Shao Zu dialed Skye’s number after the third ring she answered, “Brother.”

“Where are you?”

 “I am on the way to the police station.”

 “Let me speak to the Detective.”

 Ye Yunxian grabbed the phone out of Skye’s hand. He sneered, “I am taking your ‘sister’  to the Tianmu Police Station for questioning.”

 “You bastard if you..”

 Ye Yunxian laughs and throws the iPhone out of the window.

  Skye’s mouth was agape, “HEY! MY PHONE!”

  “I’m sure your brother..haha..can buy you another one.”

  Shao Zu was furious when Ye Yunxian hung up the phone. He attempted to call back and the call didn’t go through to Skye’s phone. He gritted his teeth and rushed out of the hospital.

   The driver felt the killing intent emanating from Shao Zu’s body as he hurriedly approached the Rolls Royce Phantom.

The driver quickly tossed his cigarette and opened the back door. Shao Zu barked, “The Tianmu Police Station.”  He didn’t trust Ye Yunxian, the nurse said she overheard Skye tell him to wait for her brother. The iPHone was equipped with a tracer so he searched for her location but there was no signal from her phone.

  Meanwhile, in Ye Yunxian’s vehicle Skye’s amber eyes were blazing with flames of anger. She glared at Ye Yunxian with her small hands clenched into fists on her lap… The nerve!! My first impression of him outside the Night Market was spot on! ANNOYING! ARROGANT!

She straightened her back and took two deep breaths to calm her turbulent emotions. She confidently declared, “Detective Ye, although my brother can easily afford the cost of replacing my brand new iPhone. Which I just received this morning and absolutely loved! You will be the one replacing it! There was absolutely no reason for you to randomly destroy my property. If you refuse, I will file a complaint with your department.”

  Ye Yunxian laughs, “You play the part well. That was quite a mouthful.” Really, you should be an you hone your acting skills in bed with your so called brother’?

  “I am not joking, that phone will cost you at least a year’s pay, maybe more.  You are an idiot! In your haste maybe you didn’t notice the diamonds. They were exquisite and of the highest quality. Idiot! You should have at least had the brains to take the phone out of the cover.”

  “File all the complaints you want. Your phone has a tracer.”

  Skye rolled her eyes, “I guess you don’t need a very high IQ to be a policeman. So what if it had a tracer! You told my brother we are going to the Tianmu Police Station. DUH!”

  Stopped at an intersection Ye Yunxian gazes at Skye’s angry expression. The little con artist looks like a cat, her amber eyes are narrowed and her lips are curled up into a mocking grin. If I didn’t know better I would think she really is an aggrieved Young Miss from a wealthy family. 

  He really wanted to wipe that sarcastic smile off her pretty face. The girl’s acting skills really are top notch. I need a fucking cigarette badly, “Shut up.”

  “Pfft… Annoyed at yourself for making an incredibly impulsive horrible decision! You should be!”

  “I said shut up or I don’t mind putting a gag in your mouth.” Who gave her the guts to insult me! She is fucking lucky that I don’t strangle that little neck!

 “Do it. I will sue you for mistreating me also. How much longer until we get to the police station?”

   He raises his eyebrow and teases, “Anxious to get locked up?”

  “No. I am looking forward to you being humiliated by my brother.” JERK! IDIOT! 

    When he noticed a convenience store he made a sharp turn into the parking lot. After he parked he said, “Get out.”

   Skye grabs her purse and unbuckles the seatbelt. Getting down from the SUV she stumbles on the uneven concrete. Ye Yunxian laughs at Skye and she sticks out her tongue at him, “If I knew what an arrogant jerk you were, I wouldn’t have felt sorry for you and given you a cup of coffee.”

  He roughly grabbed her thin and delicate wrist , “Let’s go.”

   She attempted to pull her wrist out of his strong hand and winced in pain. “You are hurting me. Where am I going to run to?”

  Ye Yunxian let go and couldn’t help but notice the red marks on her fair skin. I guess I exerted too much pressure but the girl is so damn annoying. Dare to mock me! We will see if she is still laughing when I interrogate the little whore about her involvement in the kidnapping.

