Jade Auction Part 2

   Zheng Si and Qiqi find a table in the back and sit down. Qiqi is unaware Sun Zerong has been watching them as he downs his third glass of Scotch.When she turned around he almost spit out his drink because of the resemblance to Shen Qiqi. He refuses to believe the beautiful and noble girl with Zheng Si is that troublesome little Webtoon artist. Sun Zhi went outside to take a call and he is sitting at the bar itching to walk over and see if this little fairy is Shen Qiqi. If Zheng Si is her backer that would explain her ability to hire the  Long and Fan.Law Firm. But what would a powerful man like Zheng Si see in such an unruly little girl. Granted if that girl is Shen Qiqi she is incredibly beautiful but her personality is extremely irksome. 

   He waves his empty glass at the bartender, “One more.”  Sun Zhi walks up to the bar, “I will have a beer.” He languidly leans against the bar and looks at his cousin, “What is wrong with you?”

   Sun Zerong points over at Zheng Si and Qiqi. “See the girl with Zheng Si?”

  Sun Zhi takes a gulp of his beer then glances that direction, “Yeah. Why?”

  “I think she is a Webtoon artist at my company.”

 “You think? Well, I guess you wouldn’t remember a small employee.”

  Sun Zerong furrows his eyebrows and tightens his hand around the glass. “Oh..I would never forget this one! But when I saw her at the company she.. well… looked different.”

  “What do you mean? Shit. If you are curious just walk over and see, you are the CEO.” He drinks his beer, “Why are you hesitating?”

  “You are right. Walk over with me, you and Zheng Si are friends.”

  “What the hell!” Sun Zhi laughs, “ What are you shy..haha? Do you like that girl? She is incredibly beautiful but from here…well… It looks like she and Si are a couple. I have never seen him bring a woman to any event.”

  Sun Zerong quickly replies, “Hell no! I have my reasons.”

    Sun Zhi gulps down his beer,“Fine. Let’s go.”  It isn’t often I get to see Zerong flustered.

   They walk over to the table as Zheng Si is feeding Qiqi a prawn. She chokes when she sees her crush standing in front of the table with her nemesis.  “Kaka..ka..” Qiqi’s eyes are watering as she quickly takes a sip of water. Zheng Si pats her on the back, “Qiqi, are you okay?”

   She waves her hands in front of her face, “Ah..kaka..ahh..I’m fine. Spicy!”

   Sun Zhi has a puzzled expression as he stares intently at Qiqi. Isn’t she the High School girl who lost her laptop…broke into my office? Zheng Si is dating a High School girl? She works at Sun Publishing? This is getting more interesting.

  Zheng Si ignores the two men and dabs Qiqi’s mouth with a napkin, “Drink some more water.”

  Qiqi suddenly stands up, “I’m going to the ladies room. I will be right back.”

   “Do you know where it is? I will take you.”

  “I do. Stay. I won’t be long.” She gives Sun Zerong a look as she walks by him and in an almost inaudible voice whispers, “Outside.”

  After she leaves, Zheng Si tells Sun Zerong, “Go. Don’t make the little girl wait in the cold.” 

  Sun Zerong leaves and Sun Zhi sits down. “What was that about?”

  Zheng Si sips his wine, “Don’t know.” 

 “Is she in High School?”



 “Shen Qiqi is a student at A University.”

  Sun Zhi watches Qiqi hurry away,“Two times I saw the little girl  she was wearing a High School uniform.”

  “Well, she goes to the High School to draw. Qiqi’s Aunt is the Principal she said she could but needed to blend in so as to not disturb the students.”

  Outside Qiqi is rubbing her arms and bouncing up and down trying to stay warm, “Where is the petty man?  It is freezing out here.”

  Sun Zerong comes out the door and a blast of wintry air  hits him in the face. He sees Qiqi shivering, Idiot! He takes long strides over to where she is standing., “It is too cold  out here, come this way.”

   Qiqi follows him through a door to an empty dining room. She wants to ask him about his relationship with Sun Zhi but hesitates. If I ask he will know I am interested and possibly sabotage me with his vengeful personality.

