Cup Of Coffee

    When Ye Yunxian arrived at the hospital he requested a VIP Suite for Leng Han that included an extra room for family. Irritated by the foul smell of the dried blood on his clothes he planned on showering and changing his clothes.

He took out his phone and called his villa. “ Tell Jing bring me a set of clothes to Li’s Private Hospital, Room # 1107.”

   The elderly butler had served Ye Yunxian since he was a boy, he couldn’t hide the worry in his trembling voice.  He clutched the phone tighter with his withered hand,“Young Master, why…why are you at the hospital? Are you injured?” Why did the boy decide to become a detective? He doesn’t need to work in such a dangerous occupation he is heir to Ye Enterprises. The Young Master is a business genius!

  Normally with Ye Yunxian’s taciturn personality he wouldn’t bother to explain but he respects the elderly man . “Don’t worry Old Ming. My partner was injured.”

  Butler Ming breathed a sigh of relief, “Very well. I will send him immediately.”

After he ended the call Ye Yunxian paced down the corridor waiting for news about his partner.

  Ye Yunxian was craving a cigarette. He reached into his pocket then remembered he dropped the cigarettes on the counter of the convenience store. FUCK! 

  He wearily sat down on a bench and bent his long legs apart. He propped his elbows on his knees then dejectedly buried his head in his hands. Dammit! It looks like they really want to stop me investigating the case. Little do they know now I won’t give up until I nail every one of those motherf****rs..

He realized the bullet was most likely meant for him. Leng Han and Ye Yunxian were about the same height of 190 and had similar builds. Leng Han was leaning up against Ye Yunxian’s vehicle when he was shot, in the dark it would be easy to have mistaken the two men. 

   Ye Yunxian rubbed the stubble on his chin as he stood up and walked to the window looking out at the sun coming up. Leng Han has been in surgery for over five hours…is he going to survive?

   Two floors above him Skye woke up groggy from the sedative she was given last night. She felt the room was claustrophobic, she never liked hospitals and only agreed to come because of Shao Zu. I want. To take a walk… maybe get a cup of coffee. The nurse assigned to Skye tried to prevent her from leaving the room but she insisted.

The middle aged nurse had been working all night and didn’t have the mental fortitude to argue with Skye. When Skye asked where she could get a coffee the nurse said the cafeteria probably wasn’t open yet. The closest coffee machine was on the seventh floor located inside the staff break room.

   When Skye exited the elevator on the seventh floor she saw the break room the nurse mentioned down on the right. Several nurses were holding paper cups as they passed in the hallway. Skye inhaled the aroma slipping out of the nurse’s cup closest to her.Coffee sounds good.  She chuckles, even hospital coffee.

Skye couldn’t help but notice Ye Yunxian’s towering figure by the window at the end of the hallway. Has the annoying man been here all night? She noticed the red light above the room by where he was standing. He must be waiting for someone in surgery.

  Forgetting she was angry at Ye Yunxian for his aloof attitude outside the Night Market she decided to forgive him. He ignored me in the elevator so Shao Zu didn’t discover that I went to a dangerous neighborhood… and wow..he looks really terrible. I will bring him a cup too…maybe my karma will improve..haha

   Skye entered the break room ignoring the strange stares from two nurses seated at a round table. She walked over to the coffee machine and a young doctor smiled at Skye when he saw her fiddling with a coffee pod.She was staring at the machine with a perplexed look on her beautiful face. He took the coffee pod from her hand. “Let me.”

   She gazed up at him, “Oh thanks. I’m not familiar with this type of machine.”

   He pushed up his retro rimless glasses and looked down at the petite girl. The blue and white striped robe she was wearing indicated she was a VIP patient. The young doctor smiled, “Why didn’t you have a nurse bring you coffee?”

   Skye lazily yawned and rubbed her eyes. “I wanted to take a walk. I felt a bit stuffy when I woke up.”

   When he finished making the cup of coffee he asked, “Do you want sugar or cream?”

  Skye’s expressive eyes twinkled, she looked like a greedy little cat when she answered, “Both.”

  Dr. Zhou laughed at her cute expression, “So you are one of those people who like a little coffee with their milk.”

