Don’t Want To Go

  Qiqi wakes up in the morning when the sun comes through her thin white curtains. She untangles herself from Kang Xue who is still snoring.Qiqi lifts her leg that is over Kang Xue’s thigh and Xue’s thin arm from around her waist. She blinks a few times and smacks her lips then rubs her head. 

   She slides out of bed then limps slowly to the kitchen. I am so sore…it must be from falling on the ground with the little munchkin. Fat Cat’s orange hair stands on end when he sees Qiqi’s zombielike appearance as she stiffly drags her injured leg. The little girl looks terrible, her face is green! I didn’t hear her come in last night, she must have been drunk. 

He waves his chubby paw in front of his nose, take a bath…hurry before the entire apartment reeks of stale alcohol! She notices him and leans down, “Morning Fatty..” He backs up, Meowwww…meowww… at least brush your teeth!

   Qiqi ignores him and puts  a teapot on the stove. She looks in the cupboard, which tea did Uncle Yun say was the best for a hangover. She moves a few tins and sees a gray one with a skull. She chuckles, he is so funny.

   While the water is heating she goes into the bathroom to shower. Looking in the mirror she frowns, her messy hair looks like a bird’s nest and her complexion is a strange tint of green.

After she brushes her teeth she carefully steps into the shower and lets the warm water run down her body. Oh my goodness whole side is bruised. I must not have felt it last night because I was so drunk. Last night..last night..hmm…I feel like something happened at Ming’s.  She washes her long black hair then gingerly gets out of the shower.

   Qiqi wraps a towel around her body and dries her hair with another. She can hear the teapot whistling so she goes out to the kitchen. Fat Cat puts his paws over his eyes when he sees her only in a towel with her long damp hair hanging down, Girl! Wear some damn clothes! He jumps off the couch and runs to the guest bedroom which he now considers  to be his bedroom.

    Once she turns off the stove and adds the tea leaves to steep she shivers even with the heat turned up it is a little drafty. She goes back to the bedroom and puts on a fuzzy set of pink bunny pajamas.  

   After pours a cup of tea she inhales its unique aroma then blows on it. She lifts the warm cup to her lips and takes a sip Yum..that tastes good. I wonder what the spice is that makes it so unusual? Uncle Yun said he got the herbs when he was in Tibet last time. I think I will ask him. Oh I should give the other piece of Tibetan Ice Lotus Root he brought back to Sun Zhi as a thank you for not having me arrested when I broke into FutureTech.

  Kang Xue wakes up hungover and  disoriented. I dragged Qiqi back to the room and we hung out with Xin and Fang Chao. OH SHIT! CEO Sun was really angry and said she needs to go to his office by herself this morning.

She jumps out of bed and hurries out to the living room. Kang Xue forgot about the cat. She was fine in Qiqi’s room because the Fat Cat isn’t allowed in there. She starts sneezing and her eyes are watering. 

  “Xue, there is a clean mask in the drawer over there.”

  Kang Xue keeps sneezing, “ACHOO…ACHOO…Qiqi why do you still have that fat nuisance!”

  “Xue, I like the little Fatty. Here, take the tea and go back to my room. There is no cat hair in there.” She takes another sip of tea, “ I will make some breakfast.”

   Xue’s head is pounding, recalling the disgusted look on Sun Zerong’s face. She sounds panicked. “Qiqi we don’t have time for breakfast we need to get to the office.”

  “What? Well explain when I come back to the bedroom, your eyes are swelling.” I need to eat something or I will die. She takes out a few eggs from the refrigerator. “I will make some toast and eggs. It won’t take long I am starving.”

  Xue touches her eyes, “AHHHH..” She takes the cup of tea then rushes through the living room. Tea splashes out as she trips over a cat toy, “DAMN CAT!”

   Qiqi fixes two plates and takes them to the bedroom. Kang Xue has washed her face and is putting eye drops in her eyes. She comes out of the bathroom wondering what Qiqi remembers about coming into room eight.

   Xue sees the plates on the small table facing the balcony of the bedroom. “Oh Qiqi smells good.”

  “Well hurry and eat before it gets cold.”

