Shao Zu looked at the  panting woman underneath him that he just finished tossing on the bed. He rolled off her body marked with his love bites and stared at the ceiling with an indescribable expression. He was consumed by a complex mixture of emotions, anger, frustration, disgust directed towards the woman,Xie Min. I can no longer use this incompetant slut as a substitute.

Usually when used her as a tool to vent his sexual frustration he felt satisfied but today he was less than pleased. A substitute… a poor imitation…she even had the fucking nerve to call my name. I told her never to speak while I fucked her!..hearing her lewd voice destroyed the fantasy I was making love to precious baby sister. Goddammit!

     Xie Min sensed his dissatisfaction and panicked. She couldn’t help herself when she was in the throes of passion his name slipped out. Xie Min immediately regretted her impulsiveness when she saw his face darken and he abruptly lost interest.

Hoping to arouse Shao Zu she ran her fingers down his bare chest covered in a thin layer of sweat. He grabbed her hand and threw it off him then got out of bed. “Your acting skills are lacking, you can’t follow the simplest instructions. We are finished. I am getting rid of this apartment and don’t show your face in front of me again. The usual compensation will be sent. I think you are aware of my means, so don’t attempt to leak any information. You will be banished from the circle and your family will suffer the consequences of your betrayal.” 

   Xie Min sat up and her pretty brown eyes filled with tears. She crawled across the large bed and grabbed his thigh. Tears rolled down her cheeks and whimpering she confessed.“CEO Tang, please..please..I love you. I will do whatever you want. I love you so much.”

   Shao Zu grimaced as the naked woman frantically clung onto him. He ruthlessly growled, “ Remove your hand.Touch me again and I will break your arm. You have ten minutes to remove your existence from this apartment.” He put on his clothes then surrounded by a bone chilling aura he sneered, “If you are still here my men will enjoy fucking you to death.” 

   Shao Zu slipped on his brown leather shoes then walked out the door without looking back at the woman clutching the wet sheets and sobbing hysterically.

Once he made a decision it was irreversible. He ruthlessly instructed the two men outside the door that if the woman wasn’t gone in ten minutes to throw her out. Shao Zu only threatened Xie Min with sexual violence to ensure she would quickly leave.

   He dismissed his driver then drove aimlessly through the streets of Shanghai, his mind filled with the image of Skye in the thin bathrobe pressed against him. He lit a cigarette, How can I get rid of Chloe Wang without upsetting Grandfather. I don’t think I can wait to possess Skye. If I demonstrate their influence is not as powerful as he has been led to believe I might be able to convince him. Should I dismantle the Wang Group? I can’t yet, I still need them. Should I at least have my hidden company takeover Wang Entertainment as a start? I could manipulate the situation while remaining in the shadows. He was contemplating how he could cleanly destroy the image his Grandfather has of the Wang family being beneficial to The Benning Group China when his phone rang.

   He smiled and touched his Bluetooth, his voice was gentle, “Something?”

   Skye gushed, “Brother! I thought the other phone was awesome but this is pure bling!”

   Shao Zu’s ink black eyes are full of indulgence, “I know how you love pink diamonds.”

    Skye picked at the vegetables on her plate with the chopsticks. “My very favorite. I wanted to tell you that I called Grandfather.” She suddenly thought about the bracelet she lost at the Night Market. Maybe someone picked it up. I could offer a reward.

  “Very good.”

   “He asked if I had seen Chloe Wang. I told him we are having dinner tonight. He told me to be nice to her and that she’s your future wife. I need to realize the importance of your marriage.” She sipped on a glass of water, “I guess he didn’t forget I threw a bit of a temper tantrum when I first got the news. I assured him after I talked with you  I realized that this marriage is what you want so I will support you.”  I can’t… absolutely CAN NOT accept that woman as your wife! Never!

   Shao Zu tightened his grip on the steering wheel until the blue veins on the back of his hands bulged. “Well, it is best to say what Grandfather wants to hear if you want to remain in Shanghai.” I can’t let you leave. After seeing you again I don’t want to have any distance between us. I want to slowly find a way for you to see me as a man not as a brother. I can’t rush it, you might get frightened.

  “You mean you are considering letting me work at the company?”

  “En. Of course Grandfather would need to agree.”

   Skye’s amber eyes sparkled, “I will convince him!” Even if it means getting close to Chloe Wang!

   “What are you doing now?”

  “Oh that was another reason I called. I was wondering if I could meet Chen Nuying I want to ask her to help  me pick a gift for Chloe Wang. She is one of Chen Nuying’s clients so she knows her taste.”

  “ That is very thoughtful of you Skye but not necessary.”

   “Brother! That is part of my plan to convince Grandfather of my sincerity towards my future sister-in -law.”

