Blonde Hair and Suspicion

    Ye Yunxian carefully placed the long strands of blonde hair into an evidence bag. He raised an eyebrow and had a strange expression on his handsome face. Could there be such a coincidence? This  blonde hair… the little con artist? Was she kidnapped or part of the plan?  Why would someone abduct a prostitute? Did she lure a wealthy woman here then escape when the woman’s rescuers arrived? 

    Song WeiWei quickened her pace over to him and stood with her legs apart, her hands on her full hips. “Hey, Ye! I’m talking to you!”

   He looked up, “Yeah?’

  “I am ready to wrap it up here. The owner, Dong He, arrived a few minutes ago and is waiting in the office for you.”

   “Did your men find a woman’s corpse? Any clues?”

  “Two of my men searched the garage and perimeter. No other bodies except those assholes lying over there. They informed me that the old window in the bathroom was open. There were noticeable flakes of rust on the floor like it was pried open recently. Possibly if there was a woman here she could have escaped. But, added that the window is fucking narrow as shit.”

 “Hmm.” He handed the plastic bag in his hand to Fatty. “I am going to check at the station and see if there have been any reports of a kidnapping.”

  “What? You think this was a kidnapping gone wrong?”

  “Not sure.”

  Song WeiWei noticed the evidence bag in Fatty’s hand and took it from him. “Long blonde hair…a foreigner?” She wrinkled her eyebrows together, “This could get very messy. A rich foreigner abducted. The Chief won’t like this at all.” She had a faint he won’t like this at all..haha.

  “Too early to make assumptions. The hair could be dyed. The person could be an accomplice rather than a victim.”

  Song WeiWei put on a new pair of gloves to examine the hair closer. She reached into her bag for a magnifying glass. “The hair doesn’t appear to be dyed. Of course, it would need to be analysed in the lab. The root is the same color..dyed blonde hair doesn’t have a natural lustre and would break easily. This strand of hair is shiny and not brittle…where did you find it?”

  “Caught on the back of the chair.”

    “I think it would have broken then if the hair was dyed. This is just my conjecture.” She put the strands of hair back into the bag. 

   Song WeiWei’s phone rang and she impatiently answered, “We are almost finished. Detective Ye needs to take a statement from the garage owner.”

  “Get over to the riverbank by the Changde Park. They fished out a car and a body. The first responder from District Five said the body is mangled but the ID on the corpse..well… Kang Jimmy.”

  “What the fuck!” She looks at her watch, “Get someone else to go over there. I’m fucking exhausted.My shift is over soon.”

  Senior Officer Chu grabbed a half empty bottle of pills from his desk drawer, “ Song WeiWei nobody cares if you are tired.. Unscrewing the top of the bottle, he poured four white pills directly into his mouth. “Hahaha.. You aren’t fucking serious are you? Do you think the Chief will let anyone else handle this? The Kang family will be in an uproar demanding justice. Talk about high profile…”

Senior Officer Chu had a throbbing headache, first six gangsters dead in a garage, now fucking Kang Jimmy obviously tortured then killed. “Oh yeah, tell Detective Ye, that boy Leng is out of surgery and in ICU for observation. The doctor said he should be out of danger at this point but needs to be observed for any complications.”

 Song WeiWei grumbled under her breath, “This is fucking bullshit. No promotion..more work.. Fuck the Chief.” She begrudgingly replied, “Will  do.”

 “And Officer Song… don’t let this leak until we find the motherf****r that did this.”

  “Who the fuck would I tell?” She pursed her lips into a thin line then quiped, “You should remind the Chief, he is the one with the big mouth.”

  He gripped the phone tighter, “SONG WEIWEI! You are lucky I like you! If the Chief heard about no promotion you would be working guarding the fucking morgue.”

  “Well, at least he wouldn’t work me like a dog and take credit for my work.”

   “Stop bitching and get your ass over there.” Senior Officer Chu sees the Chief coming and hangs up the phone.

   Song WeiWei’s face was crimson red from the anger boiling inside of her, “Fucking assholes!” She turns to Ye Yunxian, “Well, some good news Detective Leng is out of surgery and in ICU. The doctor expects a full recovery.”

  Ye Yunxian breathed a sigh of relief, “Shit, that is good news. What happened?”

 “I have to go to the riverbank by Changde Park. Kang Jimmy’s car was pulled out of the water and he is dead. Not just dead but mutilated I guess.”

