Crime Scene

    Ye Yunxian instinctively turned around when he heard someone approaching. The footsteps are very light…must be a woman. Maybe a nurse with some news about the surgery. He was surprised to see that the girl from The Night Market was walking towards him.

She was drowning in an oversized blue and white striped robe and blue slippers, in her hand was a cup of coffee. The girls’s blonde hair was casually pulled into high ponytail and she wasn’t wearing makeup. She looked like a child, much smaller and more delicate than he remembered.  He frowned, what is she doing here?”

   Unaware Ye Yunxian thought she was a scheming con artist Skye smiled brightly up at him. She extended her small hand holding the cup of coffee. “It looks like you could use some coffee,Detective Ye.”

   He studied the girl who barely reached his chest. Shouldn’t she be afraid knowing I am a cop?

  When he didn’t immediately respond, Skye pushed the steaming cup of coffee towards him. “This is just a thank you for not mentioning I ran into you at the Night Market.  It would have caused a big misunderstanding.”

   Ye Yunxian was a narrow minded stubborn man. He trusted his instincts and thought he was an excellent judge of people. In his mind Skye was a deceitful con artist who used her beauty to seduce men.

Pfft. So she doesn’t want to be exposed…I was her first target. Quite brave of the little prostitute to boldly talk to me knowing I am a detective. Does she think the golden thigh she is presently hugging makes her invulnerable.  “How do you know my name?”

  Skye didn’t pay attention to Ye Yunxian’s disdainful expression. “Well, Dr. Zhou told me. I saw you standing by the window looking depressed when I went to get a cup of coffee in the breakroom. I thought you might like some, so he graciously helped me brew this…”

Ye Yunxian noticed her amber eyes twinkling as she giggled, “Embarrassing…haha…I didn’t know how to use the coffee machine. I put the pod in wrong…duh!  But, I’m kinda glad… Dr. Zhou is going to take me to The Ocean Aquarium on Friday.”

  “…” Shit! The little con artist is fucking talented; she even wrapped that frozen faced nerd around her little finger. I have seen him ignore every nurse no matter how beautiful who tried to talk to him. How many men does she have under her spell?

  Skye set the coffee down on the table next to the bench. The annoying man certainly treats words like gold. Would it have been that big a deal to accept the coffee…maybe say thank you?

She stretched her thin arms up into the air.The robe slid down revealing white bandages dotted with blood from her scratching at the gauze . “Well, I’m tired again. Detective Ye, drink the coffee while it is still hot.”

  Without waiting for him to respond she headed towards the elevator. Skye, don’t take his cold attitude personally. He is one of those men who is like an armadillo. Thick skinned and impenetrable.

   Ye Yunxian was filled with complex emotions as he watched the little girl walk away. He stared at the cup of coffee. After a long few hours of nervewracking waiting he was tempted to drink the fragrant cup of coffee. But, his unyielding determination not to be fooled by the girl’s tricks deterred him from taking even one sip.

He hesitated, then picked it up and threw the full cup of coffee into the trash. He wasn’t sure why he found her so irritating. How many scheming  manipulative women have I dealt with?  I have never felt like strangling one of them until that girl! I really wanted to wipe that silly smile off of her face. Fuck! She is so fucking tiny I could snap her like a twig. I want to…Frustrated, he slammed his hand on the wall, I need a goddamn cigarette.

  He closed his eyes and leaned back on the wall. How long is Leng Han going to be in surgery? Two policemen walked up to him and the man in the front kicked Ye Yunxian’s leg, “Wake up. Why didn’t you answer your fucking phone.”

  “No battery. What are you doing here?”

  “I need you to go to a crime scene. I don’t have anyone else to send.”

  “Leng Han isn’t out of surgery yet.”

 “Can’t be helped.”

 “What happened?”

 “The forensic team is there now. Six bodies. All shot. It’s a fucking bloody mess. Looks like they were members of the Red Scorpion gang.”

  “Gang war?”

 “You tell me after you investigate. Dong’s Garage on the corner of 125 th St. and Duangan.

