Teach Skye A Lesson

     Skye and her new friends finished the bottle of Henri Giraud ‘Argonne’ and Skye ordered another bottle. They were talking and laughing when Murong Hui noticed them. He was still waiting at the bar for Ye Yunxian to return from Ruan Ning’s office.

   He picked up his glass of wine and hmphed as he strode over to the table, “Murong SuSu! You can’t drink and drive!”

   Murong SuSu’s chopsticks stopped in midair when she heard her brother. She had been trying to decide which appetizer she wanted to eat. Her eyes were glued on an Almond and Chicken Momo.  “Brother!” She extended the chopsticks and picked up the savory looking ball. She had rosy cheeks and her eyes were glassy from the Champagne. “I didn’t drive your stinky car! My friend has a driver.” 

  “Well, at least you have some sense.” He was bored waiting so he pulled a chair to the table. “Hello Chen Nuying.” He gazed at the beautiful blonde girl sitting on the right, “Are you a new model?”

   Murong SuSu finished swallowing then introduced him, “This is my brother Murong Hui.”

   Skye smiled, “Nice to meet you. I’m Skye Benning.”

   He was shocked when she said her name, “Benning, as in the Benning Group?

   “Uh Huh.” The waiter refilled her fluted glass with champagne and Skye sweetly thanked him.

   Murong Hui stared at his sister then Skye, how did this little idiot become friend’s with that bastard Shao Zu’s sister?

   Murong SuSu pinched his leg afraid he would say something. She knew her brother hated Shao Zu Tang.

   He winced in pain then questioned Skye, ignoring the little fist that was pounding his thigh, “How do you know my sister?”

   “Well, I met Chen Nuying, then she introduced me. You must be very proud of your sister, she is very talented. I am going to wear a beautiful dress she designed.”

   Murong SuSu beamed, “Yes Brother, Skye is going to wear my dress to the Chou Entertainment party on Friday. I will be famous! Famous!”

    Surprised that Skye would wear an unknown designer’s dress he remarked, “Miss Benning is brave.”

   Murong SuSu kicked his leg and he groaned, “Owww.”

   Skye chuckled, “I agree with Murong SuSu, she will become famous. I think her designs are very beautiful and have a great vibe. It is my pleasure to wear her dress.”

   Murong Hui commented, “You are so open minded. Are you sure you are CEO Tang’s sister?”

   Murong SuSu had enough, she stood up and yanked on his arm “Brother, leave. You are ruining my good mood.”

    He tapped the tip of her nose then apologized to Skye, “ SuSu, sit down. Haha..I am just teasing.”

   Skye sipped her champagne, “Mr. Murong, do you know my brother?”

   Before he answered Ye Yunxian suddenly appeared towering over the table with a cold and gloomy look on his handsome face. The expression in his eyes was faint but the freezing air around him showed his mood. He had been talking to Ruan Ning by the bar when he witnessed Skye smiling and laughing with Murong Hui. The little seductress really has to ensnare every man she meets with her seductive looks. Hui has an idiotic expression on his face staring at the little liar. He wasn’t listening to Ruan Ning as he observed them. She noticed he was distracted and glanced in the direction he was looking. “Is that Murong Hui’s new girlfriend?  Is she a foreign model? She is quite beautiful.”

   He didn’t answer and unconsciously felt irritated as he strode over to the table.

   Skye looked shocked when she saw him approaching and wanted to run. Damn man! What is he doing here?

   Murong Hui, oblivious to the strange tension between Ye Yunxian and Skye casually said, “Yunxian, sit down. This is Shao Zu Tang’s sister Skye Benning. Of course, you know my sister and Chen Nuying.”

    Ye Yunxian pulled over a chair and squeezed in between Skye and Murong Hui. 

    Murong Hui was surprised he would move the chair next to Skye. Ye Yunxian doesn’t like stange women too close and there was room next to his sister.

    Skye attemped to scoot her chair away and he subtly held the leg of the chair under the table. Skye’s amber eyes have a complicated expression wondering what he would say to embarrass her in front of her new friends.

   The server saw the two men joining the table and the tight seating. He finished taking an order at the next table and walked over to them. “If you would like a bigger table we have one available.”

    Ye Yunxian answered, “No Need. I will have a double whisky on the rocks.”


     Skye felt trapped and uncomfortable. She didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere so she said, “I am going out to the outdoor balcony to get a breath of fresh air.”

