it. I will think about another solution. I want you to check out the best medicinal plant farm in the area and send me the information. Change my reservation to Friday.”

  “Wait. You can’t do that. You are expected tomorrow.”

  “I can do whatever I want.” He hears Emmi coming out the door and hangs up the phone.


  Emmi is carrying a tray with a teapot and two cups. “Have some Frost Flower Tea, when I checked your pulse your qi was fluctuating and your heart rate was abnormally high. This tea has a calming effect.”

  Zhen Sihao sits at the table and Emmi puts the cup in front of him, “Call your driver to pick you up in an hour.”

  He sips the tea then calmly says “I will need to stay here tonight in case there are any complications.” She is always trying to get rid of me!

  “No. I need to get a good night’s sleep, I have a busy day tomorrow. You said that you are fine.”

  “Fine now… but what if I have a fever later? Plus, my muscles ache and I need a massage.”

  Emmi places the seasoned fish on the barbeque, “Be reasonable. I will give you a massage after we eat, then you need to call your driver.”

  He has a scorching gaze fixed on Emmi illuminated by the firelight, you are so beautiful… I can’t let another man have you. I want you to be mine.

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