Leaving D’Amico’s Restaurant

  Emmi and Jiang Weiming are talking and her phone rings. She sees the caller is Wang Hao and ignores it. Jiang Weiming tells Emmi, “If you need to take the call it’s fine.”

    She smiles at Jiang Weiming, “I will send a message.She glances up at Zhen Sihao is languidly leaning on the wooden railing. He waves his phone and she glares at him. “I will send a message.Pfft! Wang Hao you are the worst boyfriend ever! [Shouldn’t you check on Fan Mi?]

  He has a slight smile as he looks at his phone, [I have something that belongs to you.]

  [I don’t know what you mean.]

  [ Were you worried about me?]

  [Pfft! I am Fan Mi’s fangirl. I was worried about Fan Mi!..she deserves better than a playboy like you!]

  He glances down at Emmi’s angry expression. Playboy? haha..should I tell her Fan Mi is my little cousin? No….I think she is jealous..so cute![You are right I will break up with her right now.]

 Emmi shakes her head and bites her lip.[Not right now! She just had a terrible shock! That would be too cruel!]

  Zhen Sihao wants to laugh.Chen Emmi can’t hide her emotions at all..haha..they are clearly written on her cute little face. [Come up here] He would go down to the table but Jiang Weiming would recognize him as Zhen Sihao.

   [No. absolutely not!]

   [Then I will break up with Fan Mi now.]

   [I will come up.] He is terrible! Shameless! A Big Devil!

  She looks up from her phone and Jang Weiming is reading a financial report. “Jiang Weiming, I will be right back.” Emmi doesn’t want to lie or explain.

  He thinks she is going to make a phone call. “Okay. Don’t be too long the food should be here soon.”

  “I won’t.”

  Emmi leaves the table then rushes up the stairs. She pulls Zhen Sihao back so if Jiang Weiming looks up he can’t see them. “Wang Hao! How can you be so heartless! Fan Mi must be in a state of shock after being attacked by your crazy ex girlfriend!”

  “Didn’t you advise me to break up with her?”

 “I did. But..but..go in there and comfort your girlfriend then break up with her when she calms down. I don’t know… like tomorrow!

  An older man comes up the stairs and Zhen Sihao points to the door, “She is in there.”

  He sees the puzzled look on her face and says, “I sent for a doctor.”

  “Well at least you are somewhat responsible. You should go be with Fan Mi.”

Zhen Sihao looks at her furrowed eyebrows, “You are very worried about my girlfriend. Not at all that I might have been shot?”

   “Hmmph…Wang Hao you should have let the crazy woman down gently. In the restroom she called you a bastard and said you tricked her.”


    Emmi turns to walk away and she stumbles at the top of the stairs. Zhen Sihao pulls her into his strong arms. She is flustered being held tightly in his warm embrace. Emmi can smell his masculine scent, which reminds her of when they kissed. She gazes up at him with an exasperated expression. “Wang Hao! What are you doing?”

    The little girl looks like an angry little kitten that got its tail stepped on. He has a mischievous smile and points to the stairs, “Would you have rather I let you fall down the stairs?”

   Zhen Sihao gazes at her flushed cheeks and her half parted lips. He can feel her heart beating rapidly and her chest moving up and down through the thin t shirt she is wearing. Zhen Sihao’s body is heating up and his eyes darken with desire as Emii closes her eyes in anticipation. He suddenly let’s go of Emmi. She is startled, she thought he was going to kiss her. He teases in a seductive low tone, “What were you thinking? I was going to kiss you?”

   Emmi’s face turns bright red and she stomps her foot. “Wang Hao! You are too much! I am going to forget I ever met you!”

    She rushes down the steps cursing under her breath.“Wang Hao..shameless..shameless..”

    Zhen Sihao’s heart is beating rapidly as he watches her petite figure running away. The black skirt is short and Emmi’s straight legs are snow white. The back of her slender neck is exposed as her high ponytail swings back and forth. He gulps down his saliva, I was going to kiss Chen Emmi’s tempting lips…the little girl has some sort of strange hold on me. It’s good I am going to England for a week.  Annoyed by his turbulent emotions.  Zhen Sihao takes out another cigarette waiting for Emmi to return to her table. Maybe I shouldn’t have teased the little girl.

   After Emmi goes to the bathroom to compose herself, she returns to the table as the server is placing the dishes on the table. “Oh looks delicious.”

   She sits down and Jiang Weiming notices her face is flushed. “Everything okay?”

  “Yes.” She takes out her phone to take a picture of the dishes then fills up Jiang Weiming’s glass and hers also. “Weiming let’s toast to our future success.”