      Murong SuSu and Chen Nuying were discussing their upcoming trip to New York. Chen Nuying said, “I will come with you. I want to ask you about New York.”

     Ye Yunxian shot her a frosty look then stood up, “I am going out to smoke a cigarette I will accompany Miss Benning.”

       Skye clenched her small fists at her side, “I’m going to the bathroom first.”

      Ye Yunxian watched her back as she scurried away, little liar, think you can get rid of me that easily? I still have a few questions for you. There is some connection between your kidnapping and Kang Jimmy. After reviewing the footage the man in the cap was one of the six murdered men found at Dong’s Garage. I believe you were kidnapped by the Red Scorpion Gang under Kang Jimmy’s order. I just don’t know why yet. You know something.

   Skye hurried into the bathroom and she muttered “Really..why did the annoying man show up! I can’t believe it! I was having fun with Murong SuSu and Chen Nuying. Detective Ye is friends with Murong Hui? I am so vexed!” She walked into the stall and sat on the toilet. He is my unlucky star! Should I leave? I can’t. They came with me. It would be so rude. Endure..you must endure. Ignore him… Yes Skye.. ignore him. Go back to the table and finish your champagne. 

   Ye Yunxian was leaning on the wall outside of the woman’s bathroom waiting for Skye. She was startled when she saw him. She lifted her head defiantly and warned, “Detective Ye. Stop stalking me or you will regret it.” She wished she didn’t insist that the bodyguards and Wyatt eat at a table across the restaurant.

   He pushed Skye up against the wall trapping her with his arms, “I am going to be your shadow until I find out what happened at Dong’s Garage.”

   After her inner dialogue in the bathroom she gathered her courage. Skye looked up at him with a cold glint in her amber eyes. “My shadow? That Detective Ye…  is stalking. I’m sure there are laws here to deal with that type of behavior.”

  Ye Yunxian stared at her cherry red lips opening and closing, spouting nonsense… Never in my twenty six years had anyone challenged my bottom line like this girl in front of me.  She was so beautiful and tempting that it made his heart pound and that angered him further.  He wanted to silence Skye..  wanted to see her humbled…break her confident and proud spirit that didn’t put him in her eyes. Who does she think she is? Lying to me..playing with me? She made a fool out of me.

 Ye Yunxian’s messy thoughts fueled by alcohol made him lose control. He leaned closer to Skye, he had a scorching fire in his pitch black eyes. Skye sensed his dangerous aura. He looks like an eagle ready to swoop down on his prey.

   He liked the expression on Skye’s delicate face, a combination of confusion and anger. Much better than that haughty superior smile she had a moment ago. Very good. 

    Skye nervously pushed his chest, bothered by the way her body was reacting when she inhaled his distinctly masculine scent. She dug her fingernails in her palms to sober herself. “Detective Ye, I know I am beautiful but I have no interest in an unattractive and boring man like you. Nothing about you is appealing.”

   He was sure the innocent and pure looking girl would crumble when she was bullied by him. Intoxicated after the several beers and whisky he drank, her words ignited a fire in him.  Unattractive? Boring? He impulsively pressed his body against Skye and whispered in her ear with a low and seductive voice “No interest? You are quite the little liar. Why is your breathing erratic” He rubbed his hand on her undulating chest.” I can feel your hardened nipples through this thin silk top.”

    She knocked his hand away, blushing  and squirming trying to slip under his arm , “You pervert! Psycho!”

    He was unexpectedly aroused by the infuriated expression on her beautiful face, his eyes darkened and filled with lust. He lowered his head then licked and sucked on her lips. Feeling that wasn’t enough he pried open Skye’s cherry red lips, inserting his hot tongue into her small mouth. He couldn’t stop as he tasted her sweetness and his hand roamed up her slender thigh. Skye bit his tongue and kicked him. When she did, he came to his senses and let her go. He wiped the blood from his lip with his finger then licked it. “A little punishment for lying to me..”

    Skye was infuriated and upset she had no control over her body responding to his touch.  She used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth.“You..you! You are sick! I will sue you!”

     He brushed a few strands of loose blonde hair behind her small ear then lowered his head and nibbled on her earlobe sending shivers down her body. “Little liar, you can try. But there are no witnesses and no one would believe you. ”

      Skye stormed down the hallway then composed herself as she walked out to the outdoor patio to calm down. The nerve! He did that to humiliate me!

