LiLi Misunderstands

   Qiqi takes out the diamond necklace and runs her finger across the butterfly, really so beautiful. I am so lucky to have Brother Si. He would be a perfect husband. Xue! I should set him up with Xue. She is beautiful… smart… funny. Let him forget about his white moonlight from University.

  CEO Sun is sitting in his office. He frowns looking at his watch then picks up the phone and calls his assistant again. “Call Kang Xue, see where Shen Qiqi is.”

  “Yes Boss.”  This is the third time, she doesn’t answer her desk phone. Should I get her cell number from HR? 

  Kang Xue has just arrived at her desk and the phone is ringing. She throws her wet coat onto the chair in front of her desk then answers, “Kang Xue.”

  “Miss Kang this is Shi Tong, the CEO’s assistant. Miss Shen has not arrived. I know the CEO didn’t specify a particular time but he does have other appointments scheduled. Do you know when she will come to his office?”

  “Mr. Shi. Shen Qiqi should be there by eleven.” That gives Qiqi time to call. I am not going to say she isn’t coming at all.

  “I will inform the CEO.”

  Kang Xue sits at her desk and takes a deep breath then takes out her cell to call Qiqi. She keeps her voice low, “When are you going to call?”

   “I need the number.”

   Kang Xue looks at the caller ID on the work phone :The number is xxx xxx xxx. That is his assistant. He will put you through to the CEO. Call me after you speak with him.”

   Qiqi has finished getting dressed to go to the High School. She sees her broken laptop on her desk.Oh right, I need to buy a new laptop. I will just sketch today. There is no rush to start the next arc. After we go to the ski resort I will. Hmm.. I forgot to ask Brother Si. I can ask tonight.

    She sits in the chair looking out the window. Qiqi don’t worry…just call.  After she calms her mind she dials the number. Shi Tong doesn’t recognize the number but answers thinking it is Kang Xue , “Sun Publishing, office of the CEO.”

  “Um..hello this is Webtoon artist Shen Qiqi calling for CEO Sun. My editor said he requested a meeting.”

  “Miss Shen, the CEO wants an in-person meeting.” Your editor is well aware of the fact!

  “I’m unavailable for an in person meeting, whatever the CEO needs to say he can say over the phone.”

 “Miss Shen let me make this clear. The CEO expects you in his office this morning.”

  Qiqi takes a sip of water, “I told you I can’t. I’m busy.”

  Shi Tong breaks out into a sweat, I’m afraid Miss Shen if you don’t get here before noon… Should I say you and Kang Xue are fired… but I am not authorized..what should I do.

  “Hello? Are you still there?”

  “Yes. I advise you to come to the CEO’s office immediately .” Shi Tong abruptly hangs up then looks towards the door to Sun Zerong’s office.

   Qiqi stares at the phone, what the heck!That was rude hanging up on me. I guess I need to go into his office. I don’t care about myself but Kang Xue likes her job at Sun Publishing. She calls Kang Xue. “I am going  to see the CEO. I don’t know what his problem is but the assistant wouldn’t put him on the phone.”

  “Well come by my desk when you finish. Do you know where CEO Sun’s office is located?’’


   “It is in the next building on the top floor.”


  Qiqi fills up Fat Cat’s water then leaves, she stands in the luxurious lobby of her apartment building. It is too cold to take the bus. She is about to call a taxi when she sees Feng Chao come into the building. She walks up to him, “What are you doing here?”

  He smiles and pats her head, “Do I need a reason to come see my little cousin.”

  “No, but I am leaving.”

  She didn’t button her coat and he notices what she is wearing “I thought you were done impersonating a High School girl.”

  “I just need to sketch one boy. I almost finished. First, I need to go to the Sun Building because the CEO wants to see me. Give me a ride.”

  “Sun Zerong?”



   “I really don’t know why he wants to see a little Webtoon artist like me.”

  “Is Kang Xue going with you?”

  “No. It is weird because she is my editor but his assistant said to come alone.”

  ???? Why would Sun Zerong, that arrogant bastard want to see an insignificant Webtoon artist..and come alone?? What the hell!”

  “I will come with you.”

  “No. It’s fine. I told Xue I would go.”

  “But Qiqi.. I don’t like the idea of you meeting him alone.”

  She grabs his arm and drags him along, “Cousin Chao you sound like a clucking Mother Hen. Like the CEO of Sun Publishing would be interested in me. She opens her coat. “A High School student..haha..jail bait!”

  Feng Chao rolls his eyes, “You are such an idiot! Your correct age is in your HR file you dummy!”

  Feng Chao and Qiqi make a beautiful picture as they step out the heavy glass door onto the sidewalk, a tall handsome man and a beautiful petite girl. He buttons Qiqi’s coat for her and ties her scarf then they start walking. Qiqi is laughing looking up at Feng Chao and he is affectionately holding her around her shoulders. At one point she wants a snow covered branch that has several frozen white plum blossoms. Feng Chao effortlessly lifts her up to grab the branch and a girl walking along beside them captures the moment with her phone.

   LiLi coincidentally is in the backseat of a black Land Rover across the street waiting for her agent to return to the car. She was bored and looking out the window when saw Feng Chao and Qiqi exit the apartment building. She was going to walk over and say hello, but didn’t when she saw Feng Chao put his arm around Qiqi. She watched as they laughed and he playfully lifted her up.

LiLi takes out Feng Chao’s business card from her wallet and runs her slender finger across it. Shen Qiqi really is a lucky girl. She watches as he opens the door of a Limited Edition sports car for Qiqi, then walks over to the driver’s side. 

  LiLi’s agent gets into the car, “What are you staring at across the street?”

  “Nothing. “

     Once they are inside his Bugatti Veyron, Qiqi buckles her seat belt and turns to Feng Chao. “I almost forgot. Last night did you get LiLi’s number?”

  “I gave her my card and said if she was interested in the role of Assassin Fairy she doesn’t need to audition.” It took all of his courage to take the card out and give it to LiLi. 

  “Well that is a good start. If you work together you can slowly get close.”

  Feng Chao ears turn red. “I think she would be the perfect Assassin Fairy that’s all. Don’t make it more than it is.”

  “Cousin you are bold in everything you do. You started your own company even though Uncle Shaogong was against it. You design awesome are a crazy good hacker…a Diamond Bachelor. Why are you like a scared preschooler when it comes to love?”

    “Shut up.  Tsk..Look who is talking! Little idiot! You finally find a guy you are interested in and you get busted breaking into his company.”

   “FENG CHAO!” Qiqi puffs out her cheeks and pounds on his arm with her tiny fist, “WHOSE FAULT WAS THAT!”

    He starts laughing and swats her small hand, “Haha..Stop.. that tickles…Stop..hahaha..I’m driving.”

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