Murong SuSu

   When Skye arrived at the Murong Building she turned heads as she glided through the spacious lobby. Skye’s breathtakingly beautiful appearance and Wyatt Malone’s outstanding good looks combined with the two intimidating tall and muscular men was very eyecatching. Skye noticed and frowned at the unwanted attention. She didn’t want to appear pretentious in front of Chen Nuying and her friend.

   When she entered the elevator she told the two bodyguards, “I want you to wait by the elevator. Wyatt can accompany me, he is highly skilled.” She chuckled, “I don’t foresee any problems going to a fashion designer’s office.” 

  “Miss Benning, CEO Tang told us not to leave your side.”

  Skye wrinked her forehead while staring at the two terrifying looking men, “I think he meant when we were shopping. Do as I say, I don’t want to make such a grand entrance. You saw the strange looks we got in the lobby.”

  “Very well. But when you are shopping we must stay by you at all times.”

  “I understand.” The elevator arrived at the 25th floor, Skye and the three men stepped out. “Wait here. I won’t be long.”

   Skye told the secretary she wanted to go to Murong SuSu’s office and the secretary called and confirmed. She led Skye down the pink carpeted hallway and opened the door, “CEO Murong, your visitor Miss Benning is here.”

   Murong SuSu was sitting at her desk and Chen Nuying was leaning over her shoulder looking at some designs. They both look up and Murong SuSu runs over to Skye, “Is that skirt from Dolce &Gabbana’s Spring Collection?”

   Skye smiled, “Yes.”

   Murong SuSu stood back with her hands on her slim hips, “I love the way you paired it with the black silk camisole! Is your necklace from Tiffany’s?”

   Chen Nuying pulled her friend back and laughed, “Stop! You are scaring her!” She quickly apologized, “Don’t mind SuSu, she is easily excited by fashion.”

   Skye giggled, “I can be the same way. As a matter of fact I was admiring your outfit CEO Murong. I don’t recognize the designer.”

  Murong SuSu’s lips curled up into a cute smile, “Thanks it is my own design.”

  Skye’s eyes lit up, “Wow! You are really talented!”

   Murong SuSu was a very outgoing person and didn’t hesitate, “Do you want to see some of my designs? Nuying and I were looking  at my latest over at my desk.” If I could get this beautiful girl to wear one of my dresses to the party on Friday that would be great! 


  Chen Nuying pulled her friend’s arm because she could read her mind and in a low voice whispered, “Don’t.”

   Murong SuSu blinked her eyes innocently, “Why not?”

  Skye saw Chen Nuying was embarrassed and lightened the atmosphere, “I am very interested to see your designs.I love supporting new designers, a very good friend of mine, Serena Simon recently started her own clothing company. Self promotion is very important when you are new to the industry.”

  Murong SuSu has met Serena Simon and was impressed with her innovative designs. “You are friends?”

   “She is my best friend. We grew up together. Do you know Serena?”

  “No. I met her in Milan and we had a brief conversation. I do like her use of color and unique designs.”

  “I know right. She has been making her own clothes since grade school.” She has a bright smile as she tells them about some of her friend’s crazy ideas. They laugh and Skye says, “I have an idea, Murong SuSu if you have a dress that is appropriate for the party on Friday I will buy it. Then instead of shopping the three of us could go out for a drink. What do you think?”

   Murong SuSu really liked Skye, Nuying was right she is so sweet. Now I feel guilty about taking advantage of her kindness. “Miss Benning..I well..” Skye interrupts her, “Call me Skye.”

   “Well Skye, you might not be aware but the party you are attending on Friday night is a  really big deal. The guests are celebrities, and powerful people. Everyone will be wearing top designer clothes and the paparazzi will be going crazy taking photographs.”

   Skye smiled, “Then that would be the perfect venue for you to gain recognition. I will be honest if I don’t find a dress in your collection I like, I won’t wear it because of what you just said. It wouldn’t do me or the dress justice if you know what I mean. I am Shao Zu Tang’s sister so I must look perfect. Does that make sense?”

  Both Murong SuSu and Chen Nuying nodded their heads in agreement. Murong SuSu says, “I think what you said makes a lot of sense. I like your straightforwardness. It is true a dress and the woman must compliment each other.”

  Skye sat on the couch. “Well, if you want to show me some dresses I will try them on and we can see if one will work.” 

   Murong SuSu called in her assistant, “The evening dresses on the third rack in my studio.” Then she calls her secretary, “Bring in a bottle of red wine and some snacks.”

   Wyatt Malone had been silently standing at the door watching the three women. He didn’t like the way it appeared Skye was being manipulated. He walked over to Skye and leaned down saying something in her ear. Skye raised her delicate eyebrow while she listened then whispered, “Wyatt, I know.”

    He stepped back and put his hands in his pants pockets and angrily clenched them into fists. Dammit! She does not know! Skye is too naive and gullible! He narrowed his eyes glaring at Murong SuSu and she felt a shiver go down her spine. She glanced over at Wyatt, there was no discernable expression on his face. Was I imagining that murderous aura surrounding him a moment ago? The phone on her desk rang and she walked over to answer. “Hui, did you need something?”

   “I need to borrow your BMW. I don’t have time to go home and change cars.” He hesitates, “You can drive the Lamborghini home.”


   “What does it matter why? Have your assistant come to my office and bring me your keys. I will give her my keys.”

      When the assistant brought the dresses she handed her the keys to the BMW, “Take these to CEO Murong.”

    Chen Nuying smiled, “Your brother will let you drive his precious Lamborghini, did the Sun rise in the West?”

   “Who knows why he wants to switch cars. It must be important.”

   Murong Hui had an ugly look on his face as he clutched the keys in his hand. He begrudgingly handed the assistant the keys.“ Tell CEO Murong if there is one scratch on my baby I will pull my investment!” 

   Assistant Yang was excited to have this task, she secretly loved the incredibly handsome man in front of her for the past two years. She gazed at him adoringly, “Rest assured,I will convey your words to my Boss.”  She could still feel the warmth from his hand on the keys and remained standing in a daze.

   He lifted an eyebrow when the woman didn’t move and he noticed her blank expression. “Anything else Miss Kang?”

     She came back to reality.Yang.. Yang Yi! She inwardly cries, last time he called me Miss Fang. Am I that bland and unattractive, he can’t even remember my name? Yang Yi sounded dejected, “No. I will be going.” 

    When Assistant Yang returned to the office, Skye was wearing an evening gown with an asymmetric draped waist that hugged her lithe body. The apricot color accentuated her creamy white skin and her sparkling amber eyes shone with golden almost translucent color. The dress was adorned with shimmering crystal beads.

   Assistant Yang exclaimed as she walked into the office, “ Miss Benning, you look so beautiful!”

   Skye smiled, “Thank you.” She was very satisfied with the design and the fit. “I will wear this gown.”

    Murong SuSu happily held Skye’s hand, “You really look stunning. It is as though the dress was made for you.”

    Skye nodded then exclaimed, “Now that I have a dress do you want to go have a drink?”


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