Addicted To You

   After Zhou LingLing changes into her cleaned clothes she walks downstairs. Morgan is on the phone so she quietly sits on a bench by the door to wait for him. She stares at him still in shock they slept in the same bed. Tilting her head in his direction she unconsciously studies him. He is really a good looking man. 190 cm tall with broad shoulders and long muscular legs.CEO Lin’s face doesn’t lose to a top model either Ruggedly handsome with a strong jaw and flawless facial features. I didn’t notice before but his serious expression has its own allure,  he does epitomize the cold and domineering  protagonist of a  CEO novel. She shivers, what am I thinking!

   Morgan finishes the call and walks over to Zhou LingLing, who is in a daze. “Miss Zhou, I will take you to the hospital when we get back to the city. “ When she doesn’t answer he says, “Miss Zhou?” Why does the little girl have that silly look on her face? 

  She looks up at him and blushes, “Huh?”

  “I said I will take you to the hospital.”

  She waves her hand, “No need. If you could take me home I would appreciate it. I need to get ready for the audition.”

  “The audition is changed to Monday. Let’s go.”

  She gazes at him with a puzzled expression as they walk towards the door. Did he change the time for me? Because of my sprained ankle...

   Zhou LingLing limps behind him and once outside Morgan stops. “Stay here. I will bring the car to the entrance.”

   He drives to the curb in front of the Inn then gets out to help her into the Land Rover. Zhou LingLing’s heart flutters as he unexpectedly lifts her onto the passenger seat. “Thank you, CEO Lin.”

  Morgan doesn’t respond and walks to the driver’s side. When he gets into the car he notices she didn’t buckle the seatbelt. “You need to fasten your seatbelt.”

  “Oh.” She fumbles with the metal piece. Morgan impatiently reaches across her body, “It isn’t that complicated.”

   Zhou LingLing breathes in his distinct scent and feels Morgan’s warm breath tickles her neck as he leans across to buckle the seatbelt. Feeling a rush of heat through her body she suddenly pushes him, “I can do it.”

   The little bit of strength she possesses isn’t enough to budge him, he snaps the buckle then moves back. When he pulls out onto the road Zhou LingLing opens the window letting the cold air hit her face. He frowns, “Do you want to catch a cold?”

   “I just..I..I felt a little hot.”

  When Morgan stops at a light he stretches his hand and Zhou LingLing’s body stiffens when his cold palm touches her forehead. He lifts an eyebrow, “You have a fever. They can check your temperature at the hospital.” He presses a button and the window rises.

   Zhou LingLing clutches her skirt, I don’t have a fever, it’s because of you! Why are you being so damn nice! Delaying the audition…showing concern for me…You obviously don’t like me or when we were in bed you would have…no…LingLing stop. You like the handsome boy not this cold man next to you.

  They are both quiet on the way back to the city each lost in their own thoughts. When they arrive at the hospital Zhou LingLing unbuckles the seatbelt, “I can take care of it myself. Thanks for the ride. My agent can pick me up.”

  “I will wait. I don’t have any meetings this morning. I just need to see Feng LiMei at one o’clock.”

   Zhou LingLing doesn’t think the name sounds familiar, curious about the woman’s identity she asks, “Is she an actress?”

  “No. I was her bodyguard.”

  “Hmm.” Why does he still have contact with the woman? None of my business. Why do I care?

  LiMei wakes up in Rui’s arms. She is sitting on his lap in the backseat of a car on the way to Pushong City. He gently kisses her forehead, “Awake?”

   LiMei peers out the window at the highway leading to Pushong City. She gazes up at him with an aggrieved expression.“Rui…I said I wanted to stay in Catang City.”

   He hugs her tighter, “Baby, I want you to be with me.” Earlier after they made love while she was fainted Rui didn’t hesitate to press LiMei’s accupoint so she wouldn’t wake up. He didn’t feel the least bit guilty as he bathed then dressed LiMei. Afterwards he carried her to the waiting car and left for Pushong City.

   LiMei reaches for a bottle of mineral water. Rui takes it from her and unscrews the cap, “I would be worried about you LiMei and that would distract me.” He seamlessly lies, “ I have a delicate surgery to perform. You wouldn’t want me to make a mistake because I was thinking about you…would you?”

