The Game Has Begun

    Skye was gazing out the window at the lush scenery as they travelled through the verdant countryside. She took a sip of water as they passed a tea field surrounded by several rolling hills. She was fascinated watching the villagers in the expansive field picking the tea leaves. She impulsively put down the window and took a deep breath inhaling the refreshing fragrance from the Longjing tea leaves.

Skye smiled while admiring the picturesque landscape,This countryside is absolutely beautiful. I feel like I have been transported back into ancient China looking at the charming villages. Such a contrast from the bustling city of Shanghai, I’m glad I decided to go to the Immortal Mountain Temple! Suddenly Sky begins to  violently sneeze and the bodyguard turns around from the front seat, “Miss Benning, are you cold? I can turn on the heater.”

    She wiped her watery eyes with a tissue then laughed, “No. Haha..I think someone must be talking about me.”

    Ye Yunxian’s eyes were red and the veins on his neck bulging as he furiously threw the tea cup in his hand against the wall. The delicate porcelain cup shattered and tea splashed onto the Persian rug. “I don’t believe it! Run the fucking test again!” I know the hair belongs to the little liar, Skye Benning. I absolutely am 100% positive!

    The lab technician scratched his head, “Detective Ye. I ran the test twice. The hair you brought into the police lab doesn’t match the hair found at the crime scene.”


  “It is an irrefutable fact. The test can be run by another lab technician but the results will remain the same, “No match.”

  Ye Yunxian knew Hui Ping’s personality, he is an honest man and would never accept a bribe. Plus, Huo Ping is the best technician in the Police Lab. Could the samples have been switched out?

  “Did anyone else have access to the hair samples?”

  “Not to my knowledge. I had my lunch in the lab then ran the tests because you said it was an urgent matter.”

  “I want the evidence bags tested for fingerprints. Someone tampered with the evidence.”

  “Detective Ye, that is a heavy accusation.I wouldn’t casually throw that around especially since..”

  “Since what?”

  “Well, I heard a rumor this morning that you are suspended.”


  “ Well Pei Shu told me. So… I think it is true.”  She was gloating at your misfortune. The woman’s usually dull eyes and lifeless eyes were shining, her malevolent expression was both malicious and filled with amusement. Pei Shu actually said, “The arrogant bastard will explode when he hears the news..haha. He finally insulted a man who can not be crossed…Shao Zu Tang!’ 

     Huo Ping casually took off his glasses and wiped them with a cloth while glancing around to make sure no one was in close proximity. “Fatty and I are good friends so I am telling you the results, if anyone knew my job would also be on the line. Dust for fingerprints? That is not happening.” He studied the report on his desk then had an idea. “I have a suggestion, if you think this is an erroneous result. Get an additional hair sample from the crime scene if there is any; one from the person whose hair you wanted to compare. Take them to be independently analysed at a private lab. If they match then there is reason to believe the evidence here was compromised.”

   “What if I got a blood sample?”

   “The blood? Probably wouldn’t help. I told you that the blood from the scene was Type O. It would be hard to use that as definitive proof, because it is the most common blood type.”

   After he hung up the phone Ye Yunxian slammed his hand on the Rosewood dining room table, “FUCK!”

  He grabbed his coat and stormed out of the luxurious apartment he kept in the City Center. I know the little liar was at Dong’s Garage. Skye Benning was kidnapped… a victim… Why is that bastard Shao Zu Tang blocking the investigation? Is he involved with drugs? No, his name has never come up and as far as I know he has no dealings with the Underworld. Doesn’t want the kidnapping exposed publicly? He could easily prevent that..what would his motive be?

   Ye Yunxian prided himself on his ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Possessing an analytical mind combined with his ability to uncover minute details others overlooked was why he was the number one Homicide detective.

He drove to Dong’s Garage which was still sealed as a crime scene. When he didn’t see any detetectives in the garage or area he called the owner.He didn’t want to forcibly enter and he was unable to ask anyone on the police force to come open the door.

   Dong He was sweating when he arrived, “Detective Ye, the woman told me I couldn’t enter until the police gathered all the evidence. Why do you need me to open the door?”

  “Just open the door.”

  The owner was frightened by Ye Yunxian’s imposing aura and fumbled with the keys then opened the door. Ye Yunxian walked inside then impatiently said, “That will be all. You can leave.”

  The middle aged man wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve, “O..Okay.” He hurried out the door without asking any questions.

   Ye Yunxian entered the garage through the office then walked to the back. He reexamined the chair where he found the strands of hair and found nothing. Dammit! Leaning up against a truck he had an idea. The kidnappers were killed, so the car they drove here should still be parked somewhere close. He walked back outside and spotted an older car parked on the side of the building. He was about to break into the car when his phone rang, why is Bai Qiu calling, “Speak.”

  Bai Qui crushed a cigarette in a crystal ashtray, “ Old Five, who did you piss off lately? Some bastard is undermining the company, he has deep connections to find out you are behind the scene.The way you set up the company as far as the public knows I am the CEO and owner.

     Suddenly the land we had nailed down for the expansion of the Electronics factory is no longer available. The owner said his lawyer informed him there was a problem with the deed. I didn’t get all the details yet. Look at the hot search on Weibo. Netizens are outraged that Du Yao has an illegitimate kid and you will never guess who the father is… Yang Haoran! Two of the biggest stars we have in the company embroiled in this kind of scandal…I can’t fucking beleve it someone uncovered their past.

I vetted both of them when they came to the company and I never uncovered this information. The new movie we invested over 200 million, it is going to be boycotted by the netizens. You know Yang Haoran’s fiancee is Angela. Her image is promoted as an innocent white rabbit… fans are going crazy condemning Yang Haoran and Du Yao for hurting their goddess.”

  Ye Yunxian was listening while walking to the door of the office, “Isn’t there a clause in our agreement with Gao Real Estate that if they fail to deliver the deed they need to compensate for our loss?”

   “Yunxian, do you remember telling me it was a sure thing because you were seeing his granddaughter? You didn’t want to insult him.”

   “Hmmm…I vaguely recall. I thought I would show my sincerity to the old man so he would sell the land to me instead of holding an auction. Whatever, so we don’t expand right now. As far as those two idiots, Du Yao and Yang Haoran, get rid of all the negative publicity.

Call them into the office, get the full story, then have the PR department put a spin on it. Hold the series’ release date until this is sorted out, the drama is too far into production to replace either of them. This will be forgotten when the next big scandal happens. After you figure it out you can hold a press conference if need be.”

 Bai Qui paced around his office then stood in front of a floor to ceiling window overlooking the river. “I’m glad you are taking this so well but I sense this is only the beginning. What if the prick exposes your identity as the owner of YYX Enterprises? Won’t that ruin your plans?”

  “It would certainly present a problem because of the timing,  I haven’t completed my preparations for my revenge. See if you can find out who is behind these attacks, I think it is more of a warning. Start with Shao Zu Tang.”

  “SHAO ZU TANG! What in fuck’s name did you do to anger that lunatic?!?!”

   Ye Yunxian exhaled a thin stream of smoke, “Don’t worry about it. Do what I say. I will think of a counter attack. Just maintain your cool, don’t make any unnecessary moves.” He raised an eyebrow and his thin lips curled up into a slight smile, “I think the game has just begun.”

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