Go To The Police Station

     After Skye returned from getting the coffee she bathed and got dressed in a Dolce & Gabbana light green floral dress. The bodice was white sprayed with colorful flowers and form-fitting. The skirt was slightly flounced and the hem reached slightly above her knee.

She sighed, Brother is so thoughtful. He knows I love D&G and this dress fits perfectly. The nude colored Christian Louboutin platform shoes are a perfect match. 

    A young Chinese woman patiently waited to the side. Shao Zu sent her with the clothes and to be  Skye’s stylist. “Miss Benning, should I start your makeup and hair?”

   “Yes. Thank you Chen Nuying. I prefer light makeup. No foundation, a touch of mascara and lipstick. My hair, please keep it casual.”

   “As you wish.”

   When Chen Nuying  finished she held a mirror up for Skye to look at her hair and makeup. “Is this what you had in mind?”

  “Oh! I love it! The braid to my ponytail with the gold thread woven through it looks awesome! Not too much but adds a touch of glamor. I think Brother will like it!”

   Chen Nuying smiles, “What do you think of the make up? Are you satisfied?”

  “Yes. I don’t like to wear makeup but we are going to the company after lunch. I don’t want to embarrass Shao Zu.”

   “You look beautiful, with your poreless skin and creamy white complexion you don’t need it.” 

   “Thanks. I’m lucky that I inherited my mother’s looks. She was quite beautiful.”

   The stylist packs her makeup bag, “Did you need anything else before I leave?”

  “Chen Nuying, my brother said his fiancee Chloe Wang is one of your clients. I don’t know her very well. I want to buy a gift. Do you know her preferences?”

  “ Chloe Wang?”  Errr..She is such a bitch! Demanding…insulting.. I cringe when she makes an appointment. Chen Nuying smiled hiding her true thoughts and politely answered, “I can only say that she wears Andrew Wang and seems to like jade. Why don’t you ask CEO Tang?”

    Skye put on a pair of small delicate diamond earrings, “I wanted to surprise him. If I ask then it won’t be a surprise right? Hahaha.. Do you know a reputable jade dealer?”

   “This might sound weird but my cousin knows an old man who lives by a Temple in the countryside. He told me that the old man’s home is located in a bamboo forest and hard to find. Cousin Chao complained that he makes unusual demands but has the finest quality jade.” 

   “Really? Sounds intriguing. What is his name?”

  “I don’t know. My cousin calls him Crazy Old Man.” She sees the puzzled look on Skye’ s face “But he says that affectionately. Haha…The old man is just well..elderly and has his ways.”

  “Could you have your cousin call me? I will pay him a commission to go with me. I don’t know anything about jade.”

   “Of course. Cousin Chao is in Hong Kong but he will return in two days.”

   “Thanks. I don’t know anyone in Shanghai. Would you like to go to lunch with me tomorrow?  I want to properly thank you for your effort today.”

   Chen Nuying refused, “Miss Benning, I don’t think CEO Tang would approve.”

  “Huh? Why not?”

  “You are his sister and I am well..a stylist.”

  “Chen Nuying, you have Shao Zu wrong. He isn’t an elitist. I can make friends with whomever I want. I don’t know anyone in Shanghai and he has a busy schedule. I’m sure he would rather I go out with someone he knows than alone.” Particularly after what happened last night.

  “You could call Miss Wang.”

  Skye shook her head, “Well.. she and I..it is complicated. I don’t want to spend any more time with her than necessary.”


  “How about this. I will ask Shao Zu, if he approves, do you want to go to lunch with me?”

  “If CEO Tang agrees, yes.” Chen Nuying thought Skye was cute and friendly. She heard she was from New York and would like to ask her some questions about the city. She will be travelling there next month with a client for Fashion Week.

  “ Can you hand me my new phone you brought? I can add you on WeChat.”

        After the stylist left, while anxiously awaiting for Shao Zu’s arrival, Skye looked out the window, filled with excitement. Brother said he would be here at ten. I can’t wait to get settled in at his villa. I will get to see him everyday! Yeah!

    At the sound of the door opening Skye happily spun around, “Br..” She has a startled expression. “Wha..what are you doing here?”

   Ye Yunxian drove to the hospital from Dong’s Garage. He checked on Leng Chang in the ICU  then went to the room to shower and change. After he freshened up he went to the VIP floor where Skye’s hospital room was located. Pleased when the nurse on duty said she was waiting to be discharged, he decided to take the little con artist to the station before her backer could prevent him. 

   “Miss Baili, I need you to come with me.”

  “Detective Ye, my brother will be here shortly. Where do you want to go? I should wait for him.” Who is Miss Baili? I shouldn’t say I am Skye Benning…Brother must have registered me under this name.

  He gazed at Skye’s beautiful doll like appearance. The little con artist really looks like a socialite in that dress. Quite a difference from her pathetic appearance last night. Hmmph! If we wait for your ‘Brother’ my plan won’t work. I’m sure you have him bewitched with your fairy like face.

  “He can come to the station.”

   Skye’s face turned pale, “What is this about Detective?” I don’t want my brother to get in trouble. I will go. This must be about my kidnapping. I will leave Shao Zu out of it.

  “I think you know already. But we can discuss the matter at the station.” I am going to take a nice detour and scare the truth out of you.

  Skye clutched her dress with her hands and nervously responded, “Umm… okay.”

  Ye Yunxian smirked, Little seductress, your wide eyed and innocent look won’t work on me . Save it.

   They walked out of the hospital room past the nurse’s desk, no one was sitting there. Skye obediently walked next to Ye Yunxian.  Wow..he smells good…

   When they arrived at his car he opened the door of the black SUV, “Get in.”

   Skye struggled to get into the car, she was wearing high heels and the step was high. He walked to the driver’s side and got into the car. Unnerved by the sight of her dress rising up revealing her slender thigh while she struggled to get into the car his Adam’s apple rolled. He gripped the steering wheel and his voice was harsh, “Buckle up.”

  “Umm..Detective, I don’t know how the buckle works.” 

  He reluctantly reached over and snapped the buckle. Inhaling the light fragrance on her body and brushing across her soft skin he got angry, “Don’t play any games with me, you got it. I will make things difficult for you if you do.”

  ???? Isn’t he overreacting? I have no idea how these stupid seat belts work.

  Ye Yunxian screeches out of the parking lot as Shao Zu enters the hospital followed by his bodyguards.

     Shao Zu looked at his watch, Skye should be finished getting ready.  When he arrived at the floor there were two doctors and three nurses outside of Skye’s  hospital room. Black lines formed on his forehead, “What the hell is going on?”

    The doctor holding a chart answers, “Miss Baili left without being properly discharged.”

   Shao Zu angrily pushes past them into the empty  room. Frustrated, he grabs the doctor closest to him by the collar. “You idiots just let her leave?”

    The nurse who spoke with Ye Yunxian ran into the room when she heard the shouting. “CEO Tang, she left with a detective, Detective Ye.”


   “I thought the patient knew Detective Ye because when I got coffee on the seventh floor earlier she was talking to him.”

   Shao Zu storms out of the hospital room and makes a call, “Find Skye. She is with a detective  named Ye.” He knew Skye won’t say anything about the kidnapping because he told her last night he would handle everything. The veins were bulging on his neck and he clenched his fists, Skye wouldn’t voluntarily leave knowing I was coming. Why didn’t she call? If that bastard bullies Skye he is fucking dead!

He dialed Skye’s number after the third ring she answered, “Brother.”

“Where are you?”

“I am on the way to the police station.”


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