Shao Zu Rushed Home

   When Skye returned to the table Murong SuSu said, “Skye, your phone rang quite a few times.. It seemed the person calling was very impatient for you to answer.”

   Skye had a bad feeling, she looked at her watch, eight thirty!?! OH NO! She gulped, “I’m sorry I need to leave. I was supposed to meet my brother and his fiancee a half hour ago. I will have my driver give you a ride whenever you want to leave.”

   Murong SuSu noticed her brother coming through the patio door , “You don’t need to do that, Hui can give us a ride.”

   Skye looked back and when she saw Ye Yunxian with Murong Hui she hid her emotions. “Okay. “

   Murong SuSu said, “ Thanks again for buying the Evening Gown for the Chou party.  I will send my assistant tomorrow to deliver it.”

   The men were getting closer and Skye picked up her jacket and purse. “I will take care of the bill. Let’s do this again when I have more time.” She headed towards the exit in a leisurely fashion not wanting Ye Yunxian have the impression she was leaving because he bullied her.

    Once she left the bar she took a deep breath and called Shao Zu. He  immediately answered with a hint of worry in his voice. “Skye, where are you? I told you eight o’clock.”

   “I’m sorry Brother, I’m on my way.” Before he could ask any questions she hung up. 

   Chloe Wang saw he was angry and inwardly smiled. Shao Zu hates to be kept waiting. She forced herself to show a concerned expression, “Shao Zu, is everything alright with your sister?”

  He picked up the crystal goblet and swirled the red wine, “Skye is delayed because of traffic. Did you want another glass of wine?”

   Ye Yunxian had a slight smile watching Skye leave thinking it was because of him. The satisfied smile didn’t last long. Murong SuSu explained , “Hui, you need to take us home later. Skye was late to meet her brother for dinner. She was going to leave her driver but I told her you could give us a ride.”

  “Get a taxi. I have plans tonight.” He wanted to see a good show between Ye Yunxian and Skye but unfortunately she left.

   “I lent you my car! You can at least give us a ride!”

   Chen Nuying put her hand on Murong SuSu’s arm, “I got a message from MoMo she is going to meet us here. We can get a ride from her later.”

    Murong SuSu glared at her brother, “Well, you are lucky Li MoMo is coming! See if I ever lend you my car again!”

   He affectionately patted her head and teased, “See if I lend you any money again..haha.”

   Ye Yunxian walked outside the bar to call Song WeiWei. The bar was becoming lively, people were pouring in because the DJ was beginning to play dance music.

   Exhausted after a long day, Song WeiWei soaked in a warm bath. Afterwards, she put on  comfortable baggy cotton pajamas and was presently stretched out on her couch eating a piece of fried chicken.When the phone rang she reluctantly put down the crispy chicken leg she was gnawing.  She  wiped her greasy fingers on a napkin, “Dammit! What does he want?” She picked up the remote next to a beer on the coffee table then muted the television. “Make it quick.”

    “I am going to need the toxicology report on Kang Jimmy.”

   “Why did you call me? Call the lab. Aren’t you fucking that scary bitch who works there?”

   “Rumors. I need you to get it because I ran into a little problem at the station. I need to wait for a lab report on the blonde hair I found at the scene.”

  She took a sip of beer,  “What are you hoping to get from that?”

   “I gave Fatty some strands of blonde hair to see if they matched. I think the hair belongs to a kidnap victim. I have reason to believe there is a connection between Kang Jimmy and the men murdered at Dong’s Garage. The murders might be tied in together; possibly a drug deal gone bad. This is merely my speculation, I need to investigate further.” 

   He piqued Song WeiWei’s interest , “How does the kidnapped woman fit into the equation..was she Kang Jimmy’s woman?”

    “I don’t know what the tie in could be.” Ye Yunxian shook his head and wanted to laugh, I doubt that… the arrogant little Princess and that scumbag, no way! 

    She had an idea, “Ye Yunxian, if I help you solve this case, I need you to get me transferred.”

  “As you can see I have no clout. I don’t think I could help you.” He kept his identity as the heir to the Ye Group secret; he didn’t want to rely on his special identity.

  “Ye Yunxian, don’t play stupid with me. I know you are Young Master Ye. I went to High School with Mu Bingbing and she was in your Finance class at A University.  She saw you talking to the scary bitch outside the station when she picked me up after work. I never mentioned it before because I had no reason. But, after being fucking screwed out of my promotion by that fat bastard I want out of Tianmu. I might be tempted to commit murder.”

  “I will talk to that prick, Lin, is that good enough?”

  “I will email you a copy after the lab finishes the autopsy.”

  He hung up the phone and called his driver, “Pick me up at The Starlight Club.” He touched his cheek, Skye Benning, how do you fit into the picture?

  Skye was in the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom fidgeting in her seat. I am in no mood to have dinner with Chloe Wang. I feel a little dizzy…I don’t know if it is from the Champagne or dealing with that beast Detective Ye. I want to go home and take a long bath. Yeesh... I can smell his scent on me.

   She decided to call Shao Zu. “Brother, I don’t feel well…I am a little feverish. Would you mind if I went back to the villa?”

   “Have the driver take you to the hospital. I will meet you there.”

   Skye frowned, “NO!” then softens her voice, “ I mean no..I think I am just really tired. I want to take a bath and go to bed. I don’t want to ruin your dinner. I will be fine. I’m going to hang up now and rest, the traffic is terrible.”

   Shao Zu didn’t hesitate to abandon Chloe Wang, “My sister is ill. I need to go home. We can do this another night.”

  When he stood up Chloe Wang put down her glass of wine. “I will go with you.”

   “No need.” 

  Chloe Wang watched him take long strides to the door of the restaurant and her eyes narrowed, that little minx! Shao Zu couldn’t leave fast enough when he heard she was sick! I had the flu last week and he never came to visit me..not once! So what if he sent flowers and fruit! He probably had that weasel of an assistant send them! I spent three hours at the salon getting ready for tonight! Bitch!

   She called her friend and screeched, “Meet me at The Purple Moon Restaurant! Now!”

  Skye walked into the guest bedroom that had been cleaned earlier then had second thoughts about taking a bath. What if they didn’t fix the faucet? I will take a bath in Shao Zu’s bathroom. He won’t be back until later.

   She opened the drawer and took out a pale yellow nightgown then went to Shao Zu’s room. Skye filled the bathtub then took off her clothes. She sniffed her black silk camisole that was covered in Ye Yunxian’s lingering masculine scent.I will never let that annoying man have the chance to bully me again! I was going to let you go and ignore you but not now! I need to think of a revenge plan! Detective Ye! You will pay for kissing me!!

   When Skye slipped into the warm water her entire body went limp. Ahh..this feels so good!  She washed her hair and body then she leaned back closing her eyes. I am really tired. After a few moments she drifted off to sleep.

   Zhao Su ran up the stairs to the guest room expecting to see Skye in bed. When he saw the empty bed and bathroom he realized Skye must be in his room and he smiled. He entered his room then went to the bathroom. He knocked on the door, “Skye?”

   There was no response so he knocked louder and raised his voice, “Skye.”

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