Chloe Wang

     After Skye left the kitchen Shao Zu had an intimidating gaze riveted on the chef, he noticed the chef’s shocked expression while he held Skye in his embrace. The aura surrounding Shao Zu was frigid and terrifyingly demon like as he reminded the middle aged man. “You signed a nondisclosure contract when I hired you. Keep that in mind, if you forget you could lose more than your job.”

Shao Zu strode out of the kitchen in a domineering fashion. The chef gripped the edge of the counter his hands trembled and his knees weakened from the intense pressure. Gasping for breath he broke out into a cold sweat. CEO Tang is terrifying!

  Shao Zu went upstairs two steps at a time then quicked his pace down the hallway to Skye’s room. He knocked on the door and when she didn’t answer he entered the luxuriously decorated room. He sat on the edge of the bed, bewitched listening to Skye singing in the bathroom.

It was a habit of his when they lived at the mansion to sneak into her bedroom while she bathed. He loved to listen to the sweet sound of Skye’s enchanting voice as she bathed. He would lay on her bed imagining how Skye’s naked body would look glistening with water droplets and covered in bubbles.

   Shao Zu slipped his hand into his pants and his breathing became heavy as the image of Skye in a bubble bath aroused him. The beautiful fantasy was cut short when his phone rang. FUCK! What does the ugly bitch want? I should have silenced the goddamn phone!  Shao Zu looked towards the bathroom then hurried out of the bedroom into the hallway.

    He adjusted his breathing and choked down the words in his mouth. I can’t sound impatient with the bitch because I need to play the role of the gentle fiance. Although the marriage was for business purposes he maintained this image to avoid any suspicion about his character. When he looked down at the tent formed in his pants he had a murderous glint in his eye, but his voice sounded affectionate when he answered. “Miss Wang. You need something?”

  Chloe Wang was sitting in a salon having her nails done. Even though her parents made the marriage arrangement she wasn’t dissatisfied, she was looking forward to the marriage.  She believed Shao Zu was an extraordinarily handsome and gentle man. He had no romantic entanglements and was clean so she mistakenly thought he was a virgin. She attributed his gentleness and lack of experience to why he never touched or kissed her.

     There were several times she dressed seductively and took the initiative to be intimate with no results. Shao Zu would stop her, saying they should wait for the wedding night, that he wanted the first time they made love to be special.

Today she felt a sense of urgency after hearing his sister arrived. It was obvious Shao Zu valued Skye so she wanted to win her over so she wouldn’t become an obstacle. Chloe Wang’s father taught her to keep her friends close; her enemies closer. “Why do you have to be so formal, we are going to be married soon.”

   He replied, “Why did you call? I am in a meeting.”

   “Well I don’t want to interrupt your business but I wanted to invite you and your sister to dinner. A welcoming dinner for my future sister in law.”

    “I will ask Skye after my meeting if she agrees I will call you. Anything else? I need to rejoin the meeting.”

  “No. Call me then.” She hung up and complained to the manicurist, “Stupid! Look at this nail! I said I wanted the diamonds on the tip!”

   “Yes, Miss Wang. I will correct that immediately.” 

    Shao Zu walked into the master bedroom next to Skye’s and impatiently stripped off his clothes as he entered the bathroom. He turned the handle in the shower and a spray of cold water hit his face.  Angrily slamming his hand on the shower wall to vent his frustration he sneered,that stupid woman! 

    After the cold shower he wrapped a white towel around his waist. He was drying his hair when Skye wearing a thin short white robe burst into the bathroom. She grabbed his arm and sounded hysterical , “Brother! Hurry! The bathroom!” 

   Shao Zu followed Skye to her bedroom. Soapy bubbles and water was pouring out of the bathroom onto the white carpet. He walked into the bathroom to see the overflowing bathtub. He tried to turn the faucet but it seemed to be stripped. He reached into a cabinet and turned off the main water valve. He couldn’t help but laugh at Skye’s exaggerated reaction, “Calm down it’s just water.”

   “But the water will ruin the carpet!”

   He rubbed her head and teased, “Do I look like I can’t afford to have this cleaned up?”

   Skye eyes were glued on Shao Zu’s half naked body. When she realized she was staring at his bare chest and mermaid line she blushed, “Sorry, you just got out of the shower?”

  He was pleased when he noticed her lingering look then her innocent and shy expression. He teased, “Is Brother good looking?”

  Skye turned around so she isn’t facing him then timidly responded, “Very good looking.”

   Shao Zu’s eyes darkened with desire at her charming appearance. The thin robe was slightly open and he could see a hint of her creamy white breasts. Skye’s slender legs were barely covered by the short robe and she was barefoot. He wanted to hug Skye into his embrace and take her to bed.  “Come to my room to take a bath. I will have Butler Han take care of this mess.” 

