Can I Sleep With You?

    After going back and forth for an hour Ye Yunxian’s frustration with Skye’s ability to dodge his questions was showing on his handsome face. He leaned back in the chair with his hands behind his head, “We can stay here all day if you want. I’m not leaving until you actually answer my questions.”

   Skye stood up and stretched out her arms, “Detective Ye, I think you should find another line of work. Nothing about you makes me want to make me answer your questions. It is as though you don’t have a sincere bone or a hint of empathy in your entire body. No matter what I say you won’t believe me because you have already formulated an opinion about my character. I am looking forward to you discovering your narrow mindedness prevented you from obtaining any useful information from me. Soon my brother will arrive and take me away. All that will be left is you facing a suspension for your atrocious behavior.”

  Ye Yunxian had a genuine smile that reached to his eyes listening to her evaluation. She isn’t wrong I have no empathy and sincerity? Not since I learned that only brings trouble. I don’t think I have ever met anyone like this little con artist. She twists my words then answers never revealing anything. I have to wonder how an extremely intelligent and quick witted girl ended up as a prostitute. He laughed, “Are you finished? No one will find this place. Your so-called ‘brother’ will be spinning his wheels trying to locate you. Your only hope of seeing him today is honestly answering my questions. Now let me ask you again, “How long have you worked for the Red Scorpion Gang? Did you witness the shootings?”

  Suddenly the sound of tires screeching to a stop can be heard. Skye clapped her hands together and had an impish grin, “10..9..8…He is coming… Told you so!”

   Listening to the sound, Yunxian’s face was blacker than the bottom of a pot. He looked out the window to see a tall man stepping out of the back of a black Rolls Royce Phantom. Three black SUVs were in his front yard. I underestimated CEO Tang’s abilities.

   He decided to take a strand of Skye’s hair to compare with the hair found at the crime scene. He pulled her ponytail as she rushed towards the door. She turned and grimaced, “Oww..what are you doing? ”

  Ye Yunxian smiled, “Nothing. “ He looked at the strands of blonde hair in his hand. Enjoy your freedom while you can.

  He opened the front door and Skye rushed past him leaping into Shao Zu’s arms, “Brother! I knew you would come!”

   Shao Zu patted her head and gazed at Skye with eyes full of undisguised love, “Sorry I’m late.”

    Eyeing Ye Yunxian behind Skye, Shao Zu instantly changed his expression. He narrowed his pitch black eyes and his body exuded a strong killing intent. He didn’t say anything to Ye Yunxian and picked up Skye into his embrace, “Hungry?”

   “So hungry.” Skye lifted her lips in an arc smiling at Ye Yunxian then snuggled into Shao Zu’s embrace.

   Ye Yunxian watched them leave, surprised that Shao Zu didn’t threaten him. The man must have deep connections to find this place in such a short amount of time. It has never been discovered in the ten years since I had it built. I don’t believe he will let me go that easily after the oppressive momentum he displayed when he saw me. If I didn’t practice martial arts from a young age I would have suffered internal injuries and been coughing up blood. The little con artist must have bewitched him, he definitely wanted to if not kill me, have me crumple to the ground in pain. Interesting.

   Shao Zu put Skye on his lap then kissed the top of her hair, “Were you frightened?” 

   Skye played with the button of his shirt, “No. I knew you would come and he is a Detective. What could he do to me? He doesn’t want to lose his job I’m sure. I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you but I thought if I cooperated and went willingly it would be better. I remembered what you said and didn’t say anything.”

   He hugged her tighter wrapping his arms around her thin waist, “Next time wait for me. This isn’t New York. As you could see the unscrupulous man felt free to take you to this secluded place instead of the police station for questioning. He wanted to isolate and intimidate you.” You have no idea that if my assistant Austin wasn’t a talented hacker, I never would have found you. There is no record of that property belonging to Ye Yunxian. I will make him pay for his insolence. I don’t care the bastard is the heir to the Ye Group. I will fucking destroy him! 

