Shao Zu restrained himself from frantically rushing  into the Tianmu Police Station. He calmly strode in the front door followed by four muscular bodyguards. The policewoman at the front desk glanced up from the computer on the desk and her eyes widened staring at Shao Zu’s outstanding appearance. 

    He casually surveyed the room and didn’t see Skye. Is the little girl being interrogated in a separate room? She must be frightened.The hand in his trouser pocket clenched but his cold and indifferent expression didn’t reflect his inner rage. “I’m looking for Detective Ye and the woman he brought with him.”

   Senior Officer Chu overheard him as he walked back to his desk holding a greasy brown bag containing his lunch. He stopped, observing Shao Zu’s elegant appearance and the four beefy bodyguards behind him he was curious.  Did Ye fucking bring trouble again! This man’s aura is full of killing intent although he is trying to suppress his emotions. He is extremely angry. Who’s this Big Buddha  and why is he looking for Detective Ye. “You are looking for Detective Ye?  He isn’t here, what did you need?”

   Shao Zu’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “When I spoke to Detective Ye he said he was on the way to this station. That was forty five minutes ago he should be here.”

   “Well he isn’t.”

   “Find him now!” 

    Senior officer Chu maintained his calm as the temperature around Shao Zu dropped to below freezing. “I need to know what this is about, Detective Ye is in the field investigating a case.”

    “Detective Ye took my sister, Skye Benning, from the hospital without my permission. Let me introduce myself, Shao Zu Tang, CEO of Benning Group China.  Get your Chief out here now.”

   “Sister Ming, go get the Chief. CEO Tang, have a seat.”

  Shao Zu remained standing. Black lines formed on his forehead and he wanted to destroy the police station to vent his frustration.Where the fuck did that bastard take Skye? 

   Ye Yunxian glanced over at Skye sleeping leaning against the door. I really thought she would be frightened when she noticed I was driving out of the city. Is the little con artist really that confident that her brother will ‘save’ her? She certainly has guts to insult me while in my custody. Now she is fast asleep, completely defenseless. What if I did have bad intentions…she is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. 

   Skye was dreaming of eating a sumptuous lunch with Shao Zu, in her dream he was feeding her a large spicy prawn. She smacked her lips and drooled while mumbling, “Ahh…Mmm…So huge…I can’t swallow..” She smiles in her sleep, “Brother.. Sooo goood…I want more…”

   Ye Yunxian eyebrows jumped when he heard her mumblings and saw Skye’s satisfied expression. She looks like a greedy little kitten while licking her lips with her small pink tongue. He reached into his pocket for a cigarette disturbed by the images floating around his mind.

    As he pulled in front of his cabin by the lake he lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. Really a little slut!  He turned to Skye and in an irritated voice bellowed, “WAKE UP!”

    Skye’s eyes remained shut and she waved her hand. Skye’s languid voice had a seductive hoarse tone from being awakened. “Wyatt…go away I wanna sleep..I’m exhausted.”

    Annoyed, he nudged Skye, “I said wake up.” 

    She swatted his hand, “Hmmm.. Sweetie..Ten more minutes.”

    He angrily stepped out of the SUV and took long strides around to the passenger side. He had a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes as he swung open the door and Skye was startled awake. The seatbelt prevented her from falling out but without the support from the door Skye was jerked sideways wrenching her neck. Frightened she opened her bleary amber eyes, “AHHHH….OWWW…” Glaring at Ye Yunxian’s smug look, she rubbed her neck. “Pyscho! That hurt!”

   “Wipe the drool off your chin and get out.”

   Skye blinked a few times then touched her chin with her finger. Eeesh..I was drooling..wait…that isn’t what matters. She unbuckled the seatbelt then slowly stretched her legs out of the SUV. Holding onto the handle above she carefully planted her heel on the protruding step. “Detective Ye, I am adding that to my list of grievances against you! Do you enjoy tormenting me! Did I owe you in my past life?!? I came with you willingly and you have been a complete psycho the entire time!”

   Skye continued to massage her sore neck, “So you used that despicable method to wake me up! Detective Ye, are you even a man!”

   He wasn’t sure why he enjoyed bullying the little girl but he felt every time he saw her angry expression wanted to laugh. “I asked you to wake up and you ignored me.”