     Murong Hui was leaning on the railing of the outdoor patio smoking a cigarette. He flicked the ash off his cigarette and noticed Skye. “Miss Benning.”

    Flustered from Ye Yunxian’s domineering kiss she took a deep breath as she walked over to him. She smiled brightly, “Mr. Murong.”

    He asked, “Did you see Ye Yunxian?”

    Skye shook her head, “No. I didn’t.”

    “Hmm. I wonder where he went?”

   A server walked by and asked, “Can I get you a drink?”

   Skye responded, “I will have a gin and tonic with lime.”

   Murong Hui exhaled a thin stream of smoke that floated into the warm night air, “Sounds refreshing. I will have the same.”

    Skye learned at an early age how to hide her hurt. She wanted to cry after being bullied by Ye Yunxian but her pride wouldn’t let her do that. She was an expert at pretending to be sure of herself and confident. What hurt more than Ye Yunxian bullying her was her body responding to his kiss and touch. She has never been close to a man or kissed passionately and was uncomfortable with her body’s reaction. She was fully aware he only wanted to humiliate her and she was very angry. But I can’t let it show. I won’t let it show.  Skye gazed out at the lights of the city, “Shanghai is so beautiful.”

   “Is this the first time you have come to Shanghai?”

   “No. I was here last year but I didn’t get a chance to explore the city. This is the first time I have seen the city lights from a rooftop. Breathtaking!”

   Murong Hui was mesmerized by Skye’s ethereal beauty. He was surrounded by beautiful women because of his position of CEO of Murong Productions but he thought she looked like a delicate fairy. Skye’s blonde hair was like spun gold and her unusual amber eyes were bewitching.

  The server brought their drinks and Skye took a sip, “Yummy..that is tasty.”

  Suddenly Ye Yunxian appeared and grabbed the glass from her hand. Skye and Murong Hui watched in disbelief as he put his lips directly on a red smudge from Skye’s lipstick  then drank the gin and tonic. “Delicious.”

   Murong Hui has known Ye Yunxian since they were children; he knew his severe OCD. He stared at him as though he saw a ghost. What the fuck!

     Speechless, Skye blinked a few times in astonishment, Shameless! I can’t deal with him. He is crazy. She started to lift her heels to walk away and Ye Yunxian pulled her into his embrace, “Where are you going?”

     She pushed his chest and in a barely audible voice sneered. “Detective Ye. Let me go. Now there is a witness.”

    Ye Yunxian smirked, “Hui, you didn’t see anything did you?”

     Murong Hui had a horrified expression on his handsome face, “Yunxian, what are you doing? Are you drunk? Let Miss Benning go.”

    He had a devilish grin on his handsome face as he taunted Skye. “Miss Benning? I thought your name was Baili. Which is it, little kitten?” Ye Yunxian saw the infatuated look on his friend’s face when he walked out onto the patio. It angered him and he wanted to embarrass Skye.

    She narrowed her amber eyes and clenched her teeth wanting to wipe the smug look off his face. Skye threatened him in a low voice only he could hear, “Psycho, I will make you wish you never met me.”

   He teased her with his warm wet tongue, licking and nibbling on her ear then whispered in a raspy voice, “You taste more delicious than that drink.” He abruptly flung her away, “Hui, don’t let this little liar bewitch you.” 

   He thought she would be humiliated and run off crying but Skye slapped him as hard as she could. She turned to Murong Hui, “Sorry you had to see this joke. Detective Ye is drunk, maybe you should take him home.”

   She held her head high, ignoring the fact her whole body was trembling, she proudly walked to the door.  Bastard! Horrible Man! Shameless Psycho!

   Murong Hui had a horrified expression on his face, “Yunxian..are you crazy! She is that lunatic Shao Zu Tang’s sister!” He crushed his cigarette out in a nearby ashtray. “Wait..she called you Detective Ye.. how does Skye Benning know you are a detective?”

   Ye Yunxian rubbed his cheek and had a wicked smile as he watched Skye. He could see her legs trembling as she attempted to look unfazed walking towards the door. “Let’s go back to the table.” I’m not finished with you yet Princess.

   “No fucking way. What is going on?”

  “Hui, have you ever known me to take a loss?”

  “No. But..”

  “Well, that little girl crossed my bottom line. Not once but several times. If I don’t teach the little liar a lesson, my surname isn’t Ye.”


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