Where Is Skye?

   Skye happily sampled all the dishes that Shao Zu fed her one by one. She finally reached her limit, “ Oh my! Brother, I can’t eat another bite,I will explode!”

  He tenderly wiped the oil from her mouth with a napkin wishing he could suck on her glistening red lips. Skye tilted her head and his blazing eyes were riveted on her slender fair neck. What would it  be like to taste the sweet flavor of her delicate skin again? Exhilarated from being with the woman he loves, Shao Zu drank more than usual tonight. He felt himself almost unable to resist taking Skye into his arms. Shao Zu desperately wanted to confess his feelings, to say the three words that have been held back for too long, “I love you.”  Kiss the little woman passionately and tell her that she is the woman I love, I can never love anyone else in this life or next. I can’t…not yet… I don’t want to scare the little girl away.

   Skye smiled when she noticed his dazed expression. She waved her small hand in front of his handsome face, “Brother, what are you thinking about?”

    He came to his senses and teased Skye pointing to the empty dishes scattered on the table. “I was thinking that for such a tiny girl you have a big appetite.”

     Skye puffed out her cheeks, “ Brother, I didn’t want to waste your kindness. Anyway, I need to go to the bathroom.”

     “I will walk you there.”

   Skye stood up and placed her hands on his broad shoulders looking Shao Zu straight in the eyes. “I’m not a child. Tell me where it is located. I can go by myself.”

     Skye’s face was red and her eyes were slightly watery from drinking. She was so close to his face their noses almost touched. Shao Zu felt he was on fire and his heart was pounding, his voice was hoarse,“The ladies room is down the hallway to the right.” 

  She walked out the door and Shao Zu impulsively threw the half full  glass of wine in his hand at the wall. When the crystal goblet smashed into pieces his bodyguard rushed into the room. Shao Zu looked at the man who barged into the room with a piecing look. He growled, “Get the fuck out of here.”

  The muscular bodyguard peered incredulously at his enraged boss who is usually the epitome of calm even under the most dire of circumstances. Shao Zu’s eyes were red and the veins on his neck were bulging. He looked like the King of Hades as he ordered him to leave.  After he left the room the bodyguard couldn’t help but wonder who the woman was with Shao Zu. The Boss carried her into the room and had a gentle look on his face as he held the tiny woman. He was beaming with a genuine smile on his face. I haven’t seen the little beauty at the Club before… Did she do something to piss him off?

   Skye lazily walked into the bathroom past three young Chinese women dressed in revealing mini dresses and stiletto heels. One of the women commented to her friend, “Pfft! Look at those hideously ordinary clothes..haha… she looks like she works at a Supermarket.” The three chattered and insulted Skye as they fixed their heavy makeup. A woman with short curly black hair adjusted the foam pads in her bra, as she straightened her blue sequined low cut dress she snarled, “How did the skinny little bitch get into the Club? I thought their standards were higher.”

   Skye rolled her eyes at the ignorant women and proceeded into a stall. They must think I don’t understand Chinese. I just can’t be bothered with them. They have no sense of style or they would know that although the outfit I am wearing is casual, the beige linen pants alone cost a hundred  times more than all three of their garish off the rack dresses. 

    After Skye relieved herself she felt much better. Ahh..I drank too much wine! She walked over to the sink to wash her hands. She was turning on the faucet when the shortest of the three women intentionally knocked into her side. Caught off guard, Skye slipped on the wet floor and lost her balance sliding onto the marble floor. The three women stood over Skye mercilessly laughing at her sorry appearance while she was lying by the bathroom door. 

   An overweight woman hurriedly entered the bathroom and didn’t see Skye on the floor. She stepped on her wide legged pants with her heels as she tripped over Skye’s extended leg.Flustered, the woman noticed the beautiful girl was a foreigner so she quickly apologized in  English, “ Sorry…sorry”,  as she took Skye’s hand to help her stand. 

  The tall woman’s eyes bulged as she aggressively shoved the overweight woman, ripping the sleeve of her tightfitting Chanel silk dress.  Obviously drunk, the tall woman was unsteady as she cursed in Chinese. “Fat pig! Ugly bitch! Didn’t your dog eyes see we were playing with the slut!” 

  Her friend wearing a bright red spandex mini dress joined in the bullying and ripped the double strand of pearls from the woman’s neck. Pearls bounced on the marble floor as the drunk woman continued her diatribe, “I need to talk to the manager letting a ugly fat woman into the Club hurting my eyes!

    Skye pulled the frightened woman behind her back to protect her then shoved the woman in the red mini dress “ “Shut your smelly mouth!” I am so angry! The poor woman tried to help me and they are heaping abuse on her. She looks like she wants to cry. Skye clenched her fists.  Ohhhh.. I hate bullies the most!

   Angered by the unsightly bullies, without warning Skye kicked her leg and landed her foot squarely on the chest of the woman stuffed into the red mini dress. The woman didn’t have time to scream because the wind was immediately knocked out of her chest.  She gasped for breath as she flew backwards onto the hard floor. While the women were stunned by Skye’s fierce kick she quickly picked up a bucket of dirty water from the corner of the bathroom. She grinned as she threw the filthy water onto the two women, drenching them from head to foot.

    Skye burst out laughing at the sight, the women’s hair was dripping wet and their makeup was running down their faces. As the two furious women lunged towards Skye, the woman in the blue sequined dress sputtered YOU! YOU!” While the tall woman screeched, “SLUT! HOW DARE YOU! DO YOU KNOW WHO MY MAN IS?!?! YOU WILL PAY!”

   Skype had a big smile as she grabbed the frightened woman’s chubby hand. “We better go”, then ran with her out of the bathroom.

   Once they were outside of the bathroom Skye looked at the woman’s stunned expression, “ I am so sorry to drag you into that!”  Skye gently smoothed the disheveled woman’s messy hair then in a soothing voice asked, “Who are you with? I will walk you there.”

   Four muscular men appeared out of nowhere. When they saw their Boss’ wife looking flustered and her dress ripped they glared at Skye. The fat woman shook her hand when her head bodyguard approached Skye, towering over her he looked down with killing intent. 

   The woman patted her plump chest, “No…no…Ming, it wasn’t the little girl. She saved me. The bathroom…those women.”

    “Since your bodyguards are here I will be going now.”

   The elegantly dressed  woman was grateful Skye intervened on her behalf, “Wait. Here is my card. If you need anything…anything..call me.” She was scared to death by those horrible shrews. Charlotte Chou only came to the Club because her close friend insisted and her husband was out of town on business.

   Skye politely bowed, “Thank you.” She walked halfway down the hallway to the private room then realized she was a mess. Her pants were ripped and stained, the silk blouse also suffered from the confrontation. Shao Zu will definitely overreact. Maybe not take me out again. I will call him. No… She shook her head. Not call…text…text.

   After she walked to the stairs leading to the dance floor she texted Shao Zu. [I am not feeling well. I am taking a taxi to my hotel. Have fun with your friend.]

   Shao Zu saw the notification and as he read it his eyes narrowed and his aura darkened, “SKYE BENNING!”

He anxiously ran out the door of the private room. What friend? What is she doing? Why didn’t she come back? I would take her home! 

  Worried he dashed through the crowded bar to the front door of the Club. When he pushed open the heavy glass door he saw Skye’s slender back as she entered a brown and white older taxi. Dammit! 

  Shao Zu was extremely agitated as he watched the taxi pull out into traffic. He called his driver and told him to immediately meet him at the front of the Club. Why would Skye suddenly leave? He pursed his thin lips as he gripped his phone then dialed her number. Doesn’t the naive little woman know that Shanghai can be dangerous at night?

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