   She sensed the rage boiling up inside of Shao Zu and wanted to calm him down. Or I might never be allowed to leave the villa!

 “Shao Zu, I will listen to you .Umm..part of the reason he might have not gone straight to the police station is I..well..I didn’t mention your name at the time but I said my brother was very powerful and would come. He would be forced to release me.” 

  He lifted her chin with his finger, his eyes reflecting Skye’s innocent and pure expression, “You think I am powerful?”

  She gazed into his deep eyes with an infatuated look, “Of course! You are strong and I know I can always depend on you. Brother, you have never let me down. You are the best in every way.”

  He buried his head in her neck inhaling her sweet fragrance, what would you think of me if you knew how much I want you. Not as a brother but as a man. I want to possess you..have you be woman. Lifting a strand of her honey blonde hair he absentmindedly twirled the silky hair around his finger, “Skye, what if I told you…” He stopped himself from confessing his true feelings. No this isn’t the time. I need to be patient.

   She had a curious expression, “Told me what?” 

   “Never mind. It isn’t important. You need to call Grandfather when we get to the villa. He called and said he couldn’t get through to you. I told him I needed to replace your phone. Where is the phone the stylist I sent brought you this morning.”

  “Oh.” She quickly lied, “Don’t be mad I accidentally dropped it out the window of Detective Ye’s car. I was trying to get a signal to call you. We were on the highway so it was no use trying to retrieve it.”  I’m unfortunately protecting that annoying man but I don’t want Shao Zu to know I was bullied. I will look weak.

  “Not a problem. It was insured. I will have my assistant get you another one.”

   Skye leaned on his warm chest, “Brother, do you have to marry Chloe Wang?”

   He wrapped his arms around her tighter, wanting to press her into his bones, “Skye, when you ask me that question I want to say no.  But I would be lying. I do. Grandfather has his reasons. I don’t agree with them but he is the head of the family so I have to follow his wishes.”

   They arrived at the villa and Skye stared at the imposing stone tiger statues at the gate and smiled, “Guardian Tigers? I love it!”

   He chuckled, “The Tigers came with the villa when I purchased it two years ago. The man who built the villa supposedly hired a Feng Shui expert. The elderly man told him the area was the site of a raging battle during the Han Dynasty; many warriors died. The Tigers guard the villa suppressing the heavy yin energy that remained from their restless spirits-”

   Skye gripped his sleeve, her amber eyes widened in fear, “ Restless spirits?”

   He can’t resist and kissed the tip of her nose, “Didn’t you say I am the most powerful? You don’t need to be afraid. I’m here.”

   “Brother, you know what I am most afraid of are ghosts!”

   He burst out laughing, “Skye, you know that was the Butler scaring you. When you were little you liked to sneak down to the kitchen at night to snack. Grandfather noticed you getting a little chubby and told the Butler to stop you. Every time he did you would act like a baby…cry and pout…so he would give in to you. After being reprimanded by Grandfather for being useless he devised that trick. Haha..I can still picture you running into my room locking the door then pouncing on my bed crying, ‘Brother! A Ghost! I saw a Ghost.’ You climbed under the covers and wouldn’t come out. I wanted to tell you the truth but it was too funny. Think about it though, the funniest part of you running into the room was you stopping to lock the door. I think a ghost could pass right through right? Haha.

   Skye lifted an eyebrow and puffed out her cheeks, “ Now as I recall you said, ‘since there are ghosts you should sleep with me. I will protect you.’ Now I see it was a scam so you could make fun of me.” Haha locking the door was pretty stupid.

   He inwardly smiles, no I just liked the way you would curl up next to me like an obedient little milk cat. You smelled so good and were so soft to hug to sleep. It was a warmth I never felt before I met you.

  Skye teases, “Well, if one of the restless warrior spirits should chase me in the villa, can I sleep with you? 


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