Dark lines formed on Shao Zu’s forehead and his face contorted in anger as he looked at his beautiful sister’s pitiful appearance. The clothes she was wearing were dirty and torn. Skye’s long honey blonde hair was tangled and her delicate face was stained with black streaks.

    He took his monogrammed dark blue silk handkerchief and gently wiped the black oil smudged around her misty amber eyes. After he used his fingers to smooth her messy hair Shao Zu’s jaw tightened.  A storm was raging in his pitch black eyes and a murderous aura emanated from his tense body. I will make that greedy bastard pay for kidnapping my precious little girl!

 Shao Zu picked Skye up into his embrace and kissed her forehead. Disturbed by the glaring bruises and red marks on her thin white arm his voice filled with concern he declared,“I’m taking you to the hospital.” 

   Skye obediently nodded knowing her brother wouldn’t take no for an answer. Although she wasn’t in pain she was mentally exhausted after the long flight to Shanghai and tonight’s ordeal.

   Earlier Skye acted calm and brave but when she heard the gunshots she was very afraid. Nestled into his warm chest, Skye inhaled Shao Zu’s familiar masculine scent combined with a woodsy fragrance. I knew you would come to save me.

    Being the heiress to the Benning Group may sound glamorous but Skye led a complicated life.The sense of security Shao Zu gave Skye can’t be measured in words, he has always been her safe haven.She has relied on his strength and unwavering love since he first appeared in her life. 

   Skye noticed the bodyguard still holding Lu Chang pinned with his face against the wall and gazed up at Shao Zu with a pleading look, “Brother, don’t hurt him. He risked his life to help me escape, he isn’t one of the kidnappers.”

  Shao Zu momentarily hesitated then nodded at the bodyguard and the muscular man released Lu Chang. 

   Skye didn’t forget her promise, “ Shao Zu, can you hire Lu Chang as my bodyguard?”

 He decisively denied her request. “No. I don’t know anything about him.”

   Lu Chang didn’t expect the arrogant man to agree. He sneered, “Can I go?”

    Skye anxiously clutched Shao Zu’s lapel with her small hand. “Wait! Bother, can you give him a job?”

   Shao Zu wanted to hurry and leave with Skye but felt he should reward the man so he instructed his bodyguard, “ Give him Director Peng’s business card.” 

  He studied Lu Chang with a piercing gaze then in a cold and indifferent tone said, “Contact his secretary in the morning. He will find you a position in the company. I don’t know the extent of your involvement in my sister’s abduction but you did help her escape. I will forget you were here tonight. Don’t make me regret my decision.”

   He smiled and affectionately tapped Skye on the tip of her small nose, “Good enough?”

     Skye wrinkled her delicate eyebrows as Shao Zu’s bodyguard opened the door for them. “Wait.” Turning her head to face him she sweetly smiled at Lu Chang, “Make your mother and me proud of you, okay? And take good care of your little brother.” She wraps her arms around Shao Zu’s neck and kisses him on the cheek, “Thank you, Brother.”

   Lu Chang watched them leave with a complicated expression then shoved the elegant black business card into his pocket. Strange girl. 

   He left through the office without returning to the garage because he knew the scene inside would be unsettling. 

   When he walked through the deserted parking lot Lu Chang’s eyes reddened. He wiped his tears with the corner of his sleeve. Big Gu… I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, I never intended to desert you. I only wanted to spare the girl from being handed over to your despicable Boss. No way was that sick bastard going to let the little girl go once he saw her beautiful face. You made the decision to kidnap the girl without telling me. I guess it was your fate to die here tonight.  

  Down the dimly lit road in front of the garage he noticed a Rolls Royce Phantom followed by two black SUVs at the stoplight. Lu Chang took out the business card and stared at the name emblazoned in gold, Benning Group.

   Pfft! I don’t need your fucking charity! Annoyed by Shao Zu’s frosty and superior attitude, he angrily quickened his pace towards a nearby trash can. Fuck that rich bastard! Arrogant asshole! He looked at me like I was a piece of trash! The only reason he offered me a job was because of the girl. Lu Chang’s phone started ringing.  He stopped and took it out of his pocket. “Mom.”

  “Chang honey, can you stop and get a bottle of soy sauce on your way home? I was going to send your brother but he hasn’t returned from Night School.”

    Perplexed, Lu Chang lifted an eyebrow, Night School? When did he start Night School? He was been working overtime at the garage for the last month…but he should be home by now. “I will get it.”

   “ Also get a bunch of scallions and a dozen eggs for the morning.”

   “Okay.” He hung up then called his brother wondering why he didn’t go directly home from the garage. He nervously played with the card in his hand while waiting for him to answer. Finally, after several rings his brother Ling picked up the call. 

Lu Ling sounded anxious, “Bro, where are you? Is it all over? Did you get hurt?”

  Lu Chang twirled the black business card between his fingers, “ I’m good. Forget about tonight, I’m done, the debt is paid. He scoffs, Well, there is no one left to collect it anyway. “Where are you?”

