Qiqi Is Angry

   Qiqi feels conflicted as she leaves the Sun Building. She fixes her scarf, on one hand I don’t want to work for Sun Zerong but on the other hand I don’t want to let down my faithful fans. The latest arc is supposed to come out on Friday how can I  … I am so angry! Why is the CEO… HIM!  

   Fang Chao is smoking a cigarette and quickly throws it onto the ground when he sees Qiqi walking up.

“Fang Chao! I thought you quit smoking!”

  “I’m trying but I was nervous waiting for you. What did Sun Zerong want?”

  “I will tell you at lunch. Let’s go.”

   When they are in the car Qiqi takes out some mint candy. “When you want a cigarette suck on one of these instead. You know you will get wrinkles if you smoke and your skin will dry out. By the time you are thrity you will look like Grandpa Ling!”

  Fang Chao looks at his face in the rear view mirror, “Do you have any of those face masks Auntie sent from France? My mother’s face looked poreless after she used one.”

  “My mom sent some to Auntie?” Does she even consider me her daughter! How come I didn’t get any…even Xue’s mom got a package!

  Fang Chao sees Qiqi’s aggrieved expression, “Hahaha.. Your mom didn’t send you any? Hahaha!”

  The plum blossom branch is in her hand she left in his car. She lightly hits his arm with it, “Shut up! Don’t make my bad mood worse!” She looks at the blossoms that fell off, “See what you made me do! There are only a few blossoms left on the branch!”

   Fang Chao brushes the white blossoms off his sleeve “Why is my little baby cousin in a bad mood? Did that bastard do something to you?!?”

   Qiqi’s face turns black thinking about the confrontation with Sun Zerong,  Petty man! So what if he fired me…as long as I have my Webtoon I can publish it on another platform. 

  On the 35th floor Sun Zerong waits for Shi Tong to bring Qiqi’s contract to his office. He is fuming, he pours a glass of whiskey and gulps it down. Unable to get the image of Qiqi out of his mind as she confidently strode out of his office he throws the crystal glass and it smashes onto the wall. “How dare the impudent little girl!”

  Shi Tong is in the legal department talking to Lawyer Meng. He flips through Shen Qiqi’s contract. Fuck! “How did you let this happen?”

  “I didn’t negotiate the contract. We have a standard contract for all the artists, this is the only exception. Lawyer Gu was in charge at the time. Since the new division was recruiting artists we held a contest. Shen Qiqi won with her Webtoon, ‘Bai Needs Romance.’ Lawyer Gu saw the potential and when he showed Shen Qiqi the contract she turned it down. She said she wanted to keep the rights to her Webtoon if for any reason she left the company. Lawyer Gu said that was impossible. 

   Apparently Shen Qiqi’s lawyer suggested monetary compensation in exchange for her retaining the rights. Five million was more than Lawyer Gu thought the Webtoon would be worth so he agreed.” Lawyer Meng runs his fingers through his thinning brown hair. “Seriously, who knew it would take off,  between the serialization,the movie rights and merchandising..Sun Publishing will lose ten times that amount at the very least. Not to mention the backlash from the fans for Sun Publishing firing a popular Webtoon artist. The hype is huge for the latest arc.”

  Shi Tong purses his lips, “Are there any loopholes,for example because Shen Qiqi acted in an inappropriate manner which resulted in her being fired?”

  “The contract was negotiated for Shen Qiq by Long Siyu, it is completely in her favor and airtight.”

   “Long Siyu of Long and Fan Law Firm?”

   “The one and only.”

  “No fucking way! How could a little Webtoon artist afford their astronomical fees?”

  “Don’t know.”

  Shi Tong does not want to tell Sun Zerong about the ironclad contract so he tells Lawyer Meng he must come and explain the situation.

 “You need will take this to the CEO.”

  “It wasn’t me!  Come on Shi Tong! Don’t drag me into this mess! I’m under enough  stress.”  He points to his reciding hairline, “I am already losing my goddamn hair!” He tries to push the contract back to Shi Tong, “My wife is about to have a baby and my mother in law has been camping at our house! That idiot Gu will be back tomorrow, have him explain it! I don’t want the CEO to think I had anything to do with this disaster. We just received notification Sun Textiles is beginning production on a line of clothes for Happy Life Clothing with some stupid cat from the Webtoon. That deal alone is worth millions. If she leaves we not only lose the movie rights but the profits from related merchandise.”