   He holds the bottle so she can drink. After swallowing she replies, “No, of course not.”

  He turns her head and kisses her wet pink lips, licking the excess water from her lips. “Are you angry with me? We can go back to Catang City tomorrow, you can see Song Sara then, okay.”

  She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck. “How can I be angry?  As a doctor you are under a lot of pressure. I don’t want to be the reason you can’t concentrate during an operation. I’m not that selfish.”

  Rui has a devilish gleam in his ink black eyes. “I knew you would understand.” He has an idea, “Why don’t you have a therapy session with Dr.Huang while I am in surgery?”

  “Hmm…I feel like I am back to normal. I haven’t had any headaches or strange dreams.”

   Rui thinks about last night and LiMei’s friigid appearance and they way she rejected him. You are not back to ‘normal’ definitely not!  “Knowing you are with Dr. Huang  would make me feel at ease during surgery.”

  “Rui, I don’t want to today. I will schedule an appointment with him in a couple days. I haven’t been to my apartment and I have the presents I bought for the Du family. You don’t need to worry about me, Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu will be with me.”

  “Fine.” I will instruct the bodyguards not to let LiMei out of their sight for even a minute.

  LiMei kisses Rui then smiles brightly exposing her cute dimples.“After your finished at the hospital I can cook for you at my apartment!” LiMei’s green eyes sparkle, “Rui, do you remember I made you dinner and you fixed the lights on the balcony for me?”

   “I do. I kissed you for the first time.” Rui recalls how much he wanted LiMei that night. I had to suffer through dinner with that brat Du Chang…I didn’t feel the timing was right to make love to LiMei but it was hard to restrain my desire.When I went home I had to take a very long cold shower.

   He presses LiMei down onto the seat, “Baby, do you know how hard it was for me. I wanted you so bad, but I knew it wasn’t the right time. When I put my arm around your shoulder you blushed. So cute yet seductive… innocent and naive.

The dark green sweater you wore made your eyes look like sparkling emeralds and in the moonlight you looked like a delicate fairy.” He smiles, “I thought you might be able to hear my heart pounding when I kissed you..I wanted to tear your clothes off and press you underneath me.”

Rui kisses her face, “I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.” Rui’s eyes are like deep pools gazing at LiMei, his voice is low and seductive, “Baby, you are so beautiful.

    LiMei blushes and confesses, “I thought you were the most handsome and gentle man I ever met. I was so nervous.”

    Rui smoothes her hair, “LiMei, I never thought I was capable of loving anyone until I met you. I want you to be by my side forever.”

    LiMei has a complex expression gazing at the delicate silver ring on her finger. A voice in her head says, “You are a trained assassin. If he knew would he still want you? Get the Golden Dragon Statue and call the old man to sell it on the black market. Leave Pushong City. Leave Qiao Rui.”

 She tenderly caresses his cheek, “Rui..I..I don’t deserve you.”

   He kisses her small soft hand resting on his face. “Don’t say that LiMei. You are everything to me. Everything I could possibly want. You know that dinner was the first time anyone cooked for me?”

Rui slips his hand under her dress and hooks his finger into her lace thong. “I can’t get enough of you. Baby, I think about you all the time and I want to marry you.” 

   Rui slides the wet black lace thong down her slender legs and buries his head between her thighs. LiMei’s honey covers his lips as he licks and sucks on her sensitive pussy. You can’t leave me LiMei I am addicted to your sweet taste…I am addicted to you..your beautiful smile..the sound of your soft voice calling my name…the way you think of ways to please me. I will never let you go…never!

    LiMei closes her eyes and a crystal teardrop hangs on her black eyelashes. I will leave but until I do I want this feeling of floating in the clouds…I want Rui… Overcome by a wave of indescribable pleasure she arches her back as Rui expertly thrusts his hot tongue inside her greedy tunnel. LiMei trembles and moans, unable to control her body when he sucks and licks her pink folds. She whimpers, “Ahh..Ruiiii! Mmmm..”

Rui loves the sound of LiMei’s raspy and breathless voice as he gives her pleasure. Only when LiMei’s body is under him and he hears the sweet sound of her moaning and begging does he feel she is really his woman…Baby..I know you are addicted too..

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