The Police Lab

   Ye Yunxian had a slight smile watching the Rolls Royce Phantom disappear from view. He lit a cigarette, when Shao Zu Tang was holding the little con artist she looked like a greedy cat who just ate a big fish. I didn’t believe that Shao Zu would bother searching for his bed partner, let alone be able to discover this place. He inhales deeply, she must be very good at what she does.

   After he finished the cigarette he went into the cabin directly to the kitchen. He grabbed a plastic bag from a drawer then placed the blonde hair he ripped from Skye’s ponytail into it. After he turned off the lights he locked the door and left. I will take this hair sample to the lab to confirm the hair matches the hair found in Dong’s Garage, bring the little con artist in for questioning again. Even Shao Zu Tang won’t be able to refute solid evidence.

   He drove directly to the police lab and parked. Confident that hair will match he sauntered in the front door of the Police Lab then surveyed he room to see if Fatty returned. Fatty was sitting at his desk eating a salad. He decided to go on a diet and get a membership at a gym nearby after work hoping to woo Little Jiao.

Before Ye Yunxian approached Fatty a haggard fifty year old woman wearing a white lab coat came out of her office. She stopped when she saw the tall handsome man in front of her office. She chortled seeing his clueless expression. “Detective Ye what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in front of the Chief’s desk kowtowing?”

   “ Mrs.Gao, what are you talking about?”

   Gao Ning’s brown eyes showed her astonishment as she laughed, “You really have no idea of the shitstorm you caused, do you?”

   “What?” He sarcastically remarks, “Shao Zu Tang made a stink about me questioning his little whore? I think I can survive that. I’m sure he doesn’t want their relationship made public.”

    Gao Ning dropped the stack of papers in her hand. “ Detective Ye, I never thought you were an idiot. His whore? Are you crazy? You bullied CEO Tang’s sister, Skye Benning! J. Barret Benning’s beloved granddaughter. You will be lucky if you aren’t kicked off the force! What were you thinking? I heard you took her from the hospital without Shao Zu Tang’s permission to god knows where.”

  Momentarily rendered speechless by this unexpected turn of events, Ye Yunxian squeezed the plastic bag in his hand until his knuckles turned white. The sneaky little bitch! Keeping her identity secret! Watching me like a jumping clown! No wonder she said I would pay heavily for mistreating her. 

   He had a strange expression on his face, a mixture of anger and disbelief. Gao Ning snapped her fingers in front of his face. She liked Yu Yunxian and knew one day with the man’s overbearing personality he would definitely anger the wrong people. He has come close to being fired too many times to count since he joined the force. Fortunately, he was the station’s number one homicide detective, solving every case handed to him over the past few years. “Hey! Ye Yunxian! You better get over there and figure a way to make this right.”

  He took a couple deep breaths to force down his boiling rage. Unwilling to admit his error in judgment, Ye Yunxian returned to his usual cold and indifferent demeanor. He responded in an emotionless tone. “I need to speak with Fatty, there is no rush.” Pfft. I am Ye Yunxian, I don’t need to panic but I am angry! Very angry! Little girl, just wait and see how I exact my revenge!

   Gao Ning raised an eyebrow, “You are a cocky asshole, I will say that. Anyone else would run over there with their tail between their legs.”

  “She was in the wrong, not me. The nurse said her surname was Baili. She could have cleared up the misunderstanding at any time.”

  “Did she say she that was her name? If she did well… that is lying to a Police Officer.”

  He furrowed his eyebrows, No. But she didn’t correct me either. “I will take care of it.”

   He quickened his pace towards the back of the room. He wanted to give the hair sample to Fatty before he was spotted ny anyone from the station sent to look for him. He bent down and in a low voice said “Fatty, I want you to compare this hair to the hair from Dong’s Garage.”

   Fatty put down his chopsticks, a piece of lettuce stuck in his throat, he coughs then nervously picks up the plastic bag for a closer look. He has a bad premonition when he examines the contents. Fatty’s eyes darted around the room to see if anyone was watching them, “Detective Ye. Where did you get this hair?” He heard about the situation, Shao Zu Tang isn’t someone to offend.

   “Don’t worry about it. The less you know the better. Just run the tests and give me the results. Also, what blood type was the blood on the piece of cloth?”

    He nods towards an angry looking woman staring at them from a door to the lab. “You need to ask Sister Shu.”

