Leaving D’Amico’s Part 2

Fan Mi wakes up when they arrive at the Harborview Hotel. Zhen Sihao says, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”

  “No. If someone saw me it would cause a problem and I am better. It was so scary. Why did that crazy woman have a gun and why did she suddenly collapse?”

  “It is better if you don’t know the reason she was angry with me. She was subdued by one of the guards.” He has a faint smile thinking about Emmi. I should reward her this is the second time she rescued me. Although I was about to disarm Daphne Drake when she shot the silver needle at her neck. “I will walk you up, call Dr. Meng if you have a panic attack”

  “I can go by myself. It sucks that I never know when I am being photographed. Now they will only see me exiting a luxury car and have no idea who you are.”

  Zhen Sihao laughs as he flicks her forehead “Little Mi, you don’t have to worry about my reputation.”

  She has regained her spirits and pinches Zhen Sihao, “Maybe I am worried about mine! Haha..no on will dare date me if they think the powerful and dangerous CEO Li is my backer!”

  He rubs her head, “You should expect to hear from Daphne Drake in a few days. Refuse any other offers and if you encounter any backlash from missing the shoot today call Yang Jing.”

  Fan Mi hugs Zhen Sihao, “You are the best! I envy the woman who finally captures your heart.”

  Zhen Sihao chuckles, “Go. Remember to call Dr. Meng if you experience any aftereffects.”

  She fixes her mask and sunglasses and pulls up the collar of her white Chanel coat. Zhen Sihao’s bodyguards in the SUV quickly get out and surround Fan Mi escorting her into the hotel.

  Zhen Sihao tells his driver, “Take me the Riverfront Landing Development.” He wants to check the progress on the road and his villa. He calls Yang Jing, “Daphne Drake can not be allowed to return to England in the next week. She threatened me with a gun at D’Amico’s restaurant and frightened Little Mi.”

 “I knew she was blindsided and shocked at being removed as CEO but I didn’t think she was insane.”

  “Well, she should have had her legal department be more conscientious before she signed. Blaming me for her own incompetence and thinking I would be coerced into giving her back her position shows her lack of ability. I am flying to London in the morning. Actually her little stunt worked in my favor. She would have been smarter to whine and lie to her father. Old man Drake could slow down the process of Zhen Group taking over immediately. Tied us up in court but now I will get the company in order and set up a meeting with him. Unfortunately for Miss Drake her father values profits over his daughter.”


 “Also Fan Mi will be the new face of Daphne Drake Sportswear. I am going to surprise the little girl with a perfume with her name. Contact David Tarrela, I want him to create an essence that embodies Little Mi’s vibrant and youthful personality. The perfume will be called Mi!”

   “I will.”

  “Has my father caused any waves?”

  “No. He has been surprisingly quiet. I heard he sent Wang Boquin to the office in Mozambique.”

  Zhen Sihao laughs, “Serves the little weasel right for underestimating me.”

  “My sources say he was dumbfounded that you survived the accident. Then after we posted you went to the island he sent men to investigate. When he determined the man wasn’t you he searched everywhere as to where you were recovering after the accident.

Wang Boquin was like a hamster spinning in a wheel. Your father was furious after you screwed him and the stock for Zhou Group fell. I saw him at a banquet last week and he looked like he had aged ten years.”

  “He is lucky I didn’t destroy the Zhou Group. The time will come but for now I have to say I find enjoyment in watching the greedy old fart squirm.”

  They arrive at the construction site, “I am at the Riverfront Landing construction site.Do me a favor personally check on Fan Mi later.”

  “Don’t you remember last time I saw the little girl? I will send Secretary Gu.”

 “Jing, Little Mi has grown up. I’m sure she no longer has a crush on you. I want you to go. She isn’t familiar with your secretary.”

  “Very well. You are probably right. She is a big star now.”

  Zhen Sihao steps out of the black Rolls Royce Phantom. A middle aged man wearing a yellow hard hat rushes over. “CEO Zhen I didn’t expect you to come.” He waves at a man backing up a dumptruck to stop before Zhen Sihao is sprayed with mud. “Come to the office.”

  Emmi and Jiang Weiming leave the restaurant and he offers to give her a ride to the dormitory.

 “I am going to call Butler Wu and see if he is free to pick me up. I am going to my Art Studio.”

 “I can take you.”

 “Jiang Weiming, I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

 “I am interested in seeing your medicinal garden. If you wouldn’t mind.” He doesn’t want to part with Emmi.

  Emmi scrunches up her nose. “Jiang Weiming, umm..I need to go through the gate of Chen mansion to go to my Art Studio. If they saw your car and Cousin Chloe found out…”

  Jiang Weiming flexes his hand in his trouser’s pocket, that damn stupid woman again! Then he remembers checking out the Riverfront Landing Development which is next to Chen’s property. “Isn’t there a road by the new development? It should take you to your Art Studio without having to enter through the Chen’s gate.”

  Emmi hasn’t been to the Art Studio since Butler Wu was unable to take her to school. She has been living in the dormitory then she stayed at the Harborview Hotel. Emmi’s eyes light up, if it is true she could come and go to the Art Studio easily. “Really? A road in the back.”

  “Yeah. I was at the Riverfront Landing to see a piece of land for a villa my parents are interested in buying.” Actually it is for me as an investment property.

  “In that case I will trouble you then.”

  They walk out to the parking lot and Jiang Weiming open’s the door of a silver Bugatti.

  “Jiang Weiming did you get a new car?”

  “I borrowed this car from my brother while mine is being repaired.”


  When she is in the passenger seat she stares at the seat buckle. Jiang Weiming has a slight smile as he leans over to buckle it. “It is a little confusing.” He inhales her intoxicating fragrance and feels her soft black hair brush against his cheek. Taking a deep breath he suppresses the urge to kiss Emmi’s tempting pink  lips. If I do Chen Emmi will immediately distance herself from me and drop our partnership. I need to take my time. But it is so fucking hard to resist her alluring appearance. 

  Emmi doesn’t think anything about his closeness because she is unaware of his amorous thoughts. “This is good. I can show you the medicinal plants I want to transplant to the farm we buy.”

  He pushes a button and the engine hums as he turns into the alley. “I never realized how interesting TCM is. My grandfather swears by it’s effectiveness but my mother was raised abroad so she disdains Chinese medicine. I wish she would reconsider, she has been suffering from migraine headaches and insomnia. She takes several different medications.”

  “I never thought taking synthetically made pills was a good idea. They have so many side effects and can be addicting. If you want I can send a sachet with you filled with relaxing herbs, also a tin of calming tea. Last month I created an herbal bath powder that will nourish her skin and soothe her mind.” 

  “Thank you Chen Emmi, but I doubt my mother will try them.”

  “Well maybe you could subtly introduce them to your mother. Let her smell the sachet for instance. I will let you try when we get to my Studio. You can see for yourself. No bath though hahaha..”

  Jiang Weiming’s face turns red and he tightens his hands on the wheel. “Okay.”

  “If you aren’t in a rush after we check out the garden we could go fishing then barbeque. I could teach you a little about TCM since you are entering the business”

  “I would enjoy that.” 

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