Leaving The Auction

     Sun Zerong and Sun Zhi take the elevator down to the lobby. Sun Zerong asks, “Zhi, do you want to go to the Club? I told Mo Yibo I would stop by after the auction. We are having the annual party at the Club, I need to discuss the arrangements.”

  “I will meet you there. I have something to do first.”

  Sun Zerong walks towards the exit, “Okay. Mo Yibo told me that Han Weisheng will be there”

  Bo Yi Qin is at the bar having a drink. Sun Zhi walks over then leans on the bar and orders a beer.  After the bartender puts the beer on the bar Bo Yi Qin turns to Sun Zhi, “Zhi, what is the deal with the bracelet? Did you buy for the Old Madam’s birthday?”

  “No. I bought the bracelet because Zerong wanted it.” He doesn’t want to go into details.

  Bo Yi Qin raises his eyebrow and his lips curl up into a slight smile, “You aren’t usually petty.”

  Sun Zhi takes a gulp of beer, “Long story.”

  “So you heard the Little Fairy, what do you think?”

  “I think we should see how capable she is.”

  Bo Yi Qin almost spits out his beer, “Shen Qiqi talks big..but she is just a little girl. What could she possibly use to negotiate with you?”

  “I am interested to find out. The little girl isn’t as simple as she appears. Shen Qiqi broke into FutureTech.”

  Surprised, Bo Yi Qin starts choking on his drink, the fiery whisky burns his throat. He sounds hoarse, “Kakka..What the fuck!”

  “Yeah, her cousin is Feng Chao. She wouldn’t admit to it but I am sure he is the person who hacked the system.”

  “What? The Little Fairy is an industrial spy?”

  “No. Shen Qiqi is a Webtoon artist.”

  Bo Yi Qin bursts out laughing,” Zhi, hahaha..you are killing me..hahaha..”

  Sun Zhi picks up some almonds from a dish and pops them into his mouth. After he swallows he nods his head in satisfaction, “Smoky flavor..tasty.” He finishes his beer and orders another one. “Gets better, her godfather is General Wei and when she was in my office I overheard she gave him a Tibetan Ice Lotus Root.”

     “How would she have…and give it away..”He rubs his clean shaven chin, “So you think Shen Qiqi is not boasting when she says she can acquire difficult  items.”

  “I am not sure, but I am curious how capable she is.”

  “Are you going to take the little girl up on her offer?”

 “Well, I don’t want her to know that I am the person who has the Red Lotus Bracelet. If she can obtain what I want it is best to remain in the shadows. You can deal with the little girl.”

  “Zhi, I am only back in Bashu City because my old man forced me. My brother caught a virus and can’t supervise the military training at the High School. You know how my grandfather dotes on that woman who is the principal. The old fart uses the opportunity to go visit the school. So he is forcing me to put on my old uniform and take over for Ling. I  snuck out tonight because I wanted the black jade prayer beads. I need to live at the base.”

  Sun Zhi smirks, “That is a lame excuse. You are a fucking civilian now, you can come and go as you want.”

  “Whatever. I guess it will be entertaining to see what the Little Fairy can do. Have you thought of what you want her to get?”

   “I want to find the Golden Dragon Statue that was stolen from The Black Lotus Club in Pushong City two months ago.”

   “The one that supposedly has a compartment where the jade amulet is hidden?”

   “Yeah. I have been searching since it was stolen. There have been absolutely no clues at all. If Shen Qiqi can find who has it, that is all I need from her. She can have the bracelet. I can return the golden statue to Xiaobo after I remove the amulet.

He will owe me a favor as far as the jade amulet goes…well, he doesn’t need to know it was inside.” He laughs, “That is if it actually was hidden there by the Old Master.” He orders another beer, “ I heard Xiaobo had to pay 150 million in compensation to the owner. He also lost face because that was the first time that his auction has been compromised.”

Bo Yi Qin puts his arm on Sun Zhi’s shoulder, “Smart thinking so If the Golden Dragon Statue is returned to him he should be willing to show his appreciation.”

   “The plan is to return the Golden Dragon Statue and have Xiaobo recommend FutureTech to his brother Kai to design their new facility.”

  “Good plan. But, do you think you are the only one who has been looking for that fucking statue? Every Organization in the Underworld has been frantically searching. No one in two months has come up with a clue. Whoever stole it hasn’t put it up for sale and the jade amulet hasn’t surfaced.” He furrows his forehead, “It is baffling.”

  “I have expended manpower and resources to find the whereabouts. If the little girl can find it, giving her the bracelet is nothing.” I got it for her in the first place..haha. “I’m going to the Black Dragon Club, do you want to go?”

  “No. I need to get back to the base. I was running an experiment with Old Seven and he should have the results. Also, I heard they are delivering a vial of unknown poison to be analyzed.

  “Call Shen Qiqi to meet you tomorrow.”

 “Do you actually think she can find the Golden Dragon Statue?”

 “I want to recruit Fang Chao. If she can locate it… I have no idea. I want her to feel comfortable around you and introduce you to Fang Chao.”

  “Isn’t he the CEO of FCG?”

  “Yeah, but he is also an extremely talented hacker.”

  “Why don’t you contact him.”

  “He doesn’t like me.”

   “…” Fang Chao doesn’t like me either.

  “I’m going to the Club. Let me know how it goes.”

  Bo Yi Qin takes out a cigarette and walks to the exit, “This should be fun.”

 When Qiqi and Zheng Si are in the car he notices the petulant expression on her face. “Do you want me to talk to him?”

  “No. I need to get the bracelet myself.” She hugs his arm and rests her head on him, “But, thank you.”

   He pats her head, and his voice is tinged with indulgence.“If I know my little girl you will find a way to convince him.”

   Hearing his words Qiqi’s confidence rises. She smiles then sits up gazing at him with bright eyes, “You are right Brother Si! When have I, Shen Qiqi… ever given up on what I want!”

   “That is my girl. Are you hungry? Do you want to stop to eat before I take you home?”

  Qiqi looks at her watch, “I need to get up early, I better go home.”

  Zheng Si has a pampering look in his dark eyes, “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you obtain the bracelet.”

  She hugs Zheng Si, “Brother Si you are the best! I love you… you always know how to cheer me up. I was feeling depressed but you gave me back my fighting spirit with just a few words. The girl who marries you will be very lucky!” I really should set Kang Xue and Brother Si up. They would be a perfect match.

  He gazes at Qiqi with warmth and tenderness, “Well, you are my little sister of course I need to encourage you.” I need to have a few words with Bo Yi Qin. Little Qiqi has her heart set on obtaining the bracelet. I know he is interested in building a research facility. I own a tract of land outside the city so maybe I can work out a deal.

  When they arrive at Qiqi’s apartment building he stretches his long legs out of the car. She stops him, “It is cold. Get back in the car. I am fine. You can watch me from here.” She puts her arms around his neck then kisses him on the cheek.Touching the brilliant butterfly necklace around her neck she sweetly says. “I love the necklace and the dress, so beautiful. Thank you for taking me to the auction. Although I didn’t get the bracelet I had a really good time.”

  Zheng Si’s  affectionate gaze lingers on Qiqi as she enters the building then he tells his driver “Drive to the Black Dragon Club.” 

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