  Sun Zerong has been drinking heavily. He leans down, “ Did Zheng Si get you the lawyer to negotiate your contract?”

    Qiqi waves her hand, “Step back. How much did you drink? Wheww…Do you think I am incapable of handling my own affairs?”

  “Well little girl. Yes.” He pulls out his wallet, “You dropped this cheap card in my office.” Sun Zerong holds the card in front of her with a wry smile and taunts Qiqi.  “ Little girl you aren’t very capable.” He stares at her chest and teases, “When most women latch onto a golden thigh like Zheng Si they get a shiny Black Card with unlimited funds. Little idiot..how did you end up only getting a measly five million on this tacky blue card?”

   Qiqi puffs out her cheeks,“The five million on the card is yours, remember you fired me.”

  Sun Zerong touches his chin with his slender finger. “I don’t remember firing you. Do you have any proof of that? Did you fill out the exit paperwork?”

  “Ah..no. But you fired me.”

  He lies with a straight face. “I have no recollection of firing you. You came to my office to discuss the Expo. Isn’t that what you told my assistant? While you were there you dropped this piece of shit card.”

  Qiqi can’t fathom how he could be so shameless. “You are crazy! I quit then. I can quit and still keep my Webtoon!”

   Sun Zerong has a faint smile as he savors the annoyed expression on Qiqi’s face. Good…get angry! it is nothing compared to how furious I am with you for your insolent behavior! I will definitely teach you a lesson when you are under my thumb! “That is true you can quit… but then where will your good friend Kang Xue work? I will need to let her go since you are the only artist she handles. I can’t have an idle employee. When other companies find out she couldn’t handle one artist do you think she can find a job.”


  “No, not at all.If you want to quit… quit.”

  He dangles the card in front of Qiqi and she snatches it from him. “You shameless Capitalist! Don’t think this is over. If you make any trouble for me or Kang Xue I will quit! Definitely quit! and start my own company!” I am just too lazy right now and I am afraid you and Sun Zhi are related. 

  Sun Zerong has a sly smile on his handsome face, “If you cooperate well, we can work amicably together. I won’t hold your  past insubordination against you.” I didn’t realize what a little moneymaker you are Shen Qiqi…how can I let you leave and take your Webtoon with you. Not to mention I have to pay you back ten fold for disrespecting me.

   “Pfft!” I need to get away from this man!, I seriously want to beat him to death! Qiqi turns around to face him as she walks towards the door, “Don’t tell Kang Xue.” I don’t want her to know I am staying so she can keep her job. 

  “I have no reason to tell Kang Xue about our little conversation.”

  Qiqi hurries back into the Ballroom, Zheng Si ordered Qiqi a cup of hot tea. “Qiqi drink this. You are shivering.” He touches her arms transferring his internal heat to her body.

  She shakes off her annoyance appreciating his thoughtful gesture. “Thank you Brother Si.” 

  Qiqi sips the hot tea, “Ahh…The temperature is just right.” She  nonchalantly asks, “Where did Sun Zhi go?”

  “He left to speak to someone before the auction.” Zheng Si knows what every expression on Qiqi’s face means, she is disappointed he isn’t still sitting here, “Qiqi, Sun Zhi…well he isn’t someone you should set your heart on.”

  Qiqi blinks her eyes a few times and gazes at him with a look of surprise, “Huh?”

  Zheng Si chuckles and pats her head, “Little girl your emotions are written all over your face. I am telling you because I don’t want you to get hurt. You are too sweet and naive for a cold and complicated man like Sun Zhi.

  “I don’t. I just wanted to say thank you again.”

  He doesn’t want to expose her feelings, “That is good. He has a woman he likes.”

 Qiqi looks up from the cup of tea and feels her heart sink, “Sun Zhi..he..he has a girlfriend?”

“Yes,” Actually he has never had a girlfriend. But..you need a simple man…maybe a boy you go to school with at University. You deserve to be pampered and a cold man like Sun Zhi ..no.. impossible.

  She has a look of determination in her sparkling brown eyes. “Brother Si,let’s walk over to the auction.” I really need the Red Lotus Lovers Bracelet! It will bring me the luck I need to capture Sun Zhi’s heart. He has to be mine!

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