   Lu Ling was sitting by a lake with his girlfriend. He quickly pushed the pretty girl wearing a school uniform away from him. He quietly whispered in her ear, “Shh..it is my brother.” He put down the bottle of beer in his hand, “I’m home, why?”

  “Don’t lie. Mom just called me. I’m not going to ask who you are with or what you are doing. Get your ass home.” He reluctantly put the business card into his pocket. Fuck it! I need to swallow my pride and take whatever job they offer me. Ling can go to Night School and stop working overtime at Dong’s Garage.  The girl was right. I need to make Mom proud of me and let Ling have a bright future. Skye Benning…

    Skye fell sound asleep sitting on Shao Zu’s lap in the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom. When she snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep, he lovingly wrapped his arms around her slim waist. Intoxicated by her sweet light fragrance he twirled a strand of her loose honey blonde hair between his fingers. Baby Girl, if anything happened to you I would fucking lose my mind.

    Unable to take his eyes off her pure and innocent face, he leaned down and softly kissed her half parted lips. I love you Skye…I love you so much. 

    The thought that he might have lost his beloved little woman forever tonight distorted his rationality. He pressed her slender body against his broad chest with one arm then lifted her chin with his finger. The temptation was too great, he pried her lips open and inserted his eager tongue into her warm moist mouth. Tasting Skye’s sweetness, a wave of indescribable pleasure engulfed him.

   He was panting heavily as he continued to indulge his dark desire. Shao Zu put his hand under her blouse and caressed her petite body. He couldn’t control his lust as he licked and nibbled on her delicate ear. Shao Zu’s voice was raspy as he whispered, “Skye..Skye..you are mine…only mine. You have to wait for me.”

    He was on the verge of completely losing all self control when the driver’s voice came over the intercom. “CEO Tang, we are at the hospital. Do you want me to alert the staff?”

    Shao Zu breathlessly kissed Skye one more time then adjusted her blouse and brushed her messy hair behind her ear. He licked his lips enjoying the lingering sweet taste of his indulgence then gently ran his finger down her flushed cheek. So beautiful..

   He pressed a button to answer the driver. “No. I will take my sister into the hospital.” 

   The driver parked in front of the Emergency Room then got out to open the door for Shao Zu. 

   When he opened the back door, Shao Zu stretched his long legs out of the car. Hugging Skye in his arms he carried her towards the door of the Emergency Room. She felt the cold air on her face and slowly opened her eyes. Disoriented, she blinked staring at the bright red lights of an ambulance pulling up then gazed at Shao Zu with blurry eyes,“Brother?”

   Shao Zu smiled,“Who else?”  

   Skye closed her eyes again and softly muttered , “Brother, I don’t want to go in there. Take me to my hotel. I’m so dirty and tired.“

   “ You can bathe in the hospital room, after the doctors examine you we can go to my villa. I will have Austin send your luggage.”

   Skye became alert when Shao Zu said ‘his villa’. Previously no matter how many times she begged, he said no to her staying there because of Wang Chloe. She gripped his suit coat, “I…I can stay with you?”

    “Well, tonight proved I need to keep an eye on you.”

   Skye buried her head in his chest, YES…YES! I am so happy!

  When they entered the Emergency Room Shao Zu’s strikingly handsome face and noble appearance attracted attention. A curvaceous nurse dropped the paperwork in her hand and hurried over from behind the desk, “What is the emergency?”

   He lifted an eyebrow, and with an imposing tone ordered the nurse, “Call Dr. Han and prepare a VIP Suite.”

   The pretty nurse frightened by his intimidating demeanor nervously responded, “Ah..Dr. Han is in surgery.”

   A handsome young doctor heard Shao Zu’s voice and came around a corner.  “Shao Zu Tang…” Dr. Huang Kai stopped mid sentence staring incredulously at the beautiful blonde girl in his friend’s arms. Shocked that the heartless Shao Zu Tang was personally carrying a woman into the hospital he had a puzzled expression, “She is?”

   “Good.You are here. I guess you will do.”

   “…” Excuse me? I will do? Hahah..Shao Zu you are such a prick. I am the most sought after cardiologist in Shanghai!  

   Skye pinched Shao Zu’s arm and in a low voice admonished him. “Brother, don’t be rude.” She politely smiled at Dr. Huang, “Hello, I’m Skye Benning, Shao Zu’s sister.” She blushed, “Brother you can put me down I can walk.” I love being held in your arms but the look on the doctor’s face is well… a combination of shock and umm… more shock..hahaha.

    “No. Huang Kai let’s go to a VIP room. I want my sister examined immediately.” When Dr. Hualng remained frozen in place, Shao Zu sneered, “What are you waiting for?”

   “Miss Benning needs to be admitted, fill out paperwork.”

   “That can be done from the room.”

   “Very well. Follow me.” He had a slight smile on his handsome face. No use trying to follow the rules with this domineering Young Master…

    The three of them entered the elevator. Dr. Huang teased Shao Zu, “Shao Zu, why didn’t you ever mention that you have such a beautiful sister?”

    “Why would I discuss my family with you?”


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