The Gazebo Part 2

   Jiang Weiming reluctantly finishes his tea and walks over to Emmi, “I guess they need to work on the road so I won’t be able to stay. Maybe we could have a barbeque another day.”

   “Of course since the road is there you are welcome anytime. Let me get the sachet and tea for your mother.”

   They walk back to the Art Studio and Emmi gets the tin of tea, “Don’t tell your mother this tea has a medicinal effect. You tasted it so you know it is alright to drink. The sachet, tell your mother it is a gift from a friend of yours at the University and the medicinal herbal bath…well just tell her it smells good hahaha.”

  He takes the items from Emmi, “Thank you. I think the tea is very calming and tastes delicious. I will call you tomorrow about visiting the medicinal farm we decided to purchase. I think we should inspect it together before we make the final decision.” Deciding to invest with Chen Emmi was the best idea I have ever had. I can spend time with her and we can get closer as we work together. When my villa is completed I will live not far from her Art Studio. I can suggest we use one of the floors for the our office.

  “I agree. I am finished with classes at two. If you are available we could go then. But I will walk you out. The forest can be confusing.”

  “I would say no but I am not an outdoors person so I might get lost.” He inwardly admonishes himself for turning into a liar. He has had to endure Wilderness training every summer since he was ten because his Grandfather insisted he and his brother Chang learn martial arts and survival skills.

  They walk out the door and down the lit pathway through the garden. When they come to the end Emmi remarks, “This Gingko tree you can see I carved my name here.” She laughs, “We turn here and then go past these bushes, be careful of the thorns.” She points to the right. “You can see the road from here.”

   “Then you can go back.”

   “No, I will take you there, it is a nice walk. I love the forest.”

   When they arrive at his car Zhen Sihao can see them from the window of the construction office. What is in the little bastard’s hands? Is that a sachet? He remembers at the birthday party at the Ruan Estate seeing the one she made for Ting’s aunt. Why did she give him one? She never offered to make one for me! He is getting impatient watching them laughing and talking. Brat open the goddam car door and leave!

   Zhen Sihao is about to impulsively walk out of the office when Jiang Weiming gets into the Bugatti and drives away. He watches Emmi waving at the car with a big smile on her face. Does the little girl like that pretty boy? She has spent the entire day with him.

   Zhen Sihao has an idea. He waits until Emmi walks into the forest and silently follows.When she stops at a large tree runs her finger across the bark hee sneaks up behind Emmi. She is deep in thought as he grabs her from behind. Emmi reaches for her silver needle from her bun and realizes it isn’t there. She turns to kick him and he quickly dodges her leg. He leans down and teases Emmi waving a silver needle, “Looking for this?”

    She stomps her feet and angrily growls, “WANG HAO! What are you doing creeping around the woods like a serial killer!! You scared me half to death!”

   “I was at the construction office checking on the progress for Zhen Sihao and I saw you and wanted to say hello.”

  “Well..well why didn’t you just say hello like a normal person!”

   “I didn’t want to interrupt your little date with the pretty boy.”

  Emmi can smell his unique masculine scent feel his warm breath on her face.Emmi’s heart is beating erratically as she pushes him away.“Wang Hao, could you not be so obnoxious at all times. Not everyone is like you! We are friends.”

Zhen Sihao likes Emmi’s cute expression, her green eyes are a little watery and she is visibly shaken. Emmi’s vulnerable appearance makes him want to bully her more.”You were so brave at the restaurant now you are quivering like a frightened little rabbit.”

  Emmi’s face is red from embarrassment, “You said hello. You can go now.” Emmi starts walking hurriedly towards the Art Studio. Shameless Devil!

He stretches his long legs to walk by her side.“Since you saw the road I thought you might want to thank me.”


  “I know you have difficulties with the Chen family so I suggested to Zhen Sihao it would be more convenient to have a private side road.”

   “You did?”

  “Yes. I also said a friend of mine has an Art Studio next to his property.”

  He graciously said if the person is my friend of course they could use the private road.”

