Keep The Necklace

   Kang Xue and Kang Xin leave Qiqi’s apartment together and Kang Xin asks, “Who is Brother Si?” Kang Xin has always been protective of Qiqi and thinks whoever this “Brother Si’ is, he isn’t simple.

  “Zheng Si.”

  “Zheng Si! The little fool is involved with that ruthless bastard!”

  “Xin their relationship isn’t what you think.  Apparently they have been friends since Qiqi was in Middle School. I was worried too until she explained their relationship.”

  “How come I don’t know about that?”

  “…” Since when do you care about Shen Qiqi? You have bullied her since we were children!

  “So he is taking her to the Jade Auction tonight?” Well, I wasn’t going to attend but now I am. Shen Qiqi, that little fool has no idea what a dangerous man Zheng Si is. I need to make sure he doesn’t have indecent intentions. 

 “Yes, Qiqi really wants a certain white mutton jade bracelet. She has been saving her money to buy it.”

   They get out of the elevator, “Xin, give me a ride to work then I don’t need to get a taxi.”

  “Why don’t you use one of the cars at the house?”

  “I don’t like to drive.”

  “Get a driver from Dad.”

  “Why are you suddenly so concerned about Shen Qiqi and me..haha..”

  Kang Xin takes out a cigarette, “I don’t know. Since I have been filming I missed home. I think when Tang Jingli and I get married I might take some time off from filming.”

  “Really? I thought you loved filming.”

  He fiddles with the unlit cigarette between his fingers. “I do but I want to start a family with Jingli and I can’t do that if I am away for months at a time.”

  “Brother, don’t you think you two are a little immat..I mean young to start a family? What about Tang Jingli? She is only starting her acting career, does she agree?”

  They walk to his Red Lamborghini and he opens the door for Xue.”We haven’t talked about it.”

  “Xin, you have been away for quite awhile, you should spend more time with Tang Jingli. I think you will find she won’t be willing.”

   He starts the car, “Why do you say that?”

  Qiqi told her about her suspicions concerning Tang Jingli and Professor Li. Also, that at dinner Tang Jingli was trying to flirt with Fang Chao so he would pick her for a role in the upcoming  ‘Legends of the Jianghu’ live action movie.

“Xin, it is true you two have been together since you were young but people change. It isn’t my business to interfere but you should take a good look at the current Tang Jingli  before you get married. I am just reminding as your sister who loves you. Better to figure it out now.”

  He pulls out onto the street and tightens his hand on the steering wheel. Am I turning a blind eye to the way Tang Jingli has changed  because I want to get married and start a family? I saw how happy Su Qian was when we were appearing in the last variety show. He married his childhood sweetheart and they are expecting their first baby. Frankly, I am jealous. I am tired of being single. Yeah I am always surrounded by people and women constantly want to be with me but this life is boring. 

    Kang Xin furrows his eyebrows recalling Tang Jingli last night acting coquettishly towards Fang Chao so he would consider her for the role in his upcoming movie. How many times have I seen that same flirtatious  look on an eager actress’ face in the last couple years when I attended parties? “I will think about what you said.”

  “Brother…am I hearing right? You actually listened to me? Hahaha.”

  “Shut up or I will dump you out on the snowy sidewalk and let you freeze waiting for a taxi.”

  Qiqi lays on her bed looking at her phone, should I make the happy call to Brother Si first or make the unhappy call to the CEO?”

  Happy first so I can handle the second call. She dials Zheng Si’s number; he is in his study going over some investigative reports on his brother Chu. He smiles when he sees the caller is Little Sister. “Hello.”

  “Brother Si, I am so happy! Thank you.”

  “You like?”

  “Very much! So much! I have never seen such a beautiful dress! But..Brother Si..I can’t accept the butterfly necklace.”

  “Should I toss it away then?”

  “Toss it away? Brother Si! Are you crazy! It is unbelievably sparkly and I love it! But, I think you should give it to your girlfriend, it is too expensive.” Zheng Si’s lips curl up, hahaha..she has no idea about how precious the dress is the necklace is nothing.

  “I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment. You are my dearest little sister so I gave it to you. A client of mine is a jeweler and as part of a deal included the necklace free of charge. It was his sincere gesture so I couldn’t refuse.”

  “Free? How could he give you such a beautiful piece of jewelry for free?

 “ He is a billionaire, to him the necklace is a mere trinket.”


  “Really. I thought the necklace would compliment the cheongsam” That is why I had Bellugi jewelers create it especially for you my sweet girl.

 “Well the only way I can accept the necklace is if you accept a small gift from me.It doesn’t compare with the dress and necklace but it also has my sincerity.”

   Zheng Si has a genuine smile thinking how cute Qiqi is,  the innocent little girl is worthy of being my Little Sister. “Whatever it is, I will treasure it because it came from you.”

  “Okay. I will give it to you when you pick me up later.” Sorry Sun Zhi but I will think of something else to give you.

  “I am looking forward to it.”

  “I won’t keep you from your work any longer. I will see you at seven.”

  Zheng Si hangs up and walks to the balcony. He takes out a cigarette and lights it, as the wintry wind hits him in the face. Staring out at the frozen lake he once again remembers being alone in the hospital, unable to use his legs… depressed…. alone… stuck in a wheelchair. Then a beautiful innocent and pure little girl appeared in his life.

She was persistent even when he was angry and growled to leave him alone. Always smiling at him with those cute dimples and her brown eyes sparkling.”Brother Si, do you want some strawberry ice cream, it is delicious.” The sweet young girl’s voice coaxing him. “Brother, let’s go outside and look at the Cherry Blossoms… It is a beautiful day too nice to be stuck inside… “She saved my sanity when I was at my lowest point.

“Shen Qiqi, if I could give you the stars from the sky, I would.” He smokes his cigarette and wonders what little present she has for him.

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