Daphne Drake

    Jiang Weiming notices Emmi is distracted and her eyes keep darting upstairs. He looks upstairs but only sees the back of a man and a woman walking into a private room. I wonder who they are. Chen Emmi seems very interested. “Chen Emmi, do you know them?”

   Emmi blushes after being caught by Jiang Weiming. “I think the woman is  Fan Mi. I am a big fan. “Pfft… Wang Hao, you certainly have skills. First the sophisticated woman at the hotel, now a hot young actress..Playboy! 

   “Oh. I thought she was filming ‘ Quest For The Golden Phoenix’ in the Washnu Mountains”

  “It must have wrapped. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out. I love fantasy movies set in Ancient China.”

   “I also enjoy that genre. Maybe we could go to see it together when it comes out.”

   “Sounds good. No..wait..I think Cousin Chloe would misinterpret that.”

  Jaing Weiming can barely control his anger at the mention of Chen Chloe. That annoying bitch is my biggest stumbling block in getting close to Chen Emmi!  But, don’t scare Chen Emmi, be a gentlemen. He has a serious expression but a soft tone, “Chen Emmi, I am going to make it clear to Chen Chloe. I am not interested. In the least! Not to mention you are my business partner now, I like to think we are friends also.

I can’t let her obsessive fascination with me interfere with my life. I need to convince you I have nothing to do with that lunatic! I know Chen Emmi isn’t interested in me yet so I need to reassure her I only want to be friends.I hope you understand this isn’t just about you, if I talk to any girl she throws a tantrum. It has gotten out of hand. I should have made it more clear to her but I didn’t want to be mean.”

  “Well I know you are a gentleman and it must be difficult.” Emmi laughs, “I have seen all the girls that buzz around you..haha…Cousin Chloe must eat vinegar every day… hahaha.I am happy we are business partners and friends but I can’t afford to antagonize my cousin for a few reasons. I don’t want to discuss my personal problems but I hope you understand.”

  “Chen Emmi, I want you to understand I have never liked your cousin or encouraged those girls. “

  “Jiang Weiming, you are handsome and outstanding, of course you are going to attract bees and butterflies. It must be difficult to tactfully handle all your admirers.”

  Jiang Weiming’s eyes have a twinkling light listening to Emmi, “Well since you are the School Goddess how do you turn down all the guys who confess to you?”

  Emmi’s eyes have a mischievous gleam, “I say I have a boyfriend.”

  Jiang Weiming’s face loses color and his fists clench under the table. “You..you have a boyfriend?”

  Emmi giggles, “Jiang Weiming when would I have time to find a boyfriend haha..I lie! I say he is studying abroad and I only have eyes for him.”

  He relaxes and lets out a relieved sigh, “I should try that!”

  Emmi sips her water, “It works and it doesn’t hurt their self esteem.”

  “That’s true if I liked a girl and she told me that I would give up.”

  The server comes over to the table. “Did you want to order?”

  Emmi looks at Jiang Weiming, “Should we eat then discuss?”

  “Sounds good. What would you like to eat?”

 “Surprise me. I will have whatever you are having.”

 “Any taboos?”

 “None. I can eat anything!” Emmi stands up. “I am going to the ladies room.”

   Jiang Weiming is slightly dazed while staring at Emmi. She is so easy to talk to and unpretentious. It is as though she has no clue how unbelievably beautiful she is. He stands up, “Do you want me to go with you?” noticing she has an eyelash on her cheek he says, “Stand still you have something..”. He stands closer to Emmi and his slender finger brushes across her cheek. “Got it.”

  This is witnessed by Zhen Sihao who is smoking upstairs. He subconsciously tightens his fingers on the cigarette. He came out of the private room to  escape from his chattering cousin before the food was served. Looks like Young Master Jiang  and Chen Emmi are quite close.

   Emmi walks through the restaurant to the hallway leading to the restroom. She walks in and sees a tall blonde woman wearing a short jacket and electric blue dress from Chanel’s latest collection. Emmi likes the style so momentarily stands there examining the design. I like the way the woman paired this mini dress with  high boots, I wish I was tall.  She walks into a stall and is speechless when she hears the woman cursing a man.

The woman looks furious as she fixes her hair. Daphne Drake is looking in the mirror and her heavily made up face is contorted in anger. Speaking English she begins to rant,“Damn that insufferable man! BASTARD! He tricked me! He got what he wanted then dumped me. Fucking prick! I will kill him!” She applies red lipstick then presses her lips together, “See if I let him get away with fucking me in the ass!”

  “…” Emmi waits to come out of the stall but waits listening to see if the woman left. Seems she did. Emmi walks to the sink and washes her hands thinking about the woman. My God the woman is so sexy and beautiful what man would do that! Well..men..who can trust them. She really was using some words!

