Immortal Mountain Temple

 Shao Zu woke up in the morning with Skye comfortably nestled in his arms and he smiled. The little girl is still afraid of ghosts..haha..During the night he was pleasantly surprised when he felt Skye crawl into his bed, shivering and mumbling about a restless spirit. 

     Hesitant to get out of bed he ran his finger down Skye’s face. When you are asleep you look like an angel with your blonde hair spread across the pillow… my angel. He gently brushed the loose strands of blonde hair hanging onto her cheek behind her ear. Gazing at her beautiful face he was tempted by her cherry red lips Shao Zu lightly kissed Skye, if I could wake up with my beautiful angel in arms everyday I would be very happy.  Shao Zu had an important meeting scheduled about the beachfront property so he had no choice but to take his arm from around her soft waist.

    After he showered he walked to the closet and chose a custom made light gray Gucci suit and a crisp white shirt. He languidly walked out, Skye was sitting up in the bed with a dazed look on her face. He laughed at her confused expression, “Wondering why you are in my bed? You ran into my room last night because a bloody ghost was chasing you haha…”

   Skye’s face turns bright red, “Brother…I..I..”

  “I shouldn’t have told you the story about the restless warrior spirits.” He teased, “But, I had no idea you were still such a crybaby.”

   Skye threw the pillow she was clutching in her arms at him, “SHAO ZU!”

Last night she had a nightmare and in her dream she was captured by several terrifying looking men in bloodied armor. They called her Princess Jade and wanted to use her as a hostage so they could threaten her brother the Emperor. After they tied her to a chair she finally convinced a young warrior to help her escape. One of the men returned then swung a bloody sword narrowly missing her head. She was able to escape but they were chasing her through the woods…

   He caught the pillow then took two long strides over and sat on the edge of the bed. “Little girl, I will have a monk come and drive away the evil spirits if you want.”

   Skye’s eyes lit up and she grabbed his hand. “Good idea.”


   She reached over and grabbed his hand, “When can the monk come? Today?”

  “Tomorrow. I have a meeting today.”

 “ Shao Zu, I am going to the Temple today. I will get a few talismans.”

   He laughed, “Sure. If they don’t work you can sleep in my bed again tonight.”

   “Stop making fun of me. I was scared to death!”

  He stood up, “I have several meetings  but if you want to check out the company come at four o’clock.”

  Skye jumped out of bed then hugged him, “Shao Zu, thank you.”

  He patted her fluffy head, “Well,  before I contact Grandfather you should see if you really want to work there. If you have the skills needed to contribute to the company.” Inwardly he chuckled, you don’t need any skills or to do any work. I will make you my personal assistant. If I can have you by my side that is enough. But, I need to act strict.

   She looked up at him adoringly, “You are there, so of course I want to work at the company.”

   Shao Zu flicked her forehead, “We don’t support idlers, you would actually have to be capable of the work.”   Inwardly he chuckled, my little angel, you don’t need any skills or to do any work.  If I can have you by my side that is enough. But, I need to act strict.

    She met his gaze, her amber eyes full of confidence, “I am quite capable! You will see!”

   “Go get dressed, we can have breakfast together before I leave.”

The weather was hot and humid so Skye picked out casual clothes from her friend Serena’s Springwear Collection. She was dressed in a pair of cropped wide leg khaki pants with a sleeveless white linen blouse. Skye decided to wear a pair of high top tennis shoes because the Temple she was going to visit was in the countryside.

  While they were eating, thr Butler came into the dining room. “Sir, there is a woman at the front door delivering a dress for Miss Benning.”

   Skye put down her chopsticks and excitedly asked, “Brother, can she come in?”


    Skye ran to the living room, “Assistant Yang. Thank you!”

   Assistant Yang handed her the dress, “Miss Murong sent these shoes also.”

   Skye opened the lid of the shoe box and her eyes widened, “I love them!”

   Shao Zu lazily walked into the living room and Skye said, “I bought a dress for the Chou Entertainment Banquet. I received an invitation from Charlotte Chou.”

   Assistant Yang hasn’t been able to stop looking at Shao Zu. She has heard about him but never seen him in person, he is unbelievably good looking. She hated to admit it but even Murong Hui’s couldn’t compare to this beautiful man. 

   Shao Zu noticed the woman staring at him, “You can leave.”

  Assistant Yang changed her mind when she felt the frigid air surrounding Shao Zu and met his cold and indifferent gaze. She shivered, CEO Tang is a beautiful man but too frightening..scary! my knees feel weak from his imposing aura.. Murong Hui’s gentle appearance is much better..yes..much better.

   She composed herself, “Miss Benning, if you need any alterations please call CEO Murong.” 