    While they clink their glasses together, Zhen Sihao sees Emmi’s dazzling smile, his face darkens and his eyes ripple with a hint of jealousy.

The little bunny girl certainly can bewitch a man with that captivating smile, Young Master Jiang can’t take his eyes off her beautiful face. He controls the sudden impulse to carry Emmi back to his apartment and kiss her until she can’t breathe. 

    Zhen Sihao only comes out of his daze when the ember from the cigarette burns his finger. Fuck! He flicks the cigarette butt into the ashtray then angrily walks into the private room.

   After Emmi and Jiang Weiming eat Emmi can’t wait any longer, “What is the surprise?”

  Jiang Weiming moves his chair next to Emmi then takes out three folders. “I have narrowed the search for a medicinal farm to these three.” He points to a photograph of a small quaint building and a field of medicinal plants, ” I consulted my brother and he thinks this one would be the best investment. If you agree I have spoken to the owner and we can go tomorrow to see the farm. If you are satisfied we can then purchase it immediately. There are ten employees and the owner said they would be willing to work for us.”

  Emmi studies the information and looks up at Jiang Weiming, her eyes are sparkling “Weiming this farm looks perfect. It isn’t too large but isn’t too small..just right!” Emmi’s body is very close to him, as she tilts her head several wisps of silky black hair are hanging down. He can smell the light fragrance of jasmine and his Adam’s apple rolls gazing into her beautiful green eyes. He clears his throat, “Do..do you have time tomorrow?”

   “I don’t have any classes but have to go to my art studio for awhile in the morning.There are five empty acres?”

  “I thought you would like that aspect of the farm. You mentioned you would like to transplant some plants and plant some different medicinal herbs.”

  Emmi hasa serious expression, “The price though..it is the most expensive of the three.”

  “It is still within the budget I prepared.” He shows her some financial information and the estimated monthly cost.

   “Have you heard from the Doctor in Pushong City with the lab? If I could sell my formula I could add more to my investment capital.”

   “Chang said Dr. Qiao is back from abroad. That was the second part of my surprise. He is willing to test your scar cream.”

   “Oh wow! That is great!” She clutches his hand unexpectedly that is resting on the table.

     He has a rush of heat run through his body. “Do you want to drive to Pushong City and meet Dr. Qiao?”

   Emmi swirls the wine around in the glass and scrunches her forehead. “I would like to go but I am too busy right now. Could I send him the sample?”

   “ You could do that. I  thought you might want to meet him. He is really a genius.”

   “I would feel honored to meet him but I need to finish my design and dress for Chloe. You know the Winter Ball is next Saturday.”

  He has a complicated expression but he can’t give his opinion. She said she has her reasons. “Are you going?”

  “Yes. Although it bothers my Uncle and Auntie the host is Tong Aotian. He is my godfather. Haha.. they wouldn’t let me attend otherwise. I actually want to go because Henri Armand will be attending. I really admire him.”

  “I am also attending with my family.” I wish you could be my date! Damn that Chen Chloe. How can I suppress that little bitch!


  Zhen Sihao and Fan Mi are leaving. He sees Emmi and Jiang Weiming close together looking at some documents. He grimaces when he sees her holding his hand.

   After they walk out the door Fan Mi’s assistant rushes out of a nanny van. She sounds very annoyed and screeches at “Fan Mi, you need to get to your shoot!”

   Zhen Sihao approaches Fan Mi’s agent, “Miss Ding is it? You work for Fan Mi, show respect.”

   The round faced woman blanches when she realizes who the handsome man is next to Fan Mi She wrings her hands and stammers, “CEO..CEO Zhen, I..I..if she delays shooting the advertisement Fan Mi needs to pay the advertiser.”

  “So I will pay. Miss Fan needs to relax because she is overworked. Cancel her engagements for the next week.”

  Frustrated, Fan Mi’s assistant tries to reason eith Zhen Sihao. “CEO Zhen if I cancel her advertisements she will lose face and no one will hire Fan Mi.”

  “Why does she need to worry about those low end companies. I am making her the face of Daphne Drake. Enough said. Fan Mi is coming with me, you can leave.”

   Ding Hua stands there with her mouth open watching them walk away. Fan Mi was silent the whole time and was following the Big Boss…when did she hug that Golden thigh and I didn’t know?

   Fan Mi follows him to a black Maybach and his driver opens the door. Once inside she leans on Zhen Sihao. She is still groggy from the sedative the doctor gave to her in the private room, her voice is weak, “Thank you Cousin.”

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