Fang Chao pulls up to the Sun Building and locks the car door as Qiqi tries to open it. “”Little Qiqi, if CEO Sun bullies you, call me. I am going to wait here for you.” 

  “Cousin Chao, why would he bully me? I turned in my Webtoon and I gained thousands of followers thanks to the photos from dinner last night. I don’t know why he wants an in person meeting but maybe it has something to do with the Expo coming up. I think that is the only possible reason. I never show my face in pictures and I will need to sign autographs and interact with fans.”

  “Nonetheless I am waiting for you. We can get lunch before you go to the High School.”

  “Lunch? Okay, sounds good. I didn’t eat much breakfast. Let’s get spicy noodles.”

  He unlocks the door, “Call me if there is a problem.”

   Qiqi wrinkles her nose thenlaughs as she opens the door, “You worry too much!”

   When Qiqi goes into the lobby she lazily walks to the reception desk. A beautiful woman dressed in a dark blue and white uniform looks up from a computer, “May I help you?”

  “Yes. I have an appointment with CEO Sun. Shen Qiqi.”


   Qiqi studies the woman’s surprised expression, she doesn’t believe me hahaha…

  The woman has a polite smile but a sarcastic tone when she says, “I need to call to confirm.”

 . Qiqi begins to sweat in the heavy coat she’s wearing so she takes it off and the scarf.Holding them in her hands Qiqi looks around the spacious lobby while the woman picks up the phone. The woman notices the High School uniform and smirks, the girl probably has seen our handsome CEO and has a crush on him. People with appointments with the CEO usually at met by his assistant and escorted up directly. 

  Shi Tong answers, “Office of the CEO.”

  “Secretary Shi, a girl is at the front desk and says she has an appointment with CEO Sun. Shen Qiqi.”

  “I will send Marie down to bring her up.” She might recognize me and that would spoil the CEO’s surprise.It’s good she got here quickly, the CEO has been pacing around his office like a caged cheetah. 

  He walks over to a middle aged woman in the break room who is standing at the counter pouring a cup of coffee. “Marie, go to the lobby and escort the CEO’s next appointment up to his office. Her name is Shen Qiqi.”

  Marie has a disgruntled look, I just made fresh coffee! Why can’t you go! “Secretary Shi I am on break.” She dumps several sugar cubes into the cup. She takes a sip then adds another sugar.

  Shi Tong points to the door.“Go.” No wonder the woman weighs 90 kilos!

   She reluctantly sets down her coffee and leaves the break room cursing Shi Tong, Damn sissy! I have worked here longer than you! How did you get promoted to being CEO’s assistant!

   Marie walks through the lobby breathing heavily, why did I have to walk all the way down here! Who is this Shen Qiqi? A new author the CEO is meeting personally?

   She doesn’t pay attention to Qiqi as she brushes past her to the reception desk. Marie greets her friend, “ Li Ning.” She scratches her stomach as she glances around the luxurious lobby, “Where is this Shen Qiqi!” She  bends down and rubs her foot that is cramped into a pair of ill fitting high heels, damn these heels are giving me blisters! I shouldn’t have bought them just because they were half price. “You know that stupid assistant of the CEO’s interrupted my break to come fetch the bitch.”

   Li Ning blinks a few times and nods her head towards Qiqi who is not far away. Marie has a stunned expression, “A High School girl? Is she a relative?”

  “No idea.”

  Marie walks over to Qiqi, “Miss Shen, I will take you to the CEO’s office.”

 Qiqi smiles and follows Marie to Sun Zerong’s exclusive elevator. Marie can’t contain her curiosity, “Are you a relative of CEO Sun’s?”

 “No. I am a Webtoon artist.”

  Marie isn’t interested in that division so she doesn’t respond. The elevator arrives at the 35th floor and they exit.  Marie wonders why Shi Tong isn’t at his desk, she isn’t allowed to disturb Sun Zerong, Shi Tong is in charge of his appointments. Where the hell did the little rat go. He wants me to get into trouble? Bastard!

  “Miss Shen have a seat. I will find the CEO’s assistant.”

  “Okay.” She watches the woman go down the hallway then looks at the heavy wooden door to the CEO’s office. Why didn’t she just knock?

