Destroy Detective Ye

Sha Zu knocked again on the bathroom door. He raised his voice. “Skye, say something or Im coming in to check on you! The butler said Skye came into the villa and she went directly upstairs.. He opened the door. Panicking when he saw Skye leaning back in the tub he rushed over but hesitated, only Skye’s head and thin shoulders were visible above the bubble filled water. If I see Skye’s naked body I won’t be able to restrain my urge to press her down under me. Now is not the time to give into my desires.

When he gently touched Skye’s shoulder and she didn’t awaken he called downstairs to a maid’s room. “My sister fell asleep in the bath. I need you to take her out of the bathtub and get her dressed for bed.”

     Everyone who worked in the villa was a martial artist .The beautiful maid who answered the phone was highly skilled and much stronger than her very feminine appearance suggested.

She immediately went upstairs to the Master bedroom then entered the bathroom. The maid, Peony’s heart fluttered when she saw Shao Zu standing in the doorway. When Peony’s Master sent her to the villa she was very dissatisfied. She had been training since she was young to become an assassin and when he said she would be a maid she protested.

He had her whipped twenty lashes for her insolence and said that it would be an honor for her to serve Shao Zu Tang. She endured the whipping and planned to escape once she arrived at the villa in Shanghai. 

     That changed when she first saw Shao Zu. She stood in line with the other servants to greet him when he returned from a business trip. He stretched his long legs out of the backseat then stood not far from her position while talking to his driver. She thought he was beautiful like a sleek panther emitting an intoxicatingly dangerous aura.

    Shao Zu was wearing a form fitting dark blue suit, she estimated he was over 190 cm. tall, with long legs and a broad chest.The sunlight shone on his flawless face and when he removed his sunglasses Peony felt her heart stop. Shao Zu’s eyes were deep and pitch black resembling a bottomless abyss that sucked in her soul. Mesmerized by his outstanding appearance and powerful aura she couldn’t take her eyes off of Shao Zu. When he walked past her she told herself one day she would make this god-like man her own.

   She stood in the bedroom and longingly eyed the luxurious bed. Shao Zu saw Peony standing motionless and his face darkened. What is the stupid bitch doing standing there like a goddamn statue ” Get over here.” He was worried Skye would catch a chill.

   Peony bowed and quickly hurried into the bathroom. She saw the undisguised love in his eyes as he stared at the young blonde woman in the bathtub. A flash of jealousy crossed her face, Peony thought she had a chance because she was very beautiful and Shao Zu never brought a woman to the villa. She then remembered he said the woman was his sister, that would explain him not taking her out of the bath himself and the adoring look in his eyes.

   He had a domineering tone as he instructed Peony, “Be extremely careful, my sister is very fragile. Gently dry her body. If you rub her delicate skin roughly she will bruise. After you get her dressed in the nightgown on the bed, carry her to the bedroom next door.”

   “Yes, CEO Tang.” Yes.. he said his sister… that would explain him not taking her out of the bath himself and the adoring look.

  “I will be in the living room. Come down and tell me when she is settled.”

  Shao Zu went downstairs then into the kitchen to make Ginger and Lemon Tea for Skye. One of his men entered the spacious kitchen and Shao Zu looked up from the teapot. “What is the situation?”

   “My informant said Song WeiWei ordered a toxicology report on Kang Jimmy. It looks like the police believe the murders were linked to a drug deal that went wrong.”

   “Let them continue to think that. Kang Jimmy was a cokehead…The Red Scorpion Gang was involved in drug distribution and smuggling.”

  “He also said that Ye Yunxian was in the police lab earlier. He wanted a test run on some blonde hair to see if it matched the blonde hair at the scene.”

   Shao Zu was reaching for a tea cup and turned around, he confidently ordered him. “I want the results to show that the hair does not  match.”

   Meng Han scratched his chin, “That might be a problem.”

   Shao Zu raised an eyebrow, “Problem?”

   Meng Han suddenly couldn’t breathe from the suffocating aura surrounding Shao Zu. He stepped back and coughed. “I will handle it.”

  “If you can’t, I don’t see any use for you.” The bastard knows Skye was at the scene, he just can’t prove it. As long as he doesn’t have solid evidence he can’t bring Skye in for questioning. If he can’t place her at the scene nothing points to me. “Go.” 

   He finished making the tea when Peony came into the kitchen. “CEO Tang, your sister is in her bed.” She smiled expecting to be praised and added, “I dried her hair also.” I wasn’t going to dry the spoiled bitch’s hair but thought you would appreciate my extra effort.

   The teacup in Shao Zu’s hand shattered from his tight grip. He was looking forward to drying Skye’s silky hair.  “Did your Master not teach you the rules? You are to follow my instructions, did I say dry her hair?”

   Peony’s face turned crimson red and she nervously stuttered, “Well, no… but I thought..” He interrupted, “You aren’t supposed to think. You are to do what I say. Nothing more. Nothing less. Go for your punishment, don’t let me see your face again. I am sending you back to your Master to let him train you.”

    I am not afraid of punishment but if Shao Zu Tang sends me away I won’t see him again.  Peony’s heart tightened and her beautiful doelike brown eyes had a layer of mist as she pleaded, “CEO Tang, double my punishment but don’t send me away. I want to serve you..only you.”

  He had an idea, the woman is beautiful… she has a voluptuous body. Maybe I could use her to distract that motherf*****r Ye. She was sent with three men and another woman from his Master. He didn’t bother to ask about Peony’s particular skills, he needed a maid and knew she had martial arts skills.“Did your training include seduction techniques?”

  Peony’s eyes sparkled, “Yes…Yes…I know many forbidden techniques. . I was personally trained by Madam Bai.” No man can resist once he tastes me. I am able to make him think I am a virgin and he is my first man. Men are so stupid, what virgin could do what I do to make a man reach the heavens and beg for more.. She was excited and thought Shao Zu wanted to her to be his bed partner. 

   She swayed her hips as she moved closer to him and he sneered, “What are you doing?” He had a malicious smile as he mockingly said , “Did you think I wanted you? Step any closer and you will be whipped to death. I want to use you to subdue an enemy. If you succeed you live, if you don’t you die. Go for your punishment, tell Old Man Fang to use the Snow Lotus Powder after the whipping so you heal in two days.”

  Peony can’t help but be aroused by his viciousness. I won’t die…I will succeed then use the special incense Madam Bai gave me and make you my man.

   After the maid left, Shao Zu was in a good mood. He had a satisfied smile on his handsome face as he placed the teapot and cup on a tray to take upstairs. Detective Ye or should I say Young Master Ye, I won’t let you go for bullying my precious sister. I will destroy you!

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