I Wasn’t Dreaming?

“Sihao do you know that girl?”



  “Remember what I said, don’t publish the magazine until I tell you.” He walks towards the door, quickening his pace when he sees Emmi waving at a taxi. Zhen Sihao knocks into a man as he steps onto the sidewalk. The man stumbles and angrily approaches him, “Watch..” He doesn’t finish his complaint when he is surrounded Zhen Sihao’s powerful aura.

    Emmi gets into the taxi and is looking at her phone when the door opens. She gazes up at the man who rudely climbed into the taxi, “This is my..” Emmi gulps, “Wang Hao..haha..good you can pay since you lied to me.”

   Zhen Sihao isn’t sure why he cares but he is relieved she called him Wang Hao. He got into the taxi thinking his real identity had been exposed. “Fine. I did lie to you.”

  “I don’t know why you didn’t say you were entertaining a client…or is she your girlfriend? Or both haha. Next time tell me the truth..I hate liars the most.” She looks at her phone and smiles.

  [I am looking forward to it]

  Zhen Sihao sees the message.“Looking forward to what?”

  “Nosy! Mind your own business.”

   “Do you have time to give me a massage before your class?”


  “I will pay triple. I pulled a muscle in my leg chasing you.”

  Emmi has an impish grin on her face.“Are you sure you didn’t hurt yourself while you were entertaining that woman? And I didn’t hear an apology for lying to me.”

  “Pfft! I said I would pay triple.”

  “Didn’t you say you have a meeting? Was that a lie also?”

  “I do have a meeting but it isn’t until this afternoon.” Actually I don’t mind letting that bitch Daphne Drake sit and wait for me. I am tense. I want a massage.

  “I guess I have time. Can you pay me after the massage? I am treating someone to lunch today after class.”


  “Well, I am excited so I will share. Jiang Weimeng. He said he has some good news to share with me. I think he found a medicinal herb farm for us to buy.”

  “You two are going into business together?”

  “Yes. He is willing to take a chance and invest with me.”

   “What do you know about running a business?”

  “Not much but I have been researching. Jiang Weimeng is a business genius, with him as a partner I think we’ll be able to succeed. I know about medicinal plants and he knows the business side. I asked Brother Ling to advise me and he agreed.”

   Zhen Sihao gazes at her beautiful face as she excitedly tells him about her plans. She is glowing, her green eyes are sparkling and she is happily smiling. The little girl certainly attracts the bees and the butterflies! He feels itchy that two other men are helping Emmi. I could easily buy you a medicinal farm and help you build your business with my connections. Why didn’t you ask me? 

  “Why didn’t you ask me to invest?”

  Emmi ignores Zhen Sihao when sees another message from Lu Ying Yue. [All the little boy talks about is you teaching him to swim.]

 [Have you talked to Ruan YaoYao about practicing the piano on Saturday?]

  Zhen Sihao is very irritated she didn’t answer him. He childishly snatches the phone from her hand and holds it up. “Answer me.” How dare Chen Emmi ignore me! Does she have any idea how many women want my attention.She really has guts!

  She tries to grab the phone and ends up in his lap with her lips brushing against his. He looks down at her soft petite body pressed onto him and panics when he feels his body heating up. Zhen Sihao pushes Emmi off his lap. He regains his composure and has a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes. “Stealing a kiss? I know I am good looking but you aren’t my type.”

   Emmi’s face turns bright red as she lands on the seat. She wipes her lips with her sleeve and angrily puffs out her cheeks. “WANG HAO! GIVE ME MY PHONE!”

  “When you answer my question.”

  “What question?”

  “Why didn’t you ask me to invest?”

  Emmi taunts him. “Did you satisfy the woman and she gave you a bonus?”

  Zhen Sihao has flames rolling in the bottom of his eyes. He grabs Emmi and lays her over his lap and spanks her bottom. She squirms around, “OWWW! STOP! WANG HAO!!!”

  The old taxi driver looks in the rear view mirror at them. He barks, “Mister, I don’t want no trouble! Control yourself or you need to get out of my cab.”

  He let’s Emmi go and she grabs her phone. She bites her lip then furiously spits out, “Wang Hao you find another masseuse! I won’t work for you!” They aren’t far from campus, she has never been spanked and is very embarrassed. “Driver, stop here.”

  The old man swerves over to the side of the road and Zhen Sihao has a threatening tone, “Keep going to the address I gave you. Miss Chen, we have an agreement unless you want me to sue you. I suggest you fulfill your duty.”

  Emmi’s butt is stinging, she clenches her fists on her lap. “If I am your employee I will sue you for sexual harassment!”

  “Who was it that just kissed me?”

  “I..I.. SHUT UP!” 

   Zhen Sihao laughs as he pays the driver when they reach the apartment building.Chen Emmi, you will never win when dealing with me. No one ever does.

