Encounter At Hospital

The elevator door was closing when a large hand reached into the small gap preventing it. Ye Yunxian stretched his long legs into the elevator and pushed the button for the tenth floor. He ignored the three people staring at him, all that was on his mind was his partner, Leng Han whose life was hanging by a thread in the operating room.

   Ye Yunxian was detained in the convenience store parking lot by the policemen who arrived with the ambulance. After he disclosed what little he knew about the shooting he anxiously raced to the hospital. When he arrived in the hospital’s Emergency Room he was informed Leng Han was in critical condition and rushed into surgery.

   Skye furtively peered at Ye Yunxian immediately recognizing him as the annoying man she ran into at the Night Market. Unconsciously, she shivered then buried her head deeper in Shao Zu’s chest to diminish her presence. Shao Zu hadn’t asked where she was abducted and it appeared he assumed she was kidnapped when she left the Club. If Brother was aware I was at a sketchy Night Market he would be furious with me. I should have listened to the old taxi driver when he warned me it was a dangerous area.

    After a moment curiosity got the better of Skye, she stealthy peeked at Ye Yunxian wondering what happened to him. The annoying man still has the same smug look on his face but there is a deep crease between his eyebrows.  The black trench coat that was neat and clean when I ran into him at the entrance to the Night Market is ripped and soaked in blood. Earlier his thick ink black hair was neatly slicked back and now is messily hanging down on his forehead. The man reeks of blood and cigarettes… Was he injured? Well…he doesn’t look in pain… more like he is extremely worried by his expression.

   Ye Yunxian moved back to accomodate  a group of several doctors entering  the elevator. He was unable to avoid bumping into Shao Zu as a plump woman attempted to squeeze into the already crowded elevator.   

   The corner of his mouth twitched when he noticed Skye resting her head on Shao Zu’s chest, comfortably cradled in his embrace He sneered, I see the little whore found a rich…haha.. and by the looks of his designer clothes and the diamond watch worth millions…a very rich sucker. I wonder how many times the little con artist has pulled this trick…looking fragile and pitiful to hook up with an unsuspecting rich fool.  Hmmph… look at her fluttering those long black eyelashes and clinging onto his sleeves with her hands like a frightened rabbit. The little slut should quit selling her body and be an actress with her stellar acting ability. 

    Shao Zu glared at Ye Yunxian when he brushed against his arm touching Skye. Shao Zu quickly turned his body sideways to protect her from being jostled in the crowd. Narrowing his eyes he was angry. The bastard didn’t even bother to apologize!

     He wanted to kick the unruly man away for touching Skye but held his temper in check. Surrounded by so many people in the tight space he didn’t want to cause a scene.  He took note of Ye Yunxian’s face and thought he looked familiar but couldn’t place him. If our paths cross again I will punish the prick! 

  Ye Yunxian had a contemptuous grin seeing the man’s possessive posture while holding the disheveled girl. He thought about his encounter with Skye at the Night Market. Ye Yunxian’s cynical attitude worsened after being a detective for the past two years. He believed Skye purposely tripped into him then innocently looked up startled, her amber eyes wide as she apologized. If he didn’t look like such an arrogant asshole I would warn him about the scheming little beauty’s tricks. Well, he will find out soon enough when she drains him dry.

After Ye Yunxian exited the elevator Skye breathed a sigh of relief. She inwardly chuckled, Whew…yeah… I was probably worried for nothing he probably didn’t recognize me or didn’t care.

  When they arrived at the VIP room Dr. Huang led them inside the room. Deserving of being a VIP room it was very spacious, resembling a luxurious hotel suite. The bed was large and there was a floor to ceiling window with a spectacular view of the river. The paintings on the wall depicted ancient settings and breathtaking landscapes.

  The first thing Skye said as they entered was, “Brother, please can I take a bath before Dr. Huang examines me?” She felt very grimy, first she was sprawled on the wet floor of the bathroom of the Club then held in the greasy garage.

    He carefully laid her down on the bed.“No. You can take a bath after the doctor cleans and bandages your wounds.”

    “Can I have a drink of water?”

   Shao Zu walked over and grabbed a bottle of mineral water from a side table. He sat on the edge of the bed and took the cap off the bottle then held it to Skye’s mouth.

   Dr. Huang was in shock watching Shao Zu pampering Skye. He knew his friend very well and had never seen him be gentle with anyone. He stood motionless in disbelief watching their affectionate interaction. The young girl smiled brightly at Shao Zu as he tilted the bottle towards her lips. He grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and dabbed the water from her chin. 