   “Okay. I will.”

   “Pick out what you are going to wear while I  get dressed. I have a meeting so I can’t join you for lunch. Do you want to have dinner with Chloe Wang tonight?” 

  “Umm… sure if you want.”  Damn you Chloe Wang! I wanted to spend tonight alone with Shao Zu! 

     “Austin will be here shortly with a new phone for you. I will call you with the details.”

      When Shao Zu returned to his room he made a call. A beautiful young woman with long dark hair answered. The eighteenth tier actress possessed a face that could be mistaken for Skye, only she was lacking by several points overall. He growled, “Meet me at the apartment.” If I don’t relieve myself I might do something to Skye that I will regret. The little girl has no idea how sexy she looks right now. She has a pure and innocent face and her body is perfect.I want to press her undeneath me and make her scream my name.

   “Yes, CEO Tang. I will go immediately.” When she hung up the phone she smiled looking at a long blonde wig on her dresser. This is the fourth time in a week he has called for me to go to his bed. She picked out a white dress because he liked her to look pure and innocent. Then reached into a drawer for white lace underwear. I know I am a substitute for the  woman whose name you call out, but eventually you will be mine Shao Zu. 

  Shao Zu dressed and put on a Limited Edition Retro Rolex . There was a knock on the bedroom door and he called out “Come in.”

   Skye entered the bedroom carrying her dress and shoes then set them on the bed. She walked over to him and stood on her tiptoes, “Let me fix your tie.”

    When he gazed down at the valley between her breasts and felt her soft fingers brush across his Adam’s Apple he took her hand away. “That’s good.” An electric current ran through his body that was hard to ignore. Don’t tempt me little girl. I am barely holding onto my rationality right now. I want to kiss your cherry red lips and throw you down on the bed. All I need to do is pull that sash and your luscious body will be revealed.

    Skye thought Shao Zu was rejecting her and her heart tightened.  I always used to straighten his tie for him, why did he stop me?  Skye looked up at him with misty eyes and her face full of grievances. “Shao Zu. When you get married will you ignore me?”

   He noticed she looked a bit sullen and lonely so he impulsively hugged her into his embrace, “Don’t be silly. I love you the most. I will always love you.”More than you could possibly know. 

 He kissed the top of her head, “Why would you say that?” 

    She  gazed up at him and pouted, “You are getting married. You won’t have time for me.”

   Shao Zu’s voice was slightly hoarse because Skye was pressing her body onto him making his heart race with desire. “Skye no one can replace you in my heart.” He lifted her chin with his finger and gazed into her clear amber eyes reflecting only him. “I told you this is an arranged marriage, there is no love between Chloe Wang and me.”

He flicked her forehead, “Stop worrying, you are my favorite girl.” 

   “I will believe you then.”

Barely able to restrain the beast within him he wanted to distance himself from Skye. He looked at his watch, “I need to go.”

   Shao Zu left and Skye walked into the bathroom. She picked up the shower gel and smelled the fragrance. Smells so good. She set the black and gold tube back on the counter and stared at the masculine products neatly lined up. Shao Zu you still are a little OCD haha.. She sighs, I would miss you so much if you ignored me.

  After her bath Skye put on a Dolce and Gabbana short high waisted white lace skirt with a scalloped hem and a black silk camisole. She completed the look with a short black linen jacket. Looking in the full length mirror she marvelled how Shao Zu seemed to know her style very well.

When she was looking in the closet she couldn’t decide which of the beautiful clothes to wear. She picked this outfit because it was simple and demure, perfect for dinner later with Chloe Wang.  Nodding in satisfaction she slipped on a pair of minimalist black slingback heels from Manolo Blahnik’s Spring Collection. Flirty but  with a touch of elegance.

    She decided to wear a delicate gold chain with a diamond butterfly pendant that hung down her neck to her chest. The bracelet she chose was a wide gold engraved cuff from Tiffany’s that contrasted with the dainty necklace.

    Skye walked back to her room to get her purse and several maids were cleaning up the watery mess. She stood at the doorway, “Excuse me. Could you hand me the purse on the small table?”

   One of the maids shut off a machine she was using to suck up the water from the carpet. She stared at Skye in the doorway with an incredulous look. This girl is CEO Tang’s sister? They look nothing alike. Butler Han warned the staff earlier that the CEO dotes on his sister and to be very respectful of the woman. CEO Tang personally prepared the room and clothes for his younger sister. She bowed respectfully, “I will get it for you. Please don’t walk into the room you might slip.” Then my little life will be gone!

“Thank you. I will trouble you then.”


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