  “Dammit! How could Lawyer Gu be so stupid!”

 “I don’t think anyone thought Webtoons would generate that much profit. We have always relied on print publishing and then ebooks. The popularity of Webtoons has increased in the last couple years. Now major studios make movies and series based on them. Night Sky Entertainment and Lin Entertainment have been actively trying to get the rights to that little chick’s Webtoon.  I am friend’s with Lee Ana in the Finance Department, she told me that deal could boost Sun Publishing’s profit up by 10% this quarter.  Off the record, why the hell did the CEO fire such a little moneymaker?”

  Shi Tong recalls the CEO following her out the door, Sun Zerong’s cold blooded eyes were red, combined with his dark aura made him appear like an Asura from Hell. He shivers, the CEO actually had a hold of the little girl’s arm! He never touches anyone!, I don’t think I have ever seen the CEO that angry. He rubs between his eyebrows then answers, “Don’t know.”

She might be a moneymaker but she is a bigger troublemaker!  “Fuck! Give me the damn contract. You better not be lying about your wife.”

  “I swear, she is eight months pregnant and the old bat has been here for a month!”

    Shi Tong grumbles as he walks to the elevator, if it weren’t for Qiu Yan making the CEO watch that little brat! Sun Xerong would never have paid attention to the little artist! 

Sun Zerong is staring at the blue card in his hand, she has five million dollars on this cheap card. I don’t believe it. She was bluffing so I would take back my words. I, Sun Zerong never change my mind about a decision I made! Never!

  Qiqi and Fang Chao arrive at the restaurant. Fang Chao parks the car and then opens the door for Qiqi, “You have been quiet the entire ride.”

  “I have been thinking.”

  He rubs her head as she gets out of the Bugatti Veyron, “Keep frowning like that and you will be the one with wrinkles. Should I ask Auntie to send you a few masks?” He starts laughing as Qiqi kicks him in the shin.

    Meanwhile at Sun Publishing Shi Tong is standing in front of Sun Zerong his legs feel weak from the suffocating atmosphere in the office. After he slams his hand on the desk he says, “How did a little chit like Shen Qiqi get Long Siyu to negotiate this airtight contract?”

  “I don’t know. According to Miss Shen’s resume she is a University student. She is from a middle class background and her parents work out of the country. No background whatsoever.”

  Sun Zerong taps his fingers on his desk. He looks up at Shi Tong and leans back in his chair then lets out a maniacal laugh scaring Shi Tong. “Very good. Very good Miss Shen!” You are the first person to force me to rethink my decision!  He has a strange expression on his handsome face as he tells Shi Tong, “Did she go sign the exit paperwork?”

  “I don’t think so.CEO, Miss Shen might not be aware of the procedure.”

  “Did she turn in her badge as she left?”


  “Well then. We will forget that I fired the woman. She came to my office and dropped her card. If she decides to quit we will inform her that Miss Kang will no longer be needed as an editor.” He twirls the jade ring on his finger. “Since Miss Shen is the only person in her charge.” He thinks about Qiqi drunkenly hugging Kang Xue last night at Ming’s, the pure affection in her eyes at the time. “I saw they have a deep friendship so Miss Shen won’t want to jeopardize her friend’s position at Sun Publishing.” He notices the shocked expression on Shi Tong’s face. “Do you have an opinion?”


  “Very good. I am leaving.” 

 “But, CEO I…”

 “It can be resolved tomorrow. The Webtoon is scheduled for release on Friday, correct?”


“If the stubborn little artist calls say I am out of the office until tomorrow. If she mentions being fired…you weren’t informed of any change in her employment status.”

 Sun Zerong picks up the blue card from the desk and flips it between his slender fingers then with a sly smile continues, “ The card..well…she dropped it on the floor of my office.”

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    1. Spoiler they meet at the Jade Auction. Sparks would fly but Sun Zhi is with Sun Zerong they are cousins. Haha…her crush and her nemisis !😌

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