    “Okay. Rush this for me.”

    Ye Yunxian leaned on the door as the pretty lab technician attempted to leave. “Not so fast. I have a couple questions for you.”

   The dark haired woman pursed her lips and through gritted teeth says, “Fuck off.”

   Ye Yunxian’s thin lips curled into a taunting grin, “ Miss Pei, it was you who broke up with me.” He lifts an eyebrow, “Shouldn’t I be the one with the angry expression.”

    Flustered from the narrow distance between their bodies and the familiar hint of tobacco and mint on his breath, the memory of kissing those lips resurfaced. Pei Shu round eyes narrowed into slits  “You…you bastard! It was obvious you were using me to…forget it. I’m not revisiting that unpleasant period.” She pushed him away and snarled, “ The Chief said if you came to the lab to call him. I called when I saw you come in the door.”

    A hint of mockery flashed in his dark eyes, “Women are such spiteful creatures.” while brushing past her into the room, “What blood type was on the piece of cloth from Dong’s garage.”

   A short thin man pushes up his rimless glasses, “Ye Yunxian, long time no see. Type O.”

   Pei Shu raced over and angrily kicks the thin man in his shin. Raising her voice she screeched, “What are you telling him for! He is suspended!”

   Ye Yunxian winked at the thin man holding his shin, “That is wishful thinking on Miss Pei’s part. Thanks ”

   He took long strides through the department ignoring people’s astonished stares. Leaving the black SUV in the parking lot he lazily walked down the sidewalk. The Chief might be so infuriated he could put out an order to pull my car over if spotted. I need to avoid the station until I get the results from Fatty about the blonde hair. Type O blood..could be argued since it is common the blood wasn’t the little con artist..oh I need to change her name to little liar. Once I have the confirmation in hand I can place the little liar at the scene anyway, most likely she was the kidnap victim. 

  Taking out his phone he makes a call, “Meet me at Yang’s Noodle Shop by the University.”

   Murong Hui was in a meeting with several of his managers  when he got Ye Yunxian’s call. “Busy. Call Lou.”

  “Do I need to remind you who invested in your firm when you were near bankruptcy?”

  Exasperated, Murng Hui walks away from the conference table. “Didn’t you make a hundred million when I struck a deal with Sunrise Real Estate?”

  “Yes. But if I didn’t rescue you with a timely influx of cash into your dying company there would have been no deal. Get over here. Don’t drive that showy yellow Lamborghini either. It is an eyesore.” He hangs up and grabs a taxi, “Yang’s Noodle Shop on 89th St.”

   Murong Hui gets off the phone cursing Ye Yunxian then turns towards a beautiful woman, “Director Xiao, finish the meeting. After you have the numbers make an appointment with Benning Group China to discuss cooperation.”

  Ye Yunxian sits in the backseat of the taxi looking out the window. Damn that bitch Skye Benning! 

  Skye sneezes as she walks into the kitchen at  Shao Zu’s villa. Shao Zu touches her forehead, “Did you catch a cold?”

  She giggles, “No. I feel fine, someone must be cursing me. I know who too..hahaha..serves you right  Detective Ye for being a narrow minded arrogant man!

  She took a bottle of water from the refrigerator, then asked the chef, “Smells so good, what are you making?”

  He was surprised when they walked into the kitchen and wondered who the beautiful foreign girl with Shao Zu could be. He had worked at the villa for two years and never saw even a glimpse of a woman. “I am preparing Spicy Honeyed Chicken Wings, Shen Jian Bao, Sliced Bejiing beef with Broccoli, Baked Tofu and Stuffed Eggplant With Schezwan Sauce.

  Skye’s amber eyes lit up and she smiled. “Oh. They are all my favorite Chinese dishes!” She lifted a lid from a pan and inhaled, “Yummy!”

 She hugged Shao Zu who was standing beside her and rubbed her head on his warm chest. “Brother, you are so sweet!” 

  He affectionately kissed the top of her head and frowned. ”He could detect a slight smell of tobacco on Skye from the moment he held her at Ye Yunxian’s cabin and has been stewing about it. That insolent bastard! Smoking around Skye!

Well, I want you enjoy Chinese cuisine while you are in Shanghai. Go bathe. There are clothes in the closet in your room. Butler Han will show you the way. ”

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