Bo Yi Qin

   Sun Zhi sends a text to a man downstairs then eats a piece of orange from a fruit platter. The auction begins and Sun Zhi leans back in his chair. Sun Zerong notices he isn’t paying attention to the auctioneer, “Zhi, did you come for a particular piece of jade?”

  “No. Mother’s birthday is next week so since she likes jade I came.”

   Sun Zerong takes a sip of wine, “I saw  #52 is a delicate jade necklace from the Shang Dynasty. Auntie might like it.”

  Sun Zhi flips through the catalog, “You have a good eye but she has countless necklaces.” he scans the pictures, “I think I will bid on the jade and gold hairpin, #61”

  Sun Zerong nods his head as he looks at the photograph. “ Suits Auntie.”

  Halfway through the auction Qiqi is impatient, “Brother Si, when will they bring out the Red Lotus Bracelet?”

   “Looks like it is coming up next.”

  Qiqi’s  brown eyes sparkle, “Wish me luck. I must have the bracelet!”

  When the bidding begins Zheng Si leans down, “Don’t seem too anxious. Wait until there are a few bids and you can size up your competition. Are you sure you don’t want me to get it for you?” He thinks about the rare Ice Lotus Root she gifted to him. He lifts her chin and teases, “Then you are assured of winning.”

  “No. I told you the bracelet has a legend and I must get it by my own means.”

   Zheng Si chuckles and rubs her head, “Little girl superstitious.”

   The bidding begins at two million. Qiqi sees the first person to raise their paddle is a middle aged man. Three million. Why does he want it? The woman next to him looks like his wife? Does he know the legend?  Qiqi furrows her delicate thin eyebrows together,A single man or woman should get the bracelet. She calms down and tightens her grip on the paddle in her hand. She can’t resist and raises her paddle four million.

   Zheng Si gives her a look, the little girl forgot what I said already. Haha..

   Upstairs  Sun Zerong electronically sends his bid, five million.

   Sun Zhi sees the smirk on his cousin’s face, he swallows a piece of apple and asks, “Are you really going to buy that bracelet for the little Webtoon artist?” He could see the look of anticipation on Qiqi’s face as she held up her paddle. For some reason he doesn’t want to see Sun Zerong get the bracelet  because he obviously has a contentious relationship with the little girl.

  “In a manner of speaking. I need to see her performance first.”

  Sun Zerong’s answer confirmed his suspicion. He texts his friend downstairs [Also bid on this bracelet. I want it.]

   Qiqi thinks the middle aged man might not be a threat but the person upstairs definitely has money to burn. She anxiously raises her paddle: Six million.

   Sun Zerong laughs at her worried expression, his mood is getting better watching Qiqi squirm in her seat. He presses the button: Eight million.

  Qiqi turns to Zheng Si, “Brother Si, do you know who is in the private room upstairs?”

  Zheng Si can see the concern written all over her face. He tells her the truth. “No. But whoever he is he has the ability to snatch the bracelet from you. Are you sure you don’t want me to get it for you?”

  Qiqi btes her lip, “Thanks but no.” 

  Suddenly the bid jumps to twelve million. Qiqi glances around and sees a handsome man holding a paddle up. He is wearing gold rimmed glasses and a suit from Henri Couture. She recognizes the style because Fang Chao wears that particular designer’s clothes. Dammit! Dammit! She mentally counts how much money she has, I have seventeen million with the five mom gave me.

  Sun Zerong’s face darkens, he didn’t plan on spending more than ten million. Oh well, his slender finger presses the button: Fourteen million.

   Qiqi’s face turns pale, they must be determined to get the bracelet. She straightens her back and reaches her hand holding the paddle up: Fifteen million.

   Several people stare at Qiqi wondering who she is. Sun Zerong isn’t surprised by her bid he thinks Zhen Si is her backer. 

   The handsome man lifts his paddle:Sixteen million. He wonders why Sun Zhi wants this bracelet, the appraisal value is only around two million. Well, I have no idea how his brain circuit works. He doesn’t have a womanor does he?

   Qiqi gazes at the handsome man with a pleading look as she lifts her paddle for the last time. She takes a deep breath: Seventeen million. The man momentarily hesitates, the beautiful little fairy really wants this bracelet why is Sun Zhi making it difficult.

    While he is hesitating, Sun Zerong’s face turns black as the bottom of a pot. He slams his hand on the arm rest of the chair. 

  Sun Zhi has a faint smile as he picksup a glass of water, “Not willing to spend any more?”

  Facing his cousin’s taunt he presses the button: Seventeen and a half million.”

  Qiqi dejected twirls the paddle in her hand, her voice is weak, “Guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

   Sun Zhi’s friend Bo Yi Qin bids: Eighteen million.”

  Sun Zerong gulps down his wine, I will find another way to get revenge on that little pest.

  The auctioneer doesn’t hear any more bids and hits the podium with the hammer, “Sold.”

  Qiqi’s eyes are covered in a layer of mist as she glances back at the handsome man who had the winning bid. She dramatically falls into Zheng Si’s arms. “I’m so sad.” She rests her head on his chest while muttering, “Sold..sold..”