  Qiqi picks up her chopsticks and eats the egg roll up then takes a bite of toast smeared with strawberry jam. “So hungry.”

  Xue eats a piece of dry toast.

 Qiqi knows Xue likes to count her calories, she points to the egg rollup on Xue’s plate with her chopsticks “Xue, eat the eggs. I only used the egg whites making yours.”

  “Thanks Qiqi.” Xue is worried for her friend, but the CEO was insistent that only Qiqi go to his office. She wrinkles her forehead, “Umm Qiqi, do you remember meeting the CEO last night?”

  Qiqi says, “Huh? No.” She stands up, “ Do you want some orange juice?”

  “I can go get it, your ankle looks swollen.”

  “It’s fine. You just put in eye drops and you will start sneezing again. I will be right back.”

  Xue pokes at her eggs with her chopsticks. Qiqi is so thoughtful and sweet. Dammit, does he want to scold her for something? But what? She turned in her work..she posted on her Weibo. He looked disgusted when he saw her drunk but what does that have to do with work! She has a right to do what she wants in her free time! Why did he  suddenly make me call her over? The picture on her Weibo was beautiful and she gained some followers..the comments were good.. Only a couple negative comments… but that is to be expected from a few trolls.

  Xue takes her phone out of her purse and looks at Qiqi’s official Weibo. She excitedly screams, “HOLY SHIT!” She scrolls down, Qiqi gained over two million followers after her posts were liked by LiLi, Fang Chao, my brother and reposted. Qiqi is number two on the hot search after Lu WeiWei and her scandal. The photo of Qiqi with her arm around Feng Chao has the most likes and reposts, some netizens saying they are a couple.

  Qiqi comes limping into the room carrying the two glasses of orange juice, “Why are you yelling? I almost dropped the glasses of juice and Fat Cat came running out of his room.”


  Qiqi sets down the glasses and takes the phone, “Me and Feng Chao? Haha..haha…hahaha!” She reads some of the comments, “Oh my god people have such rich imaginations! I wonder if Feng Chao saw it.”

  “He must have, he liked it and reposted  on FCG’s Weibo, probably to hype the new game since LiLi is in the picture. I wonder what he thinks about being linked to his own little cousin?”

  “Well no one knows of our familial relationship but he likes LiLi why would he let her misunderstand? I should call him.”

  “No time. I told you that you need to get ready and go with me to the office. I am having Xin bring me a change of clothes sent here, after I shower and change we can go.”

  “Although the tea got rid of my headache I want to go back to sleep for a while then go to the High School. I have to finish one more sketch, then I won’t go back until they begin Military training on Monday. Also, I don’t want to see the old witch.”

  Qiqi looks out the floor to ceiling window at the snow. “Do you want to go skiing this weekend?”


 “We could fly to Yabuli. Maybe Feng Chao and Xin would want to go. I think the Chen twins are back from England. I can call them. Tonight I will see Brother Si and invite him too.”

 “I will say yes if you come with me to the office. It isn’t the old witch that wants to see you it is the CEO.”

 “The CEO? You said I saw him last night? “ She sees the worried expression on Xue’s face. “ I don’t remember seeing him.”

  “Well, I don’t know why he wants to see you. He mentioned it at the meeting. Maybe it is because you finally posted on Weibo.”

 “I’m not going. You go in my place, you are better equipped to deal with any problems. I am too busy. I am going to the High School, I need to buy a dress then go to the salon later this afternoon. Tonight I am going to the Jade Auction with Brother Si.”

  “Qiqi, I think if you don’t go I will be in trouble. The CEO specifically told me to call you last night to come to the meeting. He sent everyone away then you arrived..well.. in no shape to discuss anything.Before he left he sounded well.. really annoyed.. he said, “Tell Shen Qiqi to come to my office in the morning.”

  “I don’t want to go. Can’t I just call?”

   “Fine. You have to call though. Don’t just say you will. “Xue knows Qiqi’s personality, she doesn’t want to deal with business. She likes to live in her own little world, drawing and writing her Webtoon. 

  “Promise. I will definitely call.” 

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