   Shao Zu’s eyes had a fire deep within them and were riveted on Skye’s luscious cherry red lips. He gulped down his saliva wishing he could take her into his arms and kiss her deeply. Having given into temptation while they were on the way to the hospital he craved the sweet taste of her lips. Baby girl, I need to find a way…I must find a way to be with you. 

    He regained his composure when Skye started coughing. He tenderly smiled, “Slow down. You will choke.”

  “I am so thirsty.” Skye’s stomach rumbled and Shao Zu laughed, “Hungry too, I see. After you are examined and bathed I will order dinner.” He looked at his watch, “You are to be a good girl and stay here overnight. I will need to leave, I have an appointment.”

  Skye coquettishly pouted and held his hand, “This late? Who are you meeting?” She bit her lower lip and puffed out her cheeks, “Chloe Wang?”

   Shao Zu brushed a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear and teased, “Jealous?” Very happy that Skye’s voice was tinged with jealousy; he kissed her forehead. “No.”

  “Well, change the appointment until tomorrow. Brother, I need you to stay with me tonight.” She leaned forward and wrapped her thin arms around his waist, “I’m afraid.”

   Skye wrinkled her delicate eyebrows together. I need to use this unexpected opportunity to spend time with Shao Zu. He is getting married to that evil woman in only two weeks… TWO WEEKS! Shao Zu will never just be mine again. Sure he spoils me now but Luli warned me that once a man gets married he forgets all about his sister. Since her elder brother got married he seldom has time for Luli and she usually only sees him at family gatherings and holidays. David’s wife is very controlling and monopolizes all of his free time! Shao Zu is my only real family besides grandfather. I can’t lose him!

   He patted Skye on the head and lifted her chin with his hand. Gazing into her soul stirring clear amber eyes that reflected only him, Shao Zu’s heart was pounding. “I am leaving two of my elite bodyguards outside. There is nothing to be afraid of…you are safe.” 

   Fuck! There is nothing more I would like to do than stay with you but I need to eradicate the second branch of the Kang family tonight. I want to personally torture the shit out of Kang Jimmy for ordering your abduction. That worthless piece of shit must die at my hands tonight!  He caressed her soft cheek. “Skye, don’t act like a petulant child. You need to rest. Tomorrow I will come back and take you to my villa.”

  Dr. Huang hesitated then walked over to the bed, “I should examine Miss Benning.” I don’t think they are really siblings. They look nothing alike…I can’t see one similarity. Also, Shao Zu is looking at the beautiful girl like a man gazing at the woman he loves. He takes out a cotton swab and disinfectant from a medical bag. I wonder what the story is… haha… I will get Shao Zu drunk and find out the next time I go to the Club

    Dr. Huang examined Skye under the watchful eyes of Shao Zu. He was curious as to why Skye’s clothes were filthy and torn; also how she sustained the bruises and cuts, but knew better than to pry. Shao Zu answered all his questions directed at Skye, omitting the fact she had been kidnapped.

    Acting like a baby Skye’s eyes became watery and she winced in pain when the antiseptic solution stung her arm, “Owww..”  She  reached over and grabbed Shao Zu’s hand resting on the bed.  Every time she thought about losing her brother to Chloe Wang she became anxious and clingy.

   Shao Zu wrapped his warm palm around her small hand, “Bear with it Skye, he is almost finished.” 

   He glared at Dr. Huang, his pitch black eyes shooting daggers at him.. “What kind of doctor are you? Be more gentle!”

  A chill went down his spine, “Sorry, almost done.” He finished then instructed Skye not get the area wet and not to eat spicy food until her injuries were healed.

   Huang Kai was a well known playboy in Shanghai; he clearly saw the fleeting flash of undisguised lust in Shao Zu’s eyes while gazing at Skye. But, the girl seems oblivious to the situation. Maybe his sister is too young to notice …Well, I need to keep my thoughts to myself.. No one would believe me anyway if I told them. He had a mischievous smile on his handsome face The Big Demon is in love and with his fucking sister! A wave of fear coursed through his body and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He broke out into a cold sweat cursing his ability to read people.  I can’t let him discover I know his secret…I might disappear without a corpse.

   Skye saw the sweat beads formed on the doctor’s forehead and his pale complexion after Shao Zu raised his voice reprimanding him. She felt guilty, the pain wasn’t too much to bear but she wanted an excuse to hold Shao Zu’s hand. “I’m okay Brother. It only stung for a moment.”  

” Huang Kai, leave.”

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