   After she left, Shao Zu raised an eyebrow, “How did you get a personal invitation from Charlotte Chou?”

   Skye bit her bottom lip, “Well, I helped her when I was at the 527 Club. Three women were bullying her in the restroom.” I won’t tell him the whole story, that I was also pushed to the floor.

  He knew when Skye bites her bottom lip that there is more to the story. “Go on.”

  Skye had an innocent expression as she blinked a few times and fluttered her eyelashes and . “Nothing more. She gave me her card.” She wrinkled her forehead thinking about their conversation. “Come to think of it, I don’t think I told her my surname.”

    It wouldn’t be hard for Charlotte Chou to find out your name using her husband’s powerful connections. “Did you plan on telling me about the invitation?”

   “Of course! I just forgot. Are you going with Chloe Wang? I met a very nice doctor at the hospital. I thought I might ask him to be my date, I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

    Jealous that Skye would invite another man instead of asking him, Shao Zu clenched his fist in his pocket. He was unwilling to let any man stand at Skye’s side, which was the reason he convinced their grandfather to send Skye to an exclusive all girls school in Switzerland. The smile on his face didn’t reveal his turbulent emotions. “Who is this man?”

    “Dr. Zhou Jiang.”

   “No.” Fucking Zhou Jiang! NO! That bastard..Now he is convinced he must tightly hold her in the palm of his hand. The naive little fool would be easily deceived by a man like Zhou Jiang who can turn black to white!

   “Brother, what do you mean no?”

  “I will escort you to the party. Chloe Wang won’t be available to go.”

   Skye’s was very happy that she hadn’t invited Dr. Zhou yet.  She sweetly asked, “Shao Zu, you want me to go with you?”

  He pulled Skye into his embrace then kissed her forehead, “Of course. Since my sister is here, who else would I ask to accompany me?”

  “Yeah! You can’t take another woman Chloe Wang would be jealous!”

  “…” Who cares what that bitch thinks.

    He noticed the dress on the couch and was curious about what Skye would be wearing to the party.

  Skye hurried over to block his view of the dress by holding out her arms. She coquettishly said, “Don’t look at the dress. I want to surprise you.”

   He had a doting tone as he complimented Skye, “You always look beautiful in whatever you wear.” 

   Skye hugged his arm , “You are my brother, of course you think I look good in everything. Haha..”

   He looked at his watch, “I need to get to the meeting.”

   She walked him out to a black Bentley parked in front of the villa. The driver quickly extinguished the cigarette he was smoking and rushed over to open the back door.

   Skye hugged Shao Zu, “Brother, don’t work too hard, make time to eat lunch. I will see you at four.”

 .“See you then.”

    Getting into the backseat Shao Zu had a brilliant smile softening his facial features. Skye sounded like a little wife sending off her husband. It would be great if I could take her in my arms and kiss her goodbye.

   Skye waved at him as the car pulled out of the driveway. Yeah! I can go with Shao Zu to the party and no Chloe Wang! 

   When Skye happily ran into the villa then called her assistant. “Wyatt, we are going to visit the Immortal Mountain Temple. I will be at the hotel to pick you up in twenty minutes.”

He coughed, “Miss Benning I was going to call you. I came down with a cold and I don’t want to infect you. I called CEO Tang. He said he would send his assistant Austin to accompany you today.”

“Hmm…” She doesn’t want to have Shao Zu’s man along today, she plans on searching for the crazy Old Man’s home in the Bamboo forest after she goes to the Temple. Chen Nuying called her cousin and he won’t be back for a month because of a problem in Tokyo. So Skye decided to find the Old Man by herself. “Okay, you rest and take it easy. Do you need anything?”

“No. The doctor was here earlier and said I should rest today, take the medicine he prescribed and I will be better tomorrow. “

“Well, get better. If you need anything call me.”

   Skye looked at her phone then told the bodyguard standing behind her, “I want to go to Immortal Mountain Temple.”

   He had a strange look on his face, normally he wouldn’t speak but obviously she doesn’t know about that Temple. “Are you sure you don’t want to go the the Seven Wonders Temple?”

  “No, I want to go to the Immortal  Mountain Temple.I heard there is an old man who lives in the bamboo forest and sells jade. I want to see if he is home.”

  The muscular bodyguard’s face paled, ‘Miss, I will need to get approval from CEO Tang.”

  She scrunched her nose wondering why a big man seemed to be..shaking?  “I did. What are you waiting for? Let’s go. I want to be back by four o’clock.”

    She asked the bodyguard, “Is it cooler in the mountains?”


    “I will be right back.” Skye ran upstairs and returned with a pink cashmere sweater. She took a pair of oversized suglasses out of her purse then smiled “Ready.”

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