   He raises an eyebrow, “So your plan is to befriend Chloe Wang?”

   She bites her lower lip, “Well..yes”

  “Skye, I don’t want you to be friends with her, she isn’t a simple person and you are too naive.”She is a scheming bitch…and I don’t want her to use you in any way.

  “Brother, could you please have some confidence in me! I am not a child!”

   He pictured Skye’s supple body, no you are definitely not a child but you haven’t experienced the dirty side of life. I don’t want you to know. If the bitch thinks she can use you as a pawn she will.

  “You can get the gift. I will have two of my bodyguards follow you and take your assistant.” But there is no way I am going to let you befriend Chloe Wang!

  “Wyatt? Yeah…okay.” Teehee… I almost forgot about bringing him along on this trip. He must be wondering why I haven’t contacted him.

  “We are having dinner with her at Purple Moon Restaurant at eight o’clock. I have some business and will meet you there.”

  “See you then.”

   Skye took out Chen Nuying’s business card and called, “Hi, this is Skye Benning are you free this afternoon?”

  “Miss Benning. What can I do for you?”  Chen Nuying was lounging on a comfortable leather couch in her best friend, Murong SuSu’s office. They were discussing a big party being held by Chou Entertainment Company on Friday night. Murong SuSu wanted one of Chen Nuying’s clients to wear a dress she designed for exposure. 

   “Call me Skye. Do you want to go shopping?”

   Murong SuSu glanced over at her friend with a curious expression, mouthing Miss Benning?

   Chen Nuying put her finger to her lip signalling her friend to be quiet. “CEO Tang gave his permission?”

  “I told you he is a very nice man. I got an invitation to a party on Friday night I want to buy an Evening Gown.”  When she received this invitation she decided to use this for an excuse to go out and have fun. She really just wanted to explore the city. “I can pick you up wherever you are.”

   Chen Nuying agreed, “Okay. I am at my friend’s office located in the Murong Building on Zhongshan Road.”

  Murong SuSu whispered, “Tell her to come to my office. I want to meet CEO Tang’s sister.”

  “Can you come to her office?”

  “Sure. What floor?”

  The company’s name is SuSu Designs on the 25th floor. Ask the secretary at the end of the hallway she will escort you to her office.”

  “I am leaving now then.”

  After Chen Nuying hung up, Murong SuSu rushed from around her desk cluttered with designs over to the couch. She sat next to her friend. Affectionately wrapping her arm around her shoulder, “Spill! What is that iceberg’s sister like?”

   Chen Nuying laughed, “Nothing like CEO Tang that is for sure. She is really cute, American, she tries really hard to speak Chinese and seems like a sweet girl. She lives in New York so I want to ask her what there is to do there since we are going there for Fashion Week.”

   She played with a straw stuck in a half empty glass of milk tea, “I honestly didn’t think he would agree to letting his sister hang out with me.”

   “Well, maybe he is like my brother, hates to say no when I pester him. If I cry and act like a baby he eventually gives in..haha..”

   Chen Nuying finished the milk tea and teased, “Like when you wanted to start this fashion design company?”

   Murong SuSu pushed her shoulder, “I used my own money..well… yeah I wouldn’t have been able to afford the start up… any employees..or any.. I get your point.

   She stretched her arms the took off her glasses, rubbing her eyes she continued, “He did convince Daddy to let me try, even convincing him to let me have this floor in the family’s building. All right! Back to CEO Tang’s sister. What is her name again? I want to search for her information on the internet.”

  “Skye Benning.”

  “That is a cool name.” She took out her phone and typed ‘Skye Benning.’ “Huh..nothing..not a picture.”

  “Well, probably avoids publicity. She mentioned she went to school in Switzerland, see if there is anything there. Like a school  forum. I think she said she studied in Montreux.”

   Skye called her assistant, Wyatt Malone. He immediately answered, “Miss Benning are you alright?”

   “Yeah. Sorry I didn’t call. Are you at the hotel?”


   “I will pick you up in a half hour.”

   Skye walked over to the two tall muscular Chinese men assigned to be her bodyguards. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

   They led the way out to the circular driveway. A man in a black suit got out of the driver’s seat to open the  backdoor of a siver Bentley. They were told not to talk to Skye unless necessary so when she smiled and thanked him he nodded.

   The two bodyguards followed behind in a black SUV as the Bentley pulled out of the driveway.

After they picked up Wyatt Malone at the hotel Skye told the driver to take them to the Murong Building. He wrinkled his eyebrows together, the Murong Building? He recalled an incident in the parking garage there last month. CEO Tang had an altercation with Murong Hui, the two men almost came to blows. Who is she meeting there? Should I call the CEO?

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