CEO Zhen Is Back

  Emmi’s turbulent heart is beating erratically as she dashes out of the building. Her beautiful green eyes are watery and her cheeks are flushed, unable to believe what just happened. She wipes her mouth with her sleeves several times. Big Devil! He stole my first kiss! Distracted thinking of the chaotic scene on the bed she isn’t paying attention and runs into a man’s strong back as he exits a small cafe. She holds her nose, “Owww.”

  The man turns around when she bangs into him. “Chen Emmi?” He holds her trembling shoulders, “Are you alright?”

  She looks up at his handsome face with an aggrieved expression. She begins to cry and hugs him. “Wuuhuu..Brother’m not alright.”

   He pats her back to comfort her, “Tell Brother, who bullied you?”


   Liu Ling has a helpless smile as he strokes her messy hair, “Brother is here.”

   Emmi snuggles into Liu Ling’s chest and continues to cry.

  Zhen Sihao had quickly put on clothes and chased after Emmi.

   When he steps out onto the sidewalk he witnesses this scene. He clenches his fists at his side,  at the angle where he is standing it appears Emmi is intimately hugging Liu Ling and he is bending down to kiss her.

Zhen Sihao is a flustered mess, his heart tightens thinking about another man kissing Emmi and touching her soft thin body. When he thought he was dreaming he was extremely aroused and was filled with desire wanting to possess Emmi’s body. He was stunned when he realized he wasn’t dreaming. She really was pressed underneath him and he was taking advantage.

     Zhen Sihao’s  dark eyes have a murderous glint and his aura darkens. CHEN EMMI!  Damn little woman! What was I worried about? She is fine. Pfft!  She ran directly into another man’s arms. He stands there frozen in place watching Liu Ling pat her fluffy head and he doesn’t budge until they walk down the sidewalk. Once they cross the street to the University campus he comes to his senses He curls his lip and sneers, it seems she wasn’t as upset as I thought. 

   He storms back into the apartment building. Once inside his apartment he picks up an expensive porcelain sculpture from a shelf and throws it against the wall.  His anger doesn’t subside and he brushes everything off the counter by the kitchen. Zhen Sihao doesn’t know which makes him more angry, that he lost control and felt guilty or that he saw her in the arms of Liu Ling.

   Emmi calms down as she walks with Liu Ling. He doesn’t pry into the reason she is upset so Emmi relaxes. 

   When they get to campus Emmi says goodbye  to him. She sweetly smiles, “Brother Ling, thank you. I will see you tomorrow when JIang Weiming and I come to your office.”


  He walks towards his office wondering what happened to Emmi. The little girl is usually so cheerful. I don’t think I have ever seen her look vulnerable. She obviously didn’t want to say. I hope she can confide in someone, it isn’t good she has to shoulder everything by herself.

  Emmi feels much better after crying. She decides to go to her dorm room and freshen up before class. When she reaches the dormitory she stops in her tracks, Cousin Chloe and Jiang FeiFei? What do they want? I am not in the mood. She ducks behind a corner and waits for them to leave. Once they are gone she enters the dormitory and takes the stairs to her room on the third floor.

  Ruan YaoYao is coming out of their room, “Emmi, you just missed your stupid cousin and that wench Jiang FeiFei. Chen Chloe was breathing fire, I would avoid them.”

  “Thanks YaoYao. I saw them when I was walking up. I hope she didn’t bother you.”

   “She was in the hallway and I didn’t open the door. But, she was slandering you screaming that you seduced Jiang Weiming. “

   Emmi rolls her eyes, “She is so delusional. I have no interest in Jiang Weiming other than as a partner in a business venture. Cousin Chloe should wake up to the fact he just doesn’t like her, it has nothing to do with me. Are you on your way to class?”

  “No. I am going to the music room. Lu Ying Yue gave me some pointers and I am going to practice.”

  “That is awesome! Did I tell you I am going on Saturday to teach Little Jie to swim. So you and Ying Yue can spend time together.”

  YaoYao hugs Emmi, “Thanks. I can’t tell you how much Ying Yue’s mentoring has helped. I feel much more confident.”

  Emmi pats YaoYao’s head, “You are so talented I know you will win the Competition! It is fun for me too, he is such a little cutie!” 

   YaoYao lets go of Emmi, “I need to go. I reserved the room at eleven o’clock.”

   “See you later.” Emmi goes into the room and lays on her bed. She closes her eyes and touches her lips while picturing Zhen Sihao kissing her passionately. Emmi shakes her feet in the air. Shameless!

   Zhen Sihao arrives at his office and his secretaries stand in a line and bow. The head secretary, Sung Didi greets him with a big smile, “Welcome back CEO Zhen.”

  He walks past without acknowledging the secretaries and they stare at each other. A pretty young woman tugs on Secretary Sungs’ sleeve, “The CEO is colder than ever. I would have thought after his vacation with his girlfriend he would be in a good mood.”

  She glances at the closed door, “Brrr..he looked very angry. I felt like I couldn’t breathe for a moment.”

” Well, get back to work. When he is angry it is best to keep your head buried in paperwork.”

  Zhen Sihao sits at his desk and looks around his office. It has been awhile. Leaning back on his leather office chair with his hands behind his head he is thinking about the last month. An image of Emmi taking care of him in her art studio pops into his mind. He picks up the ringing phone, the caller is the head of construction on the Riverfront Development. “The road construction is almost completed. All that is left is to pave the road. The separate private access road goes from Crystal Highway to the back of the property between your villa and the small Art Studio. The construction on your villa has also been progressing; it should be finished by the end of next month.”

 Zhen Sihao taps his pen on the desk.  “Very good. Contact me when the road is finished.” He had this plan to reward Emmi for taking care of him after the accident. He has the urge to cancel the road construction but it will also be more convenient for him to have private access to his Waterfront Villa. Chen Emmi I want to see you bow and thank me. When the access road is completed you won’t have to deal with Chen Yihong. You can come and go to your Art Studio without having to enter through the mansion gate.

  Yang Jing walks into the office, “Sihao, do you want to get lunch before the meeting?”

  “ After the meeting. Have your secretary make a reservation for a private room at D’Amico’s, Fan Mi likes that restaurant. Right now I want to go over the report one more time before we meet with that bitch Daphne Drake.”

  Yang Jing has a complex expression, “Fan Mi is in town?”

  “She called me yesterday.”

  “I’m surprised. I thought she was filming.”

  “Guess they finished.”

  Yang Jing calls his secretary.After he hangs up he adjusts his glasses on the bridge of his nose. “Are you going to tell her you plan on inspecting the factory?”

  “Why.. so the conniving bitch can alert her people? No, I am going unannounced.”

  “She has no idea she is walking into a trap. I have to hand it to you Sihao you are a devious man.”

  “If the woman wasn’t so confident of her charms she would have prepared better. I hate scheming women who think every man will be bewitched by beauty.”

  Yang Jing laughs, “If she had done her homework she would know that you are a cold and heartless bastard. I don’t think there is a woman born who can find her way into that frozen heart of yours.”

  Zhen Sihao thinks about Chen Emmi ‘s beautiful innocent face and soft alluring body under him on his bed and his face gets hot. He whips the pen in his hand at Yang Jing. “Shut up or you can oversee the mining project in Tanzania.”

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