Skye Explodes

  Once outside the convenience store Skye sat at a white plastic table under a red and white umbrella. She opened the Coke and took a big gulp. She sighed, “Ahhh.. I needed that.”

   Ye Yunxian leaned on the black SUV, he lit the much needed cigarette hanging from his mouth while keeping an eye on Skye. He observed her take a napkin, unfold it then place the orange on top then sigh heavily after drinking the cold bottle of Coke. He didn’t realize his eyes were intensely focused on Skye as he watched her every movement.

   Skye drank half the Coke; she propped her arm propped on the table squinting from the bright sunlight as she gazed out to the busy street. Being mindful not to break a fingernail she slowly peeled the orange then separated the segments and neatly lined them up across the napkin. She popped a  bright orange segment into her mouth and the juice glistened on her cherry red lips. Before she would eat one she pointed at the piece and smiled. He raised an eyebrow, listening to her say as she ate them one by one, “He loves me…he loves me not.”

   He exhaled and a thin stream of smoke floated into the air, look at the little con artist, you would think she didn’t have a care in the world. She looks more like a High School girl playing with the orange pieces and reciting that stupid phrase than an experienced whore. Does she actually like the man posing as her brother? She did seem confident he would swoop into the Police Station and save her like a Knight in shining armor. Little fool..she should know men better than that working in her profession. He most likely has a wife and maybe even more women. She is plaything he will use until he tires and moves on to his next lover.

    Ye Yunxian finished his cigarette then called out, “Let’s go.”

    Skye stuffed the last piece of orange into mouth and happily jumped up. Clapping her hands together she giggled.“He Loves me! Haha.”

   Ye Yunxian shook his head, seeing the childlike expression on her delicate face and her carefree beautiful smile for a brief moment he pitied Skye for her lack of self awareness. “I didn’t think a girl like you would be that clueless.”

   Skye threw the napkin and the empty bottle into the trash She lazily strolled in his direction. “What do you mean by that?”

   He opened the passenger door of the SUV. “Some advice. Be a little more self aware.”

   After being unable to easily climb into the SUV last time Skye instinctively used his arm to steady herself while stepping up into the car.

   He felt her soft thin waist as she leaned on him and inhaled the light sweet fragrance of lilies. Uncomfortable from the strange reaction his body had to touching Skye, Ye Yunxian roughly shoved her into the seat. He pointed to the roof above the door and growled, “There is a handle. Use it next time.”

  “First of all, there will be no next time. Secondly, what did you mean? I am a very self aware person.”

   He walked to the driver’s side without answering Skye. When he started the engine she held down the anger rising inside but couldn’t control her need to set him straight . She buckled her seat belt then turned towards him. She casually brushed a few strands of loose hair behind her ear, “Detective Ye, since I first came into contact with you at the Night Market I have felt your eyes judging me, looking at me as though I am a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe. Since I basically don’t care about your opinion I have ignored your scornful looks and sarcastic comments.”

   Skye’s clear amber eyes reveal her self confidence. “ But, Detective Ye, I feel the need to express my opinion.” She had a slight smile and chuckled, “Maybe this could be even be a teaching moment for you. Based on our interactions you are a domineering and arrogant man who thinks too highly of himself. Because you are a nice looking man you thought at the Night Market I intentionally fell into you. Sorry to burst your bubble. Narcissist…on my list of most handsome men you aren’t in the top ten, the top ten positions are held by my incredibly handsome and sweet brother. So, you overestimated your allure. I just didn’t want to face plant and you were the closest piece of wood.

    I brought you coffee because you didn’t mention the incident at the Night Market when we were in the elevator. That would have exposed the fact I was foolish enough to go to a sketchy neighborhood when I was unfamiliar with Shanghai. He would worry about my safety and not let me freely explore Shanghai in the future. You assumed, I’m sure, that I was flirting with you. As far as whatever else you believe me to be guilty of, the facts will show once again your head is up your ass and you don’t know anything about me.”

   Left speechless from her caustic evaluation of him Ye Yunxian’s face darkened and was contorted in anger. Narcissist! He gripped the steering wheel tightly then reached into his pocket for a cigarette. His eyes dangerously narrowed and his voice was deep, tinged with a murderous coldness. “ You dare insult me!” His thin lips curled up into a sneer, “Do you really think you are a phoenix now that you have climbed into bed with a rich man? There will be no consequences? I can make your life a living hell.”

   Instead of being afraid as he expected Skye puffed out her cheeks and defiantly raised her voice, “Pfft! You insulted me first! I only pointed out that your judgment of me is based on air…I have never met someone as egotistical and rude as you! Throwing out my new iPhone…taking away my snacks! I really wanted to try the spicy pork rinds!” 

  He lit a cigarette and through clenched teeth threatened in a low voice, “Little girl, you have provoked the wrong person. I will make sure the cell you are put into in jail doesn’t even have a bed.”

  Skye scoffed,  “Detective Ye, in your dreams! I will only be in that police station long enough to file a long list of complaints against you! When you have to pay for my diamond cover and iPhone YOU! YOU will be sleeping under a bush in a park!” Skye sulked and leaned on the window looking out she has a puzzled expression, why are we on a country road? Isn’t the police station in the city?

Ye Yunxian lit another cigarette and deeply inhaled attempting to regain his usual detached and indifferent demeanor. The little con artist really has the ability to piss me off! He crushed it into the ashtray when Skye coughed. Dammit! I guess I can wait to smoke until we get to the cabin.

  Skye saw a lake out of the window as they travelled down the road and she stiffened. He isn’t going to take me into the woods and kill me is he? Can’t the narcissistic man take a little bit of criticism?

  She closed her eyes. Worst case scenario I will tell him the truth, Shao Zu the CEO of Benning Group China, is my brother then he wouldn’t dare kill me. After comforting herself with that thought she fell asleep.

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