  Zheng Si hugs Qiqi. He brushes her hair behind her ear and his voice is filled with warmth and tenderness.“Why didn’t you let me help you?”

   She pouts, “The legend says you must obtain the Red Lotus Bracelet without help from others.”

  “…” Silly girl

  The auction finishes and Zheng Si and Qiqi walk towards the exit. Qiqi notices the handsome man who obtained the bracelet lazily leaning in a doorway. He is texting someone. She lets go of Zheng Si’s hand and rushes over to him. Zheng Si wants to follow but is stopped by his brother Chu.

   Bo Yi Qin is startled by her sudden appearance, he had his head lowered while texting Sun Zhi. He has a mischievous gleam in his pitch black eyes as he pushes a button on his high tech phone. Bo Yi Qin tilts the phone in his hand so Sun Zhi can see and hear their conversation.

   Qiqi looks up at him with her eyes wide, “Sir, do you have your heart set on the bracelet? I desperately want it but I only have seventeen million to spend. Is there any way we could make a deal? I am very good at trading. If there is anything that you might want…I have confidence I can obtain it for you.”

  Bo Yi Qin looks at the little girl who barely comes to his chest, “Little Fairy, what could you have that my friend might want?”

  Qiqi sees hope in his words, “You…you didn’t get the bracelet for your girlfriend?”

 Bo Yi Qin lips curl up into a devilish grin adding to his handsomeness. Qiqi can sense his wild and unruly nature as he steps closer to tease Qiqi knowing Sun Zhi is watching.  “I don’t have a girlfriend… if you want to fill the position, I could put in a good word to my friend for you.”

 Qiqi blushes as she backs away from him.  “You are so incredibly handsome I’m sure plenty of girls chase you..Don’t be a hooligan!”

  Sun Zhi is smiling looking at the scene, Shen Qiqi is an interesting girl. Not too many girls can resist Bo Yi Qin’s charm. He only wanted to obstruct Sun Zerong from getting the bracelet, he looked like he had ill intentions. Now he is intrigued, Zheng Si dotes on the girl…her family are billionaires why did she stop bidding.

    Bo Yi Qin has a devilish smile thinking Sun Zhi must be interested in this little fairy. Why else would he get the bracelet she obviously really wants.  This girl is a delicate looking beauty with flawless features, in the pink Cheongsam she looks like a porcelain doll. But she is with Zheng Si.. Maybe Sun Zhi wants to lure the little fairy away.

  Deep in thought Bo Yi Qin doesn’t hear Qiqi. She yanks on his sleeve and raises her voice “Mister..Mister..I am talking to you!”


  “I said whatever your friend wants I can find and trade for the bracelet. If it is worth less than the money you paid I will make up the difference. If it is comparable in value we will call it even if it is over ten million above the price you paid, then you can compensate me for the difference minus five million. In other words it is a win-win situation for your friend.”

   Bo Yi Qin burst out laughing, “Little Miss Fairy, you came to you are negotiating?”

  Qiqi puffs out her cheeks, “You could look at it that way or…” Qiqi’s dazzling brown eyes contain an unfathomable gleam, “ As an opportunity for your friend to acquire something he is otherwise unable to acquire. If your friend is a collector I’m sure there is room to negotiate.”

  Sun Zhi is staring intently at the screen, a flash of amusement crosses his cold face.The little girl is full of self confidence and determination. I wonder what she would look like if she knew I was going to give it to Zheng Si for her…haha

  He texts. Bo Yi Qin. [Get Shen Qiqi’s contact details and tell her you will discuss with your friend.]

   Bo Yi Qin glances at the top of the phone screen then tells Qiqi, “I will discuss with my friend. Give me your contact details.”

  Qiqi hesitates, what if he just throws away my information. “I should speak to your friend personally. I’m not sure you will convey my sincerity properly with your cavalier attitude. You give me his contact number.”

 Bo Yi Qin takes a cigarette out of a pack. He points it at Qiqi. “Little Fairy, if my friend wanted his identity known why would I be here representing him.”

  “…” That makes sense. “Give me your phone number then.”  

“Your boyfriend is walking over. Would that be a good idea?”

 Qiqi sees Zheng Si approaching from across the room. He went to get their coats after speaking with Zheng Chu. “We have an open relationship. He won’t care, he knows I like handsome men the most. Give me your number and I will give you mine.”


  “Hurry. He probably is ready to leave.”

 Bo Yi Qin winks at the screen,  “Little fairy, I like threesomes. Here is my number.”

  Qiqi’s face turns bright red as she hands him her card. “Handsome guy, I don’t mix business with pleasure. Let me know if we can work something out. I really want the Red Lotus Bracelet and as I said I am very good at satisfying my client’s requests.


  She walks over to Zheng Si  and he raises his eyebrow scrutinizing Bo Yi Qin. “Isn’t he the man who won the Red Lotus Bracelet?”

  “Yes. I tried to make an offer but it was useless.. guess he bought it for someone else so he can’t make any decisions.” She doesn’t want to say anything else, Zheng Si doesn’t know about her and Fang Chao’s side business.

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