  Emmi walks out of the restroom and sees the woman is talking to  LuLu D’Amico.  She can’t help but notice LuLu is shaking and seems like she wants to cry. What is the angry woman saying to make LuLu so upset? Well none of my business. She sees an older man who seems to be the manager, “Excuse me. I don’t mean to be nosy but I think the hostess has encountered an angry customer… Maybe you should help?”

  Nico D’ Amico hurries over to rescue his niece and Emmi walks back to the table.

 Jiang Weiming says, “I ordered the Seafood Linguini with White Wine Sauce and their signature Antipasto.Does that sound alright?”

 “Yummy sounds delicious.” She picks up the glass of white wine and takes a sip. “This wine is light. I was worried it might be too strong.”

  “I ordered Pinot Grigio to go with the meal since we are having seafood. It doesn’t have a high alcohol content.”

  “Well it is delicious.”

  Emmi sees the angry woman storming through the restaurant and heading up the stairs. She can’t help but watch, is the man she was talking about here? She looks crazy. 

  Zhen Sihao is smoking his second cigarette when Daphne Drake comes flying towards him. He sneers, who told her I was eating here? He has a devilish smile on his handsome face looking at her furious expression. He left the meeting before Yang Jing gave Daphne Drake the very bad news. Zhen Sihao wanted her to rise to the clouds then be thrown back to earth for her deception. Daphne Drake being the narcissist that she is, thought he had fallen for her scheme and didn’t read the fine print on the last page. 

   She had a smug expression on her face and said, “Happy Cooperation” as he left the meeting.

After he left Yang Jing had been instructed to point out the stipulation of taking over the company was that she no longer was the CEO of Daphne Drake. He thought it was pleasantly ironic to retain the name of the company and the stupid woman because of her despicable methods was stripped of all power to make decisions.

  Daphne Drake lunges at him screaming, “You lying bastard!”

   Emmi is the only person in the back of the restaurant. Jiang Weiming got a phone call from his brother about an urgent matter so he excused himself to go take the call. When Daphne Drake screams. Emmi’s eyes widen because Wang Hao is languidly leaning on the railing smiling still smoking his cigarette, apparently unworried. Daphne Drake is about to slap him and in a flash he grabs her hand. Daphne Drake begins crying and pounding on his chest, “You can’t throw me out!”

   “Can and did.”

   Fan Mi comes out when she hears the commotion, “Cousin…What.”

  Daphne Drake turns around and grabs Fan Mi by the hair she pulls a small gun from her jacket pocket. She holds it to Fan Mi’s head. Looking at Zhen Sihao with a crazed look in her eye she orders,“Give it back to me!”

   Fan Mi is terrified. She is crying and her eyes are filled with fear while looking at Zhen Sihao.

   Zhen Sihao remains calm,“You shoot my cousin, not even your Daddy can save you.”

   Emmi can see the woman is unstable; she could shoot either one. He shouldn’t provoke the lunatic! Fan Mi! Emmi impulsively takes a silver needle out of her hair she keeps for protection. Her grandfather taught her how to use this inconspicuous method. If I can hit her acupoint she will collapse. If I don’t they aren’t in any worse of a situation.

She throws the needle at Daphne Drake and when it strikes her neck she let’s go of Fan Mi and falls to the floor unconscious.

  “…” Zhen Sihao rushes over to Fan Mi who is quivering, he strokes her hair and brushes it behind her ear, “Are you okay.” He hugs her, “Little Mi, I need to deal with the woman. Be a good girl and go into the room and lie down.”

   Two muscular men in black suits race up the stairs. Zhen Sihao has a disgusted expression “Take the woman.”

  The one bodyguard sees the silver needle in Daphne Drake’s neck. He takes it out, “Boss, your silver needle..” He is impressed. The needle pierced the woman’s accupoint neatly.

  Zhen Sihao assumed one of the bodyguards acted when they saw he was in danger. He raises an eyebrow.“It isn’t yours?”

 The bodyguard shakes his head and looks at the other guard who also shakes his head no. Zhen Sihao’s lips curl up into a smile as he wipes off the needle with a tissue then puts in a handkerchief. “What are you waiting for? Go.”

   The two men are staring at Zhen Sihao’s strange expression as they pick up the woman and go down the back stairs.

  Jiang Weiming comes back to the table, “Sorry. It was important.”

   “No problem. The server came by and said our food will take a few more minutes.” Emmi has a sip of wine, Big Devil, you owe me! I saved your new little girlfriend from your crazy old girlfriend. You are lucky I am a fangirl..I couldn’t let anything happen to my favorite actress. Although I hope after this scare Fan Mi has the sense to dump you! Shameless Devil!


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