After Emmi’s class she walks down the street to D’Amico’s, the little Italian Restaurant. When she went to the dorm before class she changed into a short black suspender skirt and a cute t-shirt with a pink bunny on the front. She is wearing a pair of black boots and a retro black leather bomber jacket.

While she is walking down the alley she grabs a falling leaf and smiles. I wonder if Jiang Weiming has arrived. She enters the restaurant and looks around then asks the hostess for a table for two. “Could i have a quiet spot?”

   The hostess looks at the beautiful student and thinks she is meeting her boyfriend. “Yes. We have a booth by the back garden. Your black knit hat is so cute. Do you mind if I ask where you bought it?”

  Emmi smiles, dazzling the hostess and a man waiting to pay. “Thank you. I knitted it. You can find this hat in my online store, Emmi Knits. ..I’m Emmi by the way haha..use code BRR4578 for a 30% discount.”

  The girl says “I am LuLu D’Amico. BRR4578..4578.. Wow! Thanks!”

   As they walk to the back of the restaurant Emmi thinks the girl is cute and says,“Sure! If you want to learn to knit I have a tutorial. You can learn and make your own and with the holidays coming it is great for a gift.” Emmi’s eyes bend into a crescent shape as she teases, “A scarf for your boyfriend maybe?The link is on my site.”

  The girl looks at her with wide eyes and an infatuated look, “That is so cool. I will check it out!”

   She gives Emmi a menu after she sits down at the table. “What is the name of the person meeting you?”

  Emmi takes off her retro black leather bomber jacket. “Jiang Weiming. If he doesn’t give his name he is a tall guy..” 

  The pretty girl blushes and interrupts, “Jiang Weiming! The Student Council President? I know what he looks like! He is so handsome! Is he your boyfriend?”

  Emmi waves her hand, “No. A friend.”

  “I will make sure to bring him back as soon as he comes!” She walks away and turns back around, I’m glad The President isn’t her boyfriend but they would match well together. She is sweet and beautiful… he is gentle and handsome.

  The girl’s enthusiasm makes Emmi smile, “Thanks!”

  Emmi looks at the menu, all the food is delicious. What should I order? She picks up her water glass that has a slice of lemon floating on top then takes a sip.

   The young hostess takes her phone out of her purse to look up Emmi’s online store. She is leaning on the hostess stand scrolling when a middle aged man comes over and frowns, “LuLu how many times have I told you no phone at work?” Zhen Sihao and Fan Mi walk in the door when the girl says, “Uncle Nico I’m sorry!” She points her finger towards Emmi, “But do you see that beautiful girl in the back?”

  Lulu’s uncle and Fan Mi both look to the back of the restaurant. Lulu continues excitedly pointing at Emmi, “I love her hat and she gave me a discount code for her online store. I am afraid the hat will be sold out. It is so cute!”

  Fan Mi nods her head and agrees, “Very cute! I like her outfit too!”

  Lulu’s eyes light up and she eagerly shows Fan Mi the website, “She designed her outfit! Emmi is amazing!” 

  Zhen Sihao is looking at an email on his phone and is ignoring them but when he hears the name Emmi he looks up. “Let me see.”

  The hostess looks at the cold handsome man and nervously shows him. Fan Mi asks, “Is this online store under the umbrella of Zhen E Commerce? The designs are really imaginative.”

   Zhen Sihao raises an eyebrow and doesn’t answer her question.

   Nico D’Amico sees Zhen Sihao’s annoyed expression and quickly takes two menus, “Sorry CEO Zhen, my little niece gets excited.” He glares at LuLu and she shrinks back behind the hostess stand. He quickly walks towards the stairs to the private rooms on the second floor.

   After they leave LuLu has a complicated expression, she is wearing a mask and sunglasses but that she the actress Fan Mi? Uncle called the cold handsome guy CEO Zhen..hmm..

  She is still in a daze when Jiang Weiming comes into the restaurant. He is a little late and is worried about Emmi waiting, he doesn’t see her in the restaurant. “I am meeting a girl. Chen Emmi.”

  “Oh..yes she is waiting for you. I will take you to the table.” She sneaks peeks at him as they walk through the restaurant. My God I am so close to him what cologne is that it smells so good. He is so handsome!“ When they arrive at the table she regains her composure, “She must have gone to the restroom but this is her table.” I feel Uncle is giving me a death glare from somewhere.