  Emmi has a serious expression because the road will make her life much easier. “Then I thank you Wang Hao. I was going to fish and barbeque but Jiang Weiming had to leave. Oh that’s right, you need to leave also… won’t your car be in the way? They are leveling the road.”

  Zhen Sihao has thick skin and ignores her attempt to get rid of him. “I have a driver. He will come back for me. Dinner sounds good, but how can you catch fish in this weather?”

   Emmi has a bright smile, “It is a secret.”

   He hasn’t seen the back garden before and marvels at the beauty. He is jealous that she shared this ethereal place with Jiang Weiming. The teapot and cups on the table are an eyesore. “Bring me tea. I want to sit in the gazebo.”

   Emmi shakes her head, Wang Hao for a moment  I was thinking you are a considerate fellow. But leopards don’t change their spots. Well, he did me a great favor by securing my Art Studio and now giving me convenient access to my property.

  “Okay.” She picks up the empty teapot and cups.

  “I want whatever tea you made for Jiang Weiming.”

  Emmi shoots him a look from the side and holds her temper. Why is it even though he did me a favor I feel like I am taking a loss?

   Zhen Sihao walks around the garden admiring the strange flowers and lush medicinal plants. He reaches down to touch a blooming red flower when a small red and black snake bites his hand. He winces in pain and screams,“FUCK!” first he experiences a stinging sensation then numbness in his hand. Emmi comes rushing out when she hears him loudly cursing. She sees him standing by the Red Demon Snake Flowers and looking at his bleeding and swollen hand.

 “WANG HAO!” She holds his hand then sucks the venom from his palm.

   He looks down at her fluffy hair hanging down as she seriously sucks on his palm then spits out black blood. Once she thinks she has gotten as much poison out as she can she looks up at him with black blood on the corner of her mouth, “Come inside.”

  When they are in the Art Studio she pushes him onto the daybed, “Keep your hand above your head.”

   Emmi rushes into the bathroom and washes out her mouth muttering, “So gross!” She takes out a porcelain bottle and pours it into her mouth then swishes the green liquid around. Then she  rinses out her mouth with a special mouthwash. least the mouthwash has a mint flavor; the antidote is so bitter!

   Zhen Sihao feels a little dizzy as he sits on the daybed waiting for her to come out. He tries to talk but no sounds comes out of his mouth. 

   Emmi looks in the cupboard. Once she finds the right medicine she dashes over to the daybed. Zhen Sihao is unconscious. She holds up his head, “Didn’t I say not to lie down!” She tries to open his mouth but can’t. She rolls her eyes and puts the antidote in her mouth then pinches his chin to open his mouth, she presses her lips on his and the bitter liquid goes down his throat. He is semi conscious, Fuck! That tastes like shit! So goddam bitter. But having her lips on mine isn’t bad.  Emmi finally finishes and lays his head down. She takes the disinfectant and uses a swab to clean the bite marks. She sprinkles white powder on the wound then wraps his hand with white gauze she mumbles, “What kind of idiot touches a Red Demon Flower after dark. That is when the Demon Snake feeds on the flower’s essence.”

   He is listening to her mumble and wishes he had the strength to wring her thin neck. He is still experiencing a burning pain in his entire body. Who grows such an evil flower that attracts a little demon snake!

   Emmi takes his shoes off, he will need to stay overnight in case he gets a fever. She lifts him up to take off his suit coat, “Did you put on weight?” You really are such a nuisance! I was so happy! Now I need to take care of you again. She loosens his tie and unbuttons this top two buttons so he is comfortable then covers him with a blanket.

   “…” Zhen Sihao can only bear with it; he can’t speak and his body is paralyzed from the venom. He would be terrified of his condition if he didn’t have full confidence in Emmi’s abilities.

   Emmi turns off the teapot that is whistling and makes a cup of tea. She sits at her work table and her stomach is growling. Wang Hao should be fine if I go to the river to catch a few fish.

   As she walks to the door her phone rings. Partner? Why is Jiang Weiming calling? She answers, “Hello.”

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