I Will Meet You

   When Qiqi walks into her apartment Fat Cat awakens and extends his stubby legs exposing his soft belly. She was out late. He meows in greeting hoping she will give him a midnight snack.

   Distracted while thinking about Bo Yi Qin and the bracelet, Qiqi ignores the orange fat cat acting cute on the couch.  She hangs up her white cashmere coat then walks directly into her bedroom. Qiqi  flops down on the bed. I need to make more money. It is so sad I couldn’t afford the Red Lotus Bracelet.

  ??? Fat Cat is stunned, usually the clingy little woman runs over and embraces me.The silly girl tells me every detail of where she has been..who she saw. every minute detail.She can’t usually resist the belly rub. I even said hello and acted coquettish, stretching out my legs for a hug. What happened at the auction? Damn… I miss going to events! People fawning on me…looking at beautiful men…criticizing the dinner if I didn’t prepare the food. When am I going to return to being a World Class Chef!

  Qiqi’s phone rings and she takes it out of her small beaded purse. Fang Chao?

  “Hey what’s up?”

  “Qiqi what were you doing talking to that playboy Bo Yi Qin!”

  “How did you know? Were you at the auction?”

  “No. Wong Jimmy called me.”

  “That little brat! Did you have him spying on me?”

  “Although that would have been a good idea..no. He went with his girlfriend and he saw you. Answer me. He said he saw that evil bastard flirting with you!”

   “Bo Yi Qin wasn’t flirting with me. If anything I was flirting with him.”

   Fang Chao takes a cigarette out of his drawer and walks to the balcony. “Little girl. He is not a good thing!”

   “Cousin throw away the cigarette in your hand. I gave you delicious mints, suck on one.”

   “…” How does she know?

  Qiqi kicks off her shoes and fluffs her pillow. “I know because your voice cracks and you hmmph.. that means you are frustrated and when you are anxious you like to smoke.”

  He puts the unlit cigarette back in the pack. “Don’t change the subject why were you talking to that shameless man?”

   “Well, he was the person who bought the Red Lotus Bracelet. I was hoping we could work out a deal. Unfortunately, he didn’t bid on the bracelet for himself but his friend.”

   “Who is his friend?”

   “He wouldn’t say.”

   “Well, I went to school with Bo Yi Qin. Although I hate his guts, do you want me to talk to him?”

   “No. I told him to discuss with his friend if we could work something out.” Qiqi rolls her eyes, so clueless, if you two hate each other why would he do you a favor.

  “Did you ever call LiLi?”

  Fang Chao’s ears turn red and he coughs, “Kaaka..Ah..no..but she called me.”

  Qiqi rolls over and grabs a bottle of water from her nightstand. She takes off the top, “Really? Does she want to work with FCG on Legends of The Jianghu Two? Will she be cast in the movie?”

  “She invited me to dinner to discuss.”

  “Fang Chao, I think LiLi is interested in you.”

  “No. I think she is interested in the movie.”

  “But, didn’t you tell her she had the part if she wanted it, no audition necessary? Why would she invite you to dinner? She could have her agent negotiate the deal.”

   Fang Chao pops a mint into his mouth, “Hmm..I didn’t think about that.”

  Qiqi sips the water, “She called you personally also. Fang Chao, I think you have a chance!”

  “Once again you went off topic. Shen Qiqi! Do not..I said..do not meet with Bo Yi Qin!”

  “Listen, I am a little self aware, a man like Bo Yi Qin is not going to be interested in me. I saw him staring at Mindy Falconi’s boobs like a hungry wolf.”

   “True, Bo Yi Qin likes women with big breasts. I don’t think he would take a second look at your skinny body.”

  “FANG CHAO!” The playboy actually made fun of my flat chest..won’t tell Cousin Chao that bit of information.

 Fang Chao starts laughing,“Okay, I need to get off the phone. I was running a diagnostic program and it just finished.”

  “Well if I can negotiate a trade with Bo Yi Qin’s friend I will call you tomorrow if I need your help.”

  “Baby girl, seriously though, Bo Yi Qin is a wily character, don’t get sucked into anything. Yeah, call me.”

  Qiqi hangs up then stares at the phone, should I call the playboy now? No. I will wait until tomorrow. She yawns, “In the morning..too sleepy.” She hugs her favorite plushie ans falls asleep.

   The sun shines into Qiqi’s bedroom and she squints her eyes, I might need to get black out curtains. She looks at the clock, “Is it too early to call that man?”

   Bo Yi Qin is in the laboratory on the base. He puts on new protective gloves then his assistant hands him a vial filled with clear liquid. “This is what they found at the site. I ran a few tests but can’t identify three of the ingredients.”

  “Shit! Those terrorist bastards are getting more insidious!

  It is good General Wei was able to locate their underground facility. If this was added to the water at the upcoming Conference being held in Shanghai..well.. I don’t want to think.”

  Bo Yi Qin Takes the vial then places it into a special container between two pieces of foam then seals it. “We might need to send the sample to FutureTech.” He has an angry expression as he glances around the lab “This facility doesn’t have the necessary high tech equipment needed to thoroughly analyse the liquid properly.”

   Bo Yi Qin’s assistant agrees, “ Major Bo, it is really an insult to us. This is a government laboratory yet a private company like FutureTech’s research facility is better equipped.”

  “I can’t argue the fact but don’t let anyone hear you say that. It is an unwritten rule you can’t complain at this base. You are new so I will warn you. Also, don’t call me Major. I am a civilian now. I am only filling in until the Director in charge returns.” 

   Bo Yin Qin’s phone rings. He takes off the gloves and tosses them into a Biohazard container.  The phone stops ringing as he washes his hands. He takes the phone from his pocket and sees an unfamiliar number. Then he recieves a WeChat message. [Did you discuss with your friend?] He raises his eyebrow, the Little Fairy is eager.

   He walks over to the next room. Once he sits at his desk he has a devilish grin, I wonder how long after I don’t reply she will send another message. He doesn’t have to wait long when Qiqi sends [Sorry to disturb you but I would like to meet today.]

   He wants to let her stew but Sun Zhi made it clear he wants to find the Golden Dragon Statue. [I am only available at two o’clock. Meet at the 5470 Club .]

  [Grinning face emoji I will be there!]

 He looks at the phone, childish.

  Qiqi is very excited and she bounces out of bed to take a bath. YES! Whatever he wants to trade I will find it!

   Bo Yi Qin calls Sun Zhi who is in his gym at his villa lifting weights. Sun Zhi picks up a white towel then wipes the sweat dripping down his face. “Yeah.”

  “I am sending a vial of a clear liquid that is highly toxic to your facility on Gingko Rd. The intel Leng Shuai acquired leads us to believe the terrorists wanted to use it to poison the water at the Shanghai Conference.”

  “Fuck! It is fortunate Leng Shuai was able to infiltrate their organization. He isn’t comprimised is he?”

  “No. They think General Wei’s raid was due to information found at the bombing site up North. They captured two of the terrorists but before they could be interrogated they swallowed poison hidden in their mouth.”

  Sun Zhi sits on the weight bench and downs a bottle of water. “I will alert my men about the toxicity of the liquid in the vial and to take special care.”

  Bo Yi Qin chuckles, “Also the little Webtoon artist called me. I am meeting her at two.”

  “Remember not to mention my name.”

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