  “I need to change.”

 “You look fine to me. Go. It shouldn’t take more than an hour. If there is any news on Detective Leng I will tell the doctor to call the station.”

 “Dong’s Garage?”

“Yeah on 125th St.”

 “Got a cigarette?”

  The muscular policeman reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack. He hands him a cigarette. “Hurry, that hard boiled bitch from the forensic team is impatient.” 

 Ye Yunxian knew the woman he was referring to and he sneered, “I thought Song WeiWei was transferred uptown.”

  “So did she..haha..that is why she is in a worse mood than usual.”

 “Fuck! Just my goddamn luck. Okay I am leaving. Call her phone with any information about Leng Han.” He walked to the elevator anxious to get outside to smoke.

    When he exited the hospital he lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. Damn…I needed that. He took long strides over to his car. Dong’s Garage… that isn’t a gang hangout what was going on there?

   Dong’s Garage was strewn with the bodies of Big Gu, his Boss and four other men. A tall attractive woman in her early thirties stomped over to a short bald man leaning on a truck. She was wearing tight jeans and a dark blue polo shirt with POLICE in bold yellow letters across the back.

Song WeiWei had an imposing aura as she questioned her subordinate. “Did that fat prick say when a homicide detective would get here? I’m ready to bag these motherf*****rs.” She carefully placed the bloodied severed hand she was holding into a plastic bag marked evidence.

  “Nope. Said he had to locate that asshole Ye.”

 Song WeiWei’s mocking voice boomed through the garage as she yelled at a man marking the floor with chalk, “Hey Fatty, are you a fucking preschooler? I don’t want any problems, do it right.”

  He shook his head,  “Gotcha.” I thought the loud mouthed bitch was getting promoted. What the fuck happened. We even threw her a going away party! 

   A man walked over to Song WeiWei. “Found this in the trash under some oily rags.”

Song Wei Wei had a serious expression examining the beige purse. It was empty and had splotches of blood on the front. She lifted an eyebrow, “Check the office, bathroom, perimeter to see if there is a woman’s body.”

  “Fatty, bag this purse.”

??? I thought you wanted me to finish chalking these assholes!

  Ye Yunxian walked into the garage as Song WeiWei was handing the purse to the fat man. “A woman was among the corpses?”

  “Don’t know. My men are checking to see. Right now there are six dead men. Detective Ye, what took you so fucking long to get here?”

   “Tsk Tsk.. WeiWei do you think you would fit into that pretentious prick Lin’s station with that mouth? No wonder you didn’t get the promotion.”

   “You know it wasn’t my mouth that prevented me from advancing. It was that fucker going behind the scene and blocking me. Since he has been eyeing the job as Commissioner he has been on my ass. He said I was irreplaceable. In other words no one else wanted this lousy job. He was afraid the forensic division would be in disarray and it would reflect badly on him.”

   Ye Yunxian had been staring at the purse while she was talking. “Anything in the purse?”

   “Empty. The designer logo inside caught my eye. The purse probably is worth ten times my yearly salary. What would a rich woman be doing in this shabby garage?”

   He sees the logo, ten times… this Birkin is a limited edition, probably costing two million or more. 

 “Besides the bodies did you gather any other evidence?”

   “Do you want me to do your job too? I’m a little fucking busy here.”

   He lazily walked past the bodies to the rear of the garage. Why would a chair be here? It looks like the mechanics have a table up front for their break. A kidnapping? The woman who owned the designer bag? Tie her to the chair, call her husband for ransom. He had a sardonic smile glancing at the bodies. Obviously their plan went awry. Who was the woman?

  Ye Yunxian knelt next to the chair looking for clues. He saw one of the investigative team.“Get me some gloves and a plastic bag.

   The man pulls a pair of gloves out of his pocket. “Here.”

   Ye Yunxian stretched the latex gloves onto his hands to examine the old wooden chair. He removed a small piece of pink silk caught on the rough edge of the chair. After he carefully pulled it off he put it into a plastic bag.

He had a startled expression when he noticed a few long strands of blonde hair.

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