Lu Chang


   The man sent by Shao Zu’s competitor for the beach resort property dragged Skye to a small silver mid-sized car. He roughly tossed her into the backseat next to a thin man wearing a red cap and a mask.

Skye learned martial arts because her grandfather insisted but she wasn’t sure if she should try to escape. The man who abducted her from the Night Market was holding a long knife. The man next to her on the backseat had a bulge in his jacket which could be a gun.

Based on the training Skye received when she was young she knew remaining calm was crucial to ensure her immediate safety. Experts advised Skye how to assess the situation objectively should she ever be kidnapped. Since she was the granddaughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world, kidnapping was a constant threat.

Skye sighed, I never thought the first time I would be kidnapped would be while I was browsing in a Shanghai Night Market. These two men seem like low level gangsters too. Shao Zu will rescue me ...I just need to wait and not anger these men.

    Meanwhile, in the backseat of his black Rolls Royce Phantom Shao Zu was in a terrible state of mind worried about his precious sister. He tightened the grip on his phone as he called Skye’s phone. When he heard the recording that the phone was turned off he was close to losing his sanity. “Drive faster!”

   When he arrived at the hotel he rushed to her room on the seventh floor. Flustered by her disappearance he knocked repeatedly on the door while calling out her name to no avail. Shao Zu dialed the front desk when connected he instructed the front desk clerk, “Send someone up immediately to Room 789 with a room card.”

   The woman at the front desk recalled a single young woman booking that room. She checked the reservation on her computer. “Sir, I will need Miss Benning to request the room card.”

  Shao Zu gritted his teeth and growled in a domineering tone, “I am Shao Zu Tang, her brother. Get someone here now if you want to keep your job!”

  The woman’s face paled and her hand on the phone started to tremble, Oh my God…CEO Tang? “Yes…Yes… I will send the room card up right away.”

   Shao Zu had an ominous premonition something happened to Skye as he nervously paced up and down the hallway. A sweaty young man wearing a hotel uniform holding the room card flew towards him. “Sorry for the wait!” The frightened bellboy cursed the woman who sent him when he felt the dangerous aura emanating from Shao Zu Tang. He wanted to get back downstairs as soon as possible so he didn’t waste any time and quickly swiped the card.

   When Shao Zu stormed into the hotel room it was evident that Skye hadn’t been in the room. Skye’s initialed custom made Gucci luggage was unopened by the bed and the room was undisturbed. He kicked the suitcase as he called Skye again and her phone was still turned off. He was beside himself as he slammed his fist into the wall. Where would she go? Skye doesn’t know anyone in Shanghai. I should have put a tracking device in the goddam phone!

    He would have been surprised that he was the one losing his shit and Skye was handling herself with a composed attitude. She cooperated with the men and remained silent as they dragged her into a garage past a truck with the hood up. She overheard them discussing their Boss, she gathered that she was the bait to lure her brother Shao Zu here because of some project. The men obviously thought she was Chloe Wang, his fiancee.

   A skinny young mechanic wearing oil stained overalls walked over with a strip of dirty cloth.He was taken aback while he stared at Skye’s beautiful face. He wondered what caused the delicate little woman to be in this precarious situation. 

   Skye didn’t move as he carefully wrapped the cloth that reeked of motor oil around her eyes. He was somewhat gentle as he tightened the blindfold, “I hope it isn’t too uncomfortable” He leaned down to give Skye a warning.  “Missy, it is best that you don’t see the Boss.”

   Skye waited patiently for him to tie the blindfold then asked, “Mister, could I have a drink of water?” After drinking the wine earlier her throat felt parched.  The man didn’t respond so she smiled, exposing her perfect white teeth, dazzling the young mechanic then she coughed. “Please.”

   The man wasn’t part of the gang, he was working overtime on a delivery truck’s engine when his brother and his friends came with Skye. He didn’t dare refuse because he was afraid of his brother’s friend Big Gu’s violent temper. He nervously replied, “I need get permission first.”

  He walked across the garage to his brother, “Chang, can I get the girl a drink.”

  Lu Chang looked towards his friend on the phone then agreed. “Big Gu’s Boss will be here soon. You should get the fuck out of here.” He affectionately rubbed his younger brother’s messy hair, “Tell Mom I will be home later.”

   The young mechanic nodded, “Lock up when you leave.” He knew his brother owed a big debt, which is why he worked for the gang. Pulling on his brother’s leather jacket’s sleeve he voiced his concern.“ Bro, I don’t like this. Why did you grab the girl?”

   Lu Chang glanced over at his friend who was leaning on the wall while still talking on the phone, “Yeah it’s fucked up. I didn’t know the bastard with Big Gu was going to kidnap someone. I thought we were going to pick up cash from the Enforcers.” He regrets involving his brother. “This is my last job then my debt will be paid.”

  “ You didn’t answer me. Who is the girl?”

  The man pushed his brother towards the sliding metal door of the garage. “Don’t ask so many questions. Go home.” 