   The young High School boy stocking the shelves heard the bell on the door. He lazily looked up as Skye breezily entered the store. The sunlight washed over her honey blonde hair and small oval face making her glow. The teenager gulped down his saliva and dropped the box in his hand Fuck! She must be a foreigner, her blonde hair looks like spun gold. A fairy! So beautiful! He smoothed his hair and tested his breath then rushed around the boxes stacked on the floor. Flustered he stammered “Mi..Miss. I speak English. I haven’t seen you in the store before, do you need help finding anything?”

    Skye fluttered her long black eyelashes and the young boy’s heart skipped a beat. She sweetly smiled then answered in Chinese, “Thank you. I need to practice my speaking, correct me if I make a mistake. Where are your snacks?” She didn’t have breakfast and her stomach was growling from hunger.

  “Snacks? This way.”

  A middle aged woman rang up the pack of cigarettes for Ye Yunxian and he looked down the adjacent aisle for Skye. Where the hell did the little con artist go?

  He walked down the next aisle and witnessed Skye and a young boy laughing. The boy was blushing and Skye’s amber eyes were sparkling as she teased him. “Do you think I can eat all of these?” She was holding a handful of snack bags and the teenager was picking up two that fell onto the floor. 

  Ye Yunxian approached them and the boy felt the temperature drop to freezing. He put the two bags back on the shelf and whispered to Skye, “He does look like an asshole.”


  Skye brushed past Ye Yunxian then asks the boy, “Could you grab me a Coke?”


   Ye Yunxian’s corner of his mouth twitches, “Do you think you are eating that shit in my car?”

  Skye wrinkled her delicate eyebrows. “Detective Ye, I didn’t have any breakfast. Are you going to deprive me of my right to eat?”

  He ignored Skye’s protest and took the snack bags out of her hands then tossed them into a wire container with other types of snacks. He pointed to a warmer filled with meat buns, “You can eat one while I smoke a cigarette.”

   The teenager brought Skye a bottle of Coke while sneakily giving a sidelong look towards the gray haired woman behind the counter. He shook his head no then confided. “Don’t eat the meat buns they are stale…from yesterday morning.. The owner is cheap and doesn’t even discount them.”

He stretched his hand behind the counter and reached into a lunch bag. “Have this pork bun. My grandmother made it fresh be for I came to work.”

   Skye pushed the wrapped bun back to him, “You are so sweet Xiao Han, but I can’t eat your lunch.” She spotted a basket of fruit on the left. “I will have an orange. After I finish with some unpleasant business my brother will take me for a big lunch.”

   Ye Yunxian watched the teenage boy staring at Sara with an infatuated gaze. He snarled, “Fucking hurry up.” Shit! Is there a man or boy the little whore can’t seduce!

   Skye fumbled around in her purse for a wallet. Shao Zu probably put a credit card in there for me. Yes! She pulled out a Hermes leather wallet and with a satisfied smile s handed a black card to the cashier. “Here.”

    Ye Yunxian was surprised. A black card. I should have taken a better look at her ‘brother’ when we were in the elevator. He might actually have some power.

   “Let me see the black card.”

     Skye didn’t want him to know about Shao Zu’s identity until he arrived at the police station. She was looking forward to Shao Zu making Ye Yunxian squirm. Bully me like that because you think you can…Hmmph! My brother will clean you up! She quickly puts the card into her bra. “No. You are a psycho. I don’t trust you to give it back to me. It could end up being thrown in the street like my precious phone.”

    Ye Yunxian was on his last sleep and this damn little woman is annoying as hell! He pulled her arm and Skye frantically pointed her finger at the counter. “Wait! My Coke.”

The middle aged woman behind the counter and the teenager both had strange expressions staring at Ye Yunxian’s intimidating appearance. He towered over Skye, and with her petite figure in the beautiful floral dress she looked like a fragile doll. From their standpoint he was manhandling a defenseless little girl.

    The fresh faced teenager handed Skye the Coke. He leaned over and worriedly asked, “Miss, should we call the police?’

    Ye Yunxian angrily dragged Skye towards the door. The veins on his neck bulged and the corner of his mouth twitched in annoyance. “I am the police.”

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