  When they exit the taxi Emmi sees Liu Ling leaving and she pushes Zhen Sihao, “I will meet you at your apartment.”

  He doesn’t want to be recognized by Liu Ling so he readily agrees. “ Don’t be too long.”

  Emmi hurries over to the sidewalk. She smiles prettily, “Brother Ling.”

  He turns around “Chen Emmi. Were you visiting your friend?”

“I am on my way there now.”

 “How is your investment project going?”

  “I am meeting Jiang Weimeng later to discuss it. I wanted to ask you if you could join us at lunch later. I have some questions I would like to ask you.”

  “I can’t, I have a lunch commitment. If you and Jiang Weimeng want to stop by my office tomorrow I will be available in the morning.”

  “Thanks. I won’t keep you then.” Emmi walks back to the apartment building, she claps her hands together, “Yes!”

   She knocks on Zhen Sihao’s door and he doesn’t answer,What the heck! I said I would be right up. She tries the door and it is open, she looks in the living room, “Wang Hao? It’s me.”

Emmi walks down the hallway to the Master bedroom. Zhen Sihao walks out wrapped only in a white towel and is drying his hair. Emmi’s eyes widen staring at his muscular body. She has seen him before but for some reason with the water dripping down his chest to his mermaid line Emmi’s ears turn red. He really is incredibly handsome in an unruly way.“Wang Hao! Put on some shorts. I don’t have a lot of time!”

  “I thought you would be talking to Professor Liu for longer from the way you were drooling when you saw him.” He picks up the blow dryer. “Dry my hair.”

  “Dry it yourself! When you have some clothes on I will be back. I am getting a bottle of water.”

  “Bring me a glass of orange juice.”

  “…” Does he think he is the Emperor! Domineering… Arrogant..Demanding… Shameless!

  He sits on the edge of the bed and dries his hair, he chuckles why is it so much fun to tease the little thing?

  Emmi brings the orange juice and drinks some water. “Pay me now in case you go to sleep.”

  He raises an eyebrow and takes her phone, “Don’t let me go to sleep I need to go to the meeting.” 

  She lights the soothing incense and takes out the massage oil out of the drawer. He is lying on his stomach waiting for Emmi to begin. She rubs the massage oil on her hands until it is warm then begins massaging his neck and shoulders. He sighs, The bunny girl really applies the right amount of pressure and her soft hands are warm. 

   After Emmi gets into the rhythm of rubbing and kneading his muscles she begins to sing. Zhen Sihao listens to the sound of her soft voice and relaxes. He can feel all his stress leaving his body. Ahh..feels so good.

   She massages his body and is thinking about seeing Brother Ling while singing the romantic theme song from ‘My Beloved Concubine’ She finishes and shakes her head. He falls asleep every time. She watches him sleep and her lips curl up into a smile, I never noticed how long and dense his black eyelashes are. He must have really worked hard last night... Haha. After I wash my hands I will wake him up.

  Emmi blows out the incense and puts away the massage oil then goes to the bathroom. She washes her hands and smells the scent. Smells like Wang Hao..woodsy with a hint of orange.  She pictures him walking out of the bathroom, he is a sexy guy…peerless good looks…perfect toned body. No wonder women want to sleep with him haha..

  She walks over to the bed and taps his shoulder, “Wang Hao..wake up.” When he doesn’t move she has the urge to smell his hair and impulsively leans over him. Ohh… smells really good. I wonder if it is as soft as it looks. She lightly runs her fingers through his hair. Soft. She comes to her senses, what are you doing!

  Zhen Sihao is dreaming about Emmi and stimulated by her actions. Before Emmi can react he presses her under his strong body and kisses her soft lips.

    He pries her lips open and his hot tongue swirls around Emmi’s. She struggles pressing on his bare chest with her small hands but can’t stop his tyrannical kiss. Emmi can’t breath and a strange sensation is running through her body as he kisses her deeply. She is quivering in his strong embrace inhaling his hormonal scent mixed with the woodsy orange fragrance.

Emmi is finding it hard to resist him. Zhen Sihao’s eyes are closed as he greedily touches her body. When his large hot hand slips up under her blouse onto her breast she comes to her senses.Oh My God!

He is sucking on her neck when she is able to reach her arm up and slap him. Emmi is panting heavily, “Wang Hao you beast! Let me go!” She pushes him with all her strength.

   He is stunned and rolls off of Emmi. She takes the opportunity to run out of the bedroom. Grabbing her back pack she curses him as she enters the hallway. Emmi rushes to the elevator pressing the button several times. She pats her chest, her heart is racing am I crazy…crazy.. She steps into the elevator. Devil! He is the Devil!

   Zhen Sihao is half awake and touches his cheek. I wasn’t dreaming?  


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  1. It seems that their relationship is beginning to move forward. I’m really waiting =))

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