  LuLu blushes when he smiles and says, “Thank you.”

  She scurries away from the table, her cheeks are burning. I am so happy I picked up this shift!

 Zhen Sihao  and Fan Mi are in the private room. It is comfortably decorated and there is a small couch. He is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed looking at his phone. Fan Mi sits next to him and pouts, “Sihao, why have you been ignoring me?”

  “Mi, I wasn’t ignoring you. I was out of the country and then busy when I returned.”

  He stands up and walks over to the table as a server enters the room. “Would you like something to drink?”

  “A bottle of Chateau Laffitte 90 .”

  Fan Mi looks at the empty space next to her, “Cousin I turned down a variety show to spend time with you.”

  “If you wanted to do it you would have, don’t put that on me. There must have been another reason.”

  She laughs, “Why do you see through me so easily?”

   Zhen Sihao flicks her forehead as he sarcastically remarks.“Probably because you are not that good of an actress.”

   She throws a pillow at him, “I am a very good actress. You are just too clever.”

  “You are now resorting to flattery so you must want something from me.”

  “I want to be the face of ZLD. I need the exposure if I am going to compete with Geena. She snatches every role from me because she is sought after by advertisers. Ever since she became the spokesperson for Simone! Cosmetics her career is soaring. That little bitch is redder than red!”

  The server brings the wine and pours two glasses. “Did you want to order?”


  “After we talk.”

  He motions for the server to leave. “I don’t think you are suitable. The brand is geared to a sophisticated woman and well you are more the cute National Sweetheart type.”

  Fan Mi stomps over to the table and takes a gulp of wine, That is why I want it! I want to change my image!”

  Downstairs Emmi is stewing. She was watching the door for Jiang Weiming when Zhen Sihao entered with Fan Mi. She went to the ladies room to splash her face with water to calm down. Errrr…that man! I can’t believe I just saw him with another woman! Playboy! Pervert! Shameless Devil! I need to ignore him. I have an important meeting with Jiang Weiming! Emmi! Get the Devil’s smiling face out of your mind! 

  Emmi looks in the mirror and purses her lips, You can forget the kiss! You can! The Big Devil has too many women that is why his kiss felt so good! Practice makes perfect!

   She walks back to the table and Zhen Sihao is having a cigarette watching her from upstairs. He smiles as he exhales a puff of smoke,hmm.. The little girl designed that outfit? He thinks about Emmi’s online store.  Talented… but her inexperience shows in her pricing, the high quality materials and  her effort are not cost effective. If she was nurtured in a couple years she could become a top designer. Maybe Zhen Group could offer her an internship. He changes his mind when he sees her sit with Jiang Weiming. Little vixen…first Liu Ling now Jiang Weiming.. But she was mumbling something about her first kiss when she left my bedroom… Fuck.. I don’t need the distraction. I need to get the little girl out of my head. 

   He continues to watch as Emmi takes out some papers showing Jiang Weiming. She has a serious expression pointing to a..what is that? A farm? He is fascinated staring at Emmi explaining something. Damn..I wish I could hear what they are discussing. He walks towards the end of the hallway and leans over the railing.

   Emmi feels someone’s eyes on her and she looks up and meets his eyes. WANG HAO! She glares at him and when Jiang Weiming isn’t looking she points her slender finger at Zhen Sihao then draws the finger across her neck in a slashing motion. He can’t help but laugh looking at her angry expression. Emmi’s cheeks are puffed out and she is crinkling her eyebrows together. Childish! He winks and blows her a kiss. Emmi face turns crimson red. She looks like she is going to explode in anger, then when Jiang Weiming gazes up from the photograph Emmi ignores Zhen Sihao. She smiles brightly at Jiang Weiming showing her dimples and nods. Zhen Sihao chuckles, the little girl can change faces in the blink of an eye

   Fan Mi comes out of the private room and walks down the hallway to him. She takes the cigarette from his hand, “Cousin you smoke too much.” She takes a puff of the cigarette then puts it out in an ashtray on a small table. “The food is served.”

  He takes another look at Emmi to make sure she is looking at him. He has a faint smile as he  puts his arm around Fan Mi and walks back to the private room.

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