  Skye giggled and had a mischievous gleam in her amber eyes, “ know the picky girl they hate at Starbucks.”

  He was attracted by her openess, “At least you are self aware. When I was in University I worked at a small coffee shop. The orders I used to get really tested my patience.”

  Skye holds the cup with both of her hands and sips the coffee he made, “Yummy..well if you ever want to give up being a doctor you can go back to being a barista..haha. This coffee is delicious.”

   Dr. Zhou replied, “I will keep that in mind should this gig not work out.” He has an amused expression, the little girl is very cuteI like her beautiful smile…very genuineand her eyes are clear and pure.

  Skye’s cherry red lips curled up into an arc as she teased, “Well, you should practice just in case..haha..Would you mind making one more cup for me, probably just black. I saw an acquaintance of mine who looked exhausted standing outside the operating room.” She realized he was a doctor and she was being presumptuous so she added. “If you don’t mind.”

  “You mean Detective Ye?”

  Skye’s eyes widened . He is a detective? “Um yes. Do you know him?”

 “I have met Detective Ye on several occasions when he came to the hospital to interview victims, or bring in wounded suspects.” He wondered how an innocent girl like Skye knew him. Detective Ye works in the worst part of the city and deals with the scum of society. How would an obviously pampered girl come into contact with him?  “If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know Detective Ye?”

  Skye gazed up at Dr. Zhou with a complex expression and sipped her coffee. Hmm..what should I say? “Like I said, we are only acquaintances. I met him at a Night Market. I was new to Shanghai and lost.” 

  Zhou Jiang nods, that makes sense he might have been wearing a police uniform. “You are new to Shanghai?”

  “Yes. I came for my brother’s wedding.”

   “If you want we could exchange contact information.” He suddenly felt he wanted to get to know this interesting girl better. “I can take you to a small shop with the best coffee you have ever tasted.”

   Skye laughs, “Sure. Oh by the way my name is Skye Benning.”

  Dr. Zhou’s deep brown eyes behind his glasses narrow, he almost drops the coffee in his hand. “Your brother is CEO Tang of the Benning Group.”

   Skye finishes her coffee, “Uh huh. Oh… I lost my phone.”

   Dr. Zhou regains his composure. What am I afraid of…so what if the cocky bastard hates me. Skype Benning is both beautiful and sweet. But  If Shao Zu were to see my card I would be fucked, he wouldn’t let his sister near me.

He glanced over at a stack of napkins and takes a pen from the pocket of his white coat. “Write your number on this. I am off on Friday. Would that be good for you?”

  While thinking. Skye tapped her slender finger on her cheek . Shao Zu will be at work… yeah …why not. “Okay.” She wrote her number on the napkin then handed it to him. “Do you think we could go to the Ocean Aquariam? I really want to see the Leafy Sea Dragons.”

  “..” Haha.. “We can go anywhere you would like.”

  Skye smiled exposing her cute dimples as she teased, “Haha..You didn’t tell me your name. Should I just call you Dr. Handsome?”

  The tips of Dr. Zhou ’s ears turned red and he coughed. “ Ahh..Zhou…Zhou Jiang ” He finished making the cup of coffee for Ye Yunxian and handed the cup to Skye. “I will call you on Thursday to confirm.”

  “Sounds good.” Skye walked towards the door then decided to ask about the person in surgery. She walked back to Dr. Zhou. “I don’t want to say anything insensitive to Detective Ye, may I ask who is in surgery?”

  “I’m sorry but I don’t know.”

One of the nurses at the table was fuming watching them. Under the table her fingernails were digging into her palms.Dr. Zhou was the most popular surgeon at the hospital but would only spare a few words when she tried to make conversation… Who is that blonde girl flirting with him? He is smiling and even made her a cup of coffee!

She pushed her friend’s arm, “Did you see that obnoxious foreign slut flirting with Dr. Zhou?”

The nurse looked up from her phone and had a sly smile. “Sounded more like he was flirting with her. You should forget about trying to hook up with him.”

Undaunted the nurse stood up and approached Dr. Zhou. She leaned into him her large breasts rubbing his arm as she reached for a cup. She shyly fluttered her eyelashes.”Doctor Zhou could you please help me….”

Before the nurse could finish her sentence he walked away.


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