   She looked at the ancient style house surrounded by tall gingko trees and the sparkling lake to the left. “Why did you bring me here? You said we were going to the Tianmu Police Station.” If Dr. Zhou hadn’t told me that this man was a respected detective; I would have serious concerns right now… 

    He opened the door, “Since you made a point to tell me how your ‘brother’ would prevent me from interrogating you I felt I needed to change the location.”

   She followed him inside and gasped at the beautiful interior. There was a large fireplace and the room had a vaulted ceiling. One floor to ceiling windows faced the lake, she could see a dock and a couple boats.The other window revealed a garden filled with colorful blooming flowers and wooden bridge over a pond led to a gazebo.

The furnishings were luxurious but understated and on the walls were striking framed Calligraphy.

  Amazed at the fusion of Chinese and Western design Skye asked. “Whose home is this?”

  “A friend of mine’s why?” Actually the ‘cabin’ was the place he came to relax and get away from the pressures of his life. He bought it in his last year of High School with the profits from his first investment. He treasured his privacy even the other members of the Ye family don’t know about this house. 

  “Well, it is beautiful.”


 “I need to use the bathroom.”

  “Down the hallway to the right.”

  He walked into the kitchen and put a tea kettle on the stove. Leaning against the counter he figured at this time her ‘brother’ would be making a scene at the station. He took his phone out of his pocket curious about the man’s identity. He dialed his friend Detective Wong’s number. No signal? Fuck! The storm to the West must be causing problems. Well, I will get the information I need from the girl then drive back to the city.

   Skye entered the kitchen as he was brewing the tea. She smelled the fragrant aroma, What kind of tea is that?”

   “ Da-Hong Pao.”

   “Smells good.”

   He raises an eyebrow, it should for the price.

   Before he pours two cups she stops him, “I don’t like tea. Do you have any Coke?”

  “I don’t drink soda.”

  “Well, does your friend?” I don’t care what you drink. Maybe he has some in the refrigerator.


  Skye opened the refrigerator and frowned looking at the contents. She took out a bottle of mineral water. Thinking about what Shao Zu might do when he discovered she wasn’t at the police station she says, “Detective Ye, I want you to call the station and let me speak with my brother.”

   He  takes a sip of the steaming tea, “Sorry,there is no signal here.”


  “There is a storm coming in from the West. The reception here can be spotty in good weather in signal at all.”

  Skye abruptly sat down at the kitchen table, “Get out your recorder. Let’s do this! My brother will be very worried about me.”

 He had an undisguised look of contempt on his cold handsome face as he quipped,  “Miss Baili, do you think your ‘brother’ really cares about you that much?”

  “Yes. He will overturn the police station and even the city to find me.”

  Ye Yunxian bursts out laughing, “You said I think highly of myself..hahaha..what about you? Stop living in a fantasy! What rich man in his right mind will go that far for a little whore? No matter how good you are in bed!”

  Stunned by his words Skye impulsively reached to slap his face. “YOU!” He caught her hand middair and Skye’s watery amber eyes are dark and full of indignation. “Take that back, PSYCHO! 

   Ye Yunxian gripped her hand not letting it go immediately, he sarcastically sneered,  “Truth hurts?  Didn’t the Red Scorpion Gang train you to realize you are trading your body for money, nothing more than a business transaction.Developing feelings for him? Thinking he cares about you? Miss Baili, you seem to have forgotten who you really are.”

   “You are insane! I have no idea who this Red Scorpion Gang is! I don’t care what you say about me but you can’t slander Shao Zu!” OOPS! I wasn’t supposed to mention him. OH I HATE THIS GUY!

   A flash of surprise crosses his face, “Your lover is Shao Zu Tang?”

  She swings her small fist at his face, “YOU ARE SICK!” I told Shao Zu I wouldn’t say anything but I am going to vomit blood if he says another word.

  He easily dodges, “So I see why you were confident he could get you out of this trouble. But, I am not a person who is easily intimidated.”

  Skye gulps down the water, “Take me to the police station.”

  “How long have you worked for the Red Scorpion Gang?”

  “I believe I just told you I have no idea who they are.”

  “Did they instruct you to lure a woman to Dong’s Garage?”

  “ I don’t know them, how could they instruct me to do anything.”

  “Where were you last night between 10pm and 3 AM.”

  “In Shanghai.”

  “I suggest you answer the question with a bit more detail.”

  “I suggest you take me to the Tianmu Police Station.”

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