   Lu Chang walked over to Skye and handed her the bottle of water. “Miss, just do what they say. I’m sure your boyfriend will sign the contract and they will let you go.”

  Skye heard Lu Chang and his brother talking and figured out their situation. She whispered, “I can help you pay your debt. You could come work for me as a bodyguard. I will tell you… if you stay here…well  you will die today.” Shao Zu will kill all of these men for taking me. “I am saying this because I can tell you aren’t a gangster. You are just in a bad situation.”

   Lu Chang studied Skye with an incredulous expression on his handsome face. How can the little girl be this calm? She hasn’t cried or begged for her life. It is as though she knows Shao Zu Tang will successfully rescue her. “Drink your water.”

   She reached out and fumbled to grab his arm. “I am going to take a chance and tell you something. I am not Shao Zu Tang’s girlfriend..I am his sister…Skye Benning… he dotes on me. Believe me he will kill all of you and if he doesn’t my grandfather will make sure you die a miserable death.”

   The man’s face changed and a thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead. What the fuck! Should I tell Big Gu?

  Since Skye was blindfolded she can’t see his reaction but she could tell he hasn’t walked away. She slipped off her bracelet and put it in his palm. Lowering her voice she continues,“Take it, if you sell it ypu will have plenty of money. Go call my brother tell him where I am. His private number is ×× ×× ××××× ××××.”

  He hesitated then handed back her bracelet. “I can protect you, but I can’t betray my friend. I won’t let you get hurt.”

   Didn’t he get the message? I was trying to help him. He sounded so damn depressed talking to his brother! All I can do is warn him again. She clenched her teeth and quietly spit out. “Listen up! Shao Zu will kill you!”

   Lu Chang suspiciously asked, “Why would you want to help me?”

   “I heard you say ‘Tell Mom I will be home later’ and that made me sad. Just because of a money debt an old woman won’t see her beloved son again. After my brother kills you he won’t leave your corpse intact.”


  While  Skye waited for his response she thought of a saying the old Chinese professor at University told her once. Saving a life is better than building a seven story pagoda. 

  The handsome man thought about what might happen to Skye when Big Gu’s Boss arrived. The man is a sick pervert he might look at the beautiful girl and… Fuck! Lu Chang clenched his fist in his pant’s pocket thinking about his little sister. He decided to help Skye escape and exclaimed, “Big Gu, the girl is a pain in the ass now she needs to go to the bathroom. I will take her to the office.”

  Big Gu waved his large hand towards Lu Chang. “Damn..first water now she needs to go pee..whatever. Go.”

Lu Chang helped Skye stand up and he walked with her to the outer office. When they entered the small cluttered room he took off her blindfold and pointed to the bathroom. “There is a window. That is the best I can do.”

  She gazed at him with a puzzled expression, “But what will happen to you?”

  “Just go.”

  Skye entered the bathroom and hurried over to the window. She struggled to open it but the window was rusted shut. She popped her head out the door. “I need your help the window is stuck.”

  Suddenly Lu Chang heard gunshots coming from the garage. He shoved Skye back into the bathroom, then used his strength to pry open the window, “Hurry. I don’t know what is happening in the garage.”

   She looked at him with widened eyes, “You need to come too.”

   Lu Chang laughed, “Do you think I can fit through that window?  Fuckin go. Get out of here!”

   “No. My brother will kill you. Since you helped me I will help you.”

    “Listen Little Sister, there is no guarantee your brother is coming out on top in there. Both those guys who grabbed you are experienced killers. I know you think your brother is a badass but he is a fucking businessman.” 

    Exasperated by her reluctance to leave Lu Chang wondered why he listened to the girl in the first place. He lifted Skye up to put her through the window. She was halfway through the narrow opening when the bathroom door was kicked open. Shao Zu grabbed Lu Chang from behind with a gun pressed on the back of his head, his finger eager to pull the trigger.

    Skye turned her head when the door banged open. She stuttered, “Brother NO! NO! He was helping me escape! He is just a mechanic who works here!”

Shao Zu pushed Lu Chang to a muscular bodyguard beside him. Lu Chang didn’t put up a struggle as the guard placed his hands behind his back restraining him as he pushed his face into the wall.

    Shao Zu helped Skye down from the window then frantically hugged her petite body in his embrace. Shao Zu’s voice was low and trembling as he scolded Skye. “Stupid Girl! Do you know how worried I was!”

   Shao Zu’s pitch black eyes were filled with dark desire as he tightened his arms wrapped around her thin waist. She snuggled into his arms and could hear his heart pounding in his chest as he kissed the top of her head.  She knew she was wrong to leave the Club. She looked up at him and fluttered her long black eyelashes moist with tears.”I’m sorry, Brother.”

When Shao Zu got the call she was being held so he would sign a contract he almost went insane. He wiped the tear at the corner of her eye then kissed her cheek tasting her salty tears and his heart tightened. Shao Zu whispered in her ear, “Do I have to lock you up?

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