   After ten minutes when the woman hasn’t returned Qiqi impatiently stands up. I am not going to waste my morning sitting here, she knocks on the door, “CEO Sun, I’m Shen Qiqi, you wanted me to come.”

  He is standing at the window and doesn’t turn around. “Come in.”

   Qiqi slowly walks into the office and smiles, as expected of the office of the CEO of a Publishing Company, the luxurious furnishings give off a cold but ‘I am an intellectual’ vibe. One wall has a huge bookshelf lined with First Edition. A black leather couch, imposing Rosewood desk and a spectacular floor to ceiling window with a view of the Harbor.

   She sees Sun Zerong is still staring out the window, maybe he didn’t hear me come into the room.  Qiqi raises her voice as she walks towards the desk,“CEO Sun.”

   He turns around and Qiqi squeezes the coat in her hand, CEO the petty man who was with the cute little boy yesterday! That is why he wanted to see me! What does he plan on doing? Should I act like I don’t recognize him? I will wait to see what he says.

  Sun Zerong is very pleased when sees the stunned look on Qiqi’s face. He curls his thin lips in an arc, “Miss Shen, nothing to say?”

  She regains her composure and calmly replies, “You wanted to see me.”

  He doesn’t like her cool demeanor, he expected her to be flustered and apologetic. “Don’t you recognize me?”

  “Have we met?”

   Sun Zerong clenches his hand in his pant’s pocket.Obviously you recognized me! You looked shocked when you saw my face! “Twice. Yesterday and last night at Ming’s restaurant.”

  “Oh. Why did you call me to your office? I need to go to the High School.”

  Sun Zerong’s face turns crimson red from anger, “You aren’t a High School student. Why are you wearing a High School uniform?”

  “Because I like it. Why are you wearing a custom made suit by Henri Couture?”

  He takes two long strides and is towering in front of Qiqi. He grits his teeth, “I will give you one chance to apologize.”

   Qiqi laughs as she looks up and meets his intense gaze, “That is why I had to come here? HA! That will never happen. I’m leaving.”

  “I said apologize!”

” Never! Not in this life or the next would I bow down to an arrogant insufferable man like you.

“You are fired! Get out!”

   “Fine. I don’t want to work for a big loser like you!  She holds up her small fingers counting off his flaws. “Too busy on the phone to watch a precious dumpling. Too arrogant to say thank you to the person who saved him. Vengeful when you found out I was your employee.. Petty..Useless Man! Did you actually think I would grovel to stay at Sun Publishing? Never!”

  Sun Zerong has the urge to strangle Qiqi. She can feel his hot breath on her face as he reaches for her neck then retracts his hand. He has rolling flames in the bottom of his dark eyes. “You little… Get out of my office!”

  Qiqi has her hands on her hips and scoffs, “My pleasure. Yeah..and don’t think you get to keep my Webtoon and have another artist take over. ‘Bai Needs Romance’ is mine! If you publish my latest arc I will sue you for copyright infringement.” She is shaking with anger as she heads towards the door.

   Furious at her impudence Sun Zerong takes a step forward. He holds her thin shoulder and glares down at her, his eyes ablaze, “ Little girl, read your contract. The Webtoon remains the property of Sun Publishing. I will have the artist with the least talent…Fuck!… I will have the goddamn janitor take over your Webtoon immediately.”

    She swats his hand away and opens the door to his office, “You …you..Shameless Capitalist! Read the contract. My Uncle Siyu made sure to protect my interests. Oh right. There is a stipulation that if I part ways with Sun Publishing…” She takes her backpack off her shoulder then opens it. When she has her wallet in her hand she looks at the several credit cards she was saving for the auction tonight. She takes out a blue card and shoves it into his hand. There is the five million fee we agreed upon at the time. The password is 1..2..3..4..5.”

    He grabs her arm and Qiqi growls as she pulls on his hand, “Touch me again and I will sue you for sexual harassment!” She glares at him then storms down the hallway.

     Sun Zerong realizes he is out of control when he notices Shi Tong and Marie watching the scene. He furrows his eyebrow, “Shi Tong, call down to legal. I want to see Shen Qiqi’s contract NOW!”

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  1. Oh god seeing the big man needing to apologise because of her airtight contract will be beyond hilarious 🤣👏🏽

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