 “Busy night. Why would someone torture then kill that little prick, then make a point of having his body found. They could have left him without a corpse…or torched the car.”

  “Ye, I don’t know or give a shit at this point. I was going to go home, take a bath and sleep for two days.” She noticed her assistant talking to her friend Su Jiao, the Coroner’s pretty red haired subordinate, “Hey, Fatty! Stop flapping your jaw and let’s go. Little Jiao is way too hot for a guy who doesn’t even bother to go to the gym.”

  Little Jiao softly whispered, ”Mr. Meng don’t listen to Sister WeiWei, she is in a bad mood lately. You know..the promotion and all.”

  The tips of Fatty’s ears turned red from her warm breath on his neck. He headed over to Song WeiWei with a silly grin on his face. He impulsively turned around and waved at Su Jiao as she was leaving.

  Song WeiWei pinched his chubby cheek, “Give it up. Or go to the gym.”

  Ye Yunxian walked towards the office to speak to Dong He. “Who is the Detective on the scene at the riverbank?”

  “I didn’t ask.” He wondered why they didn’t tell him to go to the scene. Kang Jimmy the CEO of Kang Real Estate. He uses devious methods so I could see wanting him dead  but why torture him? Sounds more personal than just business related.”

  He rubbed the stubble on his chin as he enters the office. Interesting.

  An old man was sitting at his desk shuffling through invoices. He had beads of cold sweat on his forehead, how is this going to affect my business when my customers find out.. Why my garage for fuck’s sake.  He stood up and put a closed sign on the door. It’s early I hope no one sees the police vehicles in the parking lot.

  Ye Yunxian studied Dong He. The old man appears frightened and worried. Most likely he had nothing to do with the murders. “Mr. Dong, I am Detective Ye. I need to ask you a few questions.

  Dong He nodded, “I will help as much as I can but I really don’t know anything Detective Ye.

 “Just answer honestly.”


  “  Officer Meng showed you the murder victims and told you their names. Anyone familiar?”

  Dong He anxiously twisted his hands on his lap. “No. No. Not one of them.”

   “There was no forced entry.”

   Dong He’s eyes bulged out and his face paled, sweat was trickling down his forehead. “I didn’t let them into the garage! I was at my brother’s house playing cards last night. You can check with him!”

  “Mr. Dong, calm down. Shit the old guy looks like he could have a heart attack at any moment. “Drink some water. Relax.  I don’t consider you to be a suspect. I only want to get some information. Are you the only one with a key?”

  “Yes. I have a mechanic..Lu Ling. He might have been working overtime. I don’t know. If he doesn’t finish, sometimes he will stay..then lock up.”

  “So he has a key?”

  “Well, no. I am here during the day. He only needs to lock the door when he leaves.”

   Ye Yunxian wrote in his small black notebook, Lu Ling. “What is his phone number? Address.”

   Dong He gave him the information then remembered he didn’t call Lu Ling and explain the situation.  “The boy should be here for work soon. I forgot to call him and say not to come in this morning.”

  “Can you tell me about Lu Ling. Could he know those men? Possibly let them into the garage.”

  “Lu Ling? No way! I have known the kid since he was a baby. He is hardworking and goes to Night School. Shit! If he was hooked up with the Red Scorpion Gang would he have to work here…work overtime?”

  Dong He realized his gaffe and tears formed in his bloodshot eyes. “Okay..okay..I recognized those men. Good riddance. They collected protection fees and terrorized this neighborhood all the way to Changde Street. name it they had their dirty hands in it.”

  Ye Yunxian lifted an eyebrow, “Mr. Dong do you know it is a criminal offense to lie to the police?”

   He nervously clutched Ye Ynxian’s sleeve, “I was frightened. I thought you might think I allowed them into my garage. I would never… NEVER! Cooperate with those scumbags.”

   “Lie to me again and believe me I will haul you into the station.”

   “I won’t! I won’t!”

   “Let’s continue then. Prostitution you say?”  Maybe there is a connection to the little con artist.

   “Yes. They get little girls hooked on drugs or find ones that need money to support their families. I heard they drive the women to the Night Market by the strip of Love Hotels. I don’t know much else.”

   Hmmph… that is in line with my thinking. The little con artist was an accomplice not a victim. She didn’t appear as though she was on drugs. Her family needs money?